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Latest projects (most recent first):

David Copperfield (audiobook) ~ released 9 February 2016 via Audible.

The Chimes by Charles Dickens (audiobook) is available now on Audible.

Berlin Station (TV series) ~ filming in Berlin started 16 Nov 2015.

Clearance (film) ~ filming in South Africa is delayed (as far as we know!)

Brain on Fire (film) ~ filming finished Aug 2015 ~ release date tba.

Pilgrimage (film) ~ post-production ~ release date 2016 tba.

Urban and the Shed Crew (film) ~ currently submitting to film festivals and looking for distribution ~ release date tba ~ Leeds premiere 7th November 2015.

Sleepwalker (film) ~ release date tba.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (cameo role) ~ 27 May 2016 (UK and USA)

SDCC 2015 news, pictures and interviews are here.

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17th January

1. The Critics Choice Movie and TV Awards take place in Santa Monica, California this evening at 5pm (PT)/8pm (ET). Richard is nominated in the Best Guest Actor/Actress category for his role as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal. Richard confirmed today that he is unable to attend. 

2. Richard has been nominated as Best TV Supporting Actor in Hannibal by the US film magazine Fangoria. The magazine is asking for the public to vote for film and TV categories in the horror genre. If you'd like to vote, click the link and email your choices before 13th March.


9th January

Richard Armitage has been voted 'People's Choice' for villain of the year with his portrayal of Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal by readers of IGN! The entertainment site voted David Tennant as their winner, but Richard got the people's vote. Click here for more information.


31st December

Happy New Year to all RichardArmitageNet visitors!

1. Audible have posted three short clips that were not included in their video interview with Richard (full interview YouTube link). Here are the clips via Audible's Instagram account: the best way to keep your voice in shape; narrators whose work he admires; the first book he ever "read".

2. A new (old) Spooks series 8 picture has surfaced on the net and I've added it to the Spooks promo gallery. Click the 'original image' button in the bottom right corner to see the full size.

3. Another new (old) photo has surfaced thanks to @ArmitageGlobal on twitter. Click here to see the tweet showing photos from the 1998 Hamlet theatre programme. The picture of Richard seated is a new one for me. The other image is already in the RA Miscellaneous gallery and I've added the new photo today.

4. A donation of £226.83 plus gift aid has been made today to Action for Children, one of the eight charities Richard has nominated on JustGiving.com, as a result of orders made via Amazon UK and Amazon DE from September 2015 to October 2015. Thank you so much for continuing to use the Amazon links on my home page to order your shopping!


21st December

Audible have posted the video interview with Richard that was mentioned in the news 27th September below, in which Richard answers questions posed by fans on Twitter about recording an audiobook. Click here to watch the video.

The recording of David Copperfield is now available to pre-order. According to Audible UK, it will be available on 9th February 2016. It is also available via Audible on Amazon. If you order the audiobook using my Amazon links on the home page, you will earn commission that I will pay to one of Richard's nominated charities.


20th December

Richard sent two Christmas messages on twitter yesterday. My twitter feed on the home page is only showing part of his message, so click here to see the full text and click the picture to read it. Here is his first tweet with the four pictures, which include a picture of Chop from Urban and the Shed Crew, a picture from the set of Berlin Station and Raymond De Merville from Pilgrimage.

19th December

1. The British newspaper, The Mirror, posted a new interview yesterday - warning this is not journalism of the highest quality! There is no indication how recent this interview is, or if all of the quotes are from a single interview.

2. I have added 8 new photos to the Hannibal gallery courtesy of the farfarawaysite.com. To see them in full size, click on a picture then click on 'original image' in the bottom right corner.


14th December

Richard has been nominated for a Critics Choice Award in the category of 'Best Guest Actor/Actress in a Drama Series' for his role as Francis Dolarhyde on Hannibal, as announced here on Deadline. Congratulations Richard!


13th December

1. Audible have released a FREE audiobook for Audible members narrated by Richard Armitage, which you can download now. The Chimes by Charles Dickens is available here on Audible UK (this link should open the US or Australian version depending on your location). This will be the audiobook that Richard recorded in Berlin recently - click here for tweet.

2. The previous upload of photos to the Urban Candids gallery contained several from Guylty, some of which were duplicates (I did not realise, sorry). I have sorted this out today and also added some new photos showing Richard speaking inside the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds. Thank you again to Guylty for sharing and please do not remove the watermark if reposting. Click 'original picture' in the bottom corner to see the full size. 


29th November

1. A donation of £185.35 plus gift aid has been made today to Shelter one of the eight charities Richard has chosen on JustGiving.com, as a result of orders made via Amazon US during April 2015 and from June 2015 to August 2015. I am very grateful to all of you who continue to use the Amazon links on my home page to order your shopping, thank you!

I have also finally received the May 2015 payment from Amazon US ($85.25) and as promised in the news 3rd May, this has been paid today to UNICEF's appeal for Nepal. Details of both of these donations are here.

2. The novelist Olen Steinhauer who is one of the writers for Berlin Station has confirmed that the name of Richard's character is Daniel Miller, which has been reported in some press, not Daniel Meyer as the character was originally thought to be called. This decision was made in the last few days according to his tweet to me on 24 Nov.

23rd November

Getty Images have posted pictures of Richard filming Berlin Station today on the streets of Berlin. Click here.


21st November

Thank you to all those on twitter who gave me permission to post their photographs from the LIFF screenings of Urban and the Shed Crew. These photos are now in the Urban Candids gallery

Update 23 Nov: a further 62 photos have been added to the gallery with many thanks to Guylty for sharing her talent with us all. Please do not remove the watermark if reposting. The first of 62 starts here. Click 'original picture' in the bottom corner to see the full size. Enjoy!


11th November

The full Q&A session from last Friday's premiere of Urban and the Shed Crew  is now on YouTube courtesy of the venue organiser's Chapel FM. Enjoy!


8th November

Richard and cast and crew of Urban and the Shed Crew attended the 12pm screening of the film at the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds today. Many audience members were there to greet Richard and as a result a ton of photographs have been posted on twitter and other social media today. I am gathering permissions to post the images in a gallery on this site, but a quick look at https://twitter.com/favorites aka my 'likes' will show you all the pictures and video feeds I 'liked' today and yesterday. Check out my home page for Richard's twitter feed or click here to open in a new window to see his recent tweets.

The official twitter page for the film @UrbanATShedCrew have also posted photographs taken by the official photographer Lizzie Coombes (@Bettylawless), including my favourite of Richard and Tyson!

Watch this space for a compliation of photos taken at the two Urban events this weekend.


7th November

Richard Armitage, Candida Brady and Bernard Hare attended the evening performance of Urban and the Shed Crew at the Chapel FM building in Leeds this evening. Dorothea of @RCAUniverse recorded Richard's speech prior to the screening and posted via twitter - I have uploaded the clip on to YouTube as Periscope videos expire after 24 hours. This second clip shows Richard arriving at the event. Many thanks Dorothea for sharing these videos with us all.

Thanks also to Gill and Jessie for posting pictures of Richard outside the venue this evening and sharing on twitter. Here are the tweets with the pictures. Click on the photos in the tweets to enlarge.

Here's a spoiler free review of the film courtesy of Jaydall (thanks to Perry for hosting).


6th November

Richard will attend tomorrow's premiere of Urban and the Shed Crew at 7.30pm in Leeds and again at the 12pm showing on Sunday. The director Candida Brady and Bernard Hare will also attend and earlier this evening they were both on the BBC's local news programme Look North. I have uploaded the clip on to youtube.

I will not be in Leeds but plenty of fans have tweeted that they'll be there, so hopefully there will be lots of news and photos to upload on to this site tomorrow.


3rd November

A donation of £348.87 plus gift aid has been made today to Action for Children, one of the eight charities Richard has nominated on JustGiving.com, as a result of orders made via Amazon UK and Amazon DE from June 2015 to August 2015. Thank you so much for continuing to use the Amazon links on my home page to order your shopping!


1st November

1. The Crucible will be shown on a cinema screen at The Barbican in London on 29 December at 3pm. For tickets and further information click here.

2. North Leeds Life have published an article about the impending premiere of Urban and the Shed Crew at the Leeds International Film Festival. The article also references the Just Giving pages that Richard Armitage and Bernard Hare have set up to support charities relevant to the themes of the film. You will find links to all of Richard's Just Giving pages on the home page of this site.

3. The Many Masks of Actors and Spies: Pulling into Berlin Station on CriminalElement.com is a really interesting article by writer of this new series, Olen Steinhauer. This project is due to start filming in mid-November. See news 11th September below for the announcement of Richard's involvement in this project.


28th October

1. Here is a high resolution scan of the interview with Richard in the December 2015 issue of Empire magazine. Click below to enlarge.

th EmpireDec2015

2. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel by A J Hartley and David Hewson, narrated by Richard Armitage, is currently available to download via Audible, but it will be available to buy on CD on 8th December from Amazon UK, Amazon DE or Amazon US. Follow the links to order and earn a referral fee at no cost to yourself, which I will pay to charity. Thanks to Monika for this information.

3. The Scunthorpe Telegraph has an article about Fraser Kelly, star of Urban and the Shed Crew, which include a couple of mentions of Richard and reference to the film's premiere at the Leeds International Film Festival. This red carpet interview might have been the one that is referred to by Fraser's mum.


27th October

1. Empire's December 2015 issue has a full page interview with Richard, but although half a photo has appeared online, the issue is not yet available in shops or via Empire online. The December issue has Jared Leto on the cover. I will post a scan of the interview here when I get a copy.

2. There are now two ways to order from Amazon on this site: shop for any item (not just Richard Armitage related) and earn money for charity at no cost to yourself by clicking any of the Amazon logos on the home page and ordering from Amazon as normal. Alternatively, visit the new Amazon Shopping page and scroll through RA dvds and audiobooks on the relevant store (UK, US or DE). Click on a product to order it.

The RichardArmitageNet Amazon store links have been removed from my home page as this feature is no longer available from Amazon.

3. New poll on the website about The Hobbit Extended Edition DVD - please vote in the menu on the left-hand side. Previous results are here.


11th October

1. Richard tweeted overnight to announce that some of the profits from Urban and the Shed Crew will go to Action for Children, a charity that aims to help young and vulnerable children in the UK. Click on the link in the tweet to go to his Just Giving page for more information. Here is a link to the 8 charities that Richard supports via Just Giving.

2. The organisers of the Leeds Film Festival have tweeted this morning to confirm that they are trying to organise another screening for Urban and the Shed Crew on 7th November, as the two screenings on that date have already sold out. No other dates have been announced yet.


10th October

The independent film Urban and the Shed Crew starring Richard Armitage, Anna Friel and Fraser Kelly will premiere at the 29th Leeds International Film Festival on Saturday 7 November and Richard tweeted that he will be there. Hopefully the film will get a distributor soon and be shown around the country and internationally. 


5th October

Richard has recorded voiceover for a new British advert for Hovis bread.  Watch it here on YouTube.


27th September

Richard has now finished recording the audiobook of David Copperfield at the Audible.com studios (according to this tweet). We still do not know if the audiobook will be unabridged unfortunately.

On 25th September, CDM Studios tweeted a picture of Richard being interviewed in the studios where he has recorded the audiobook. Yesterday, the same twitter account posted a short video clip of Richard receiving the Audible's 2014 Audiobook of the Year trophy for Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel. Co-author David Hewson blogged about this award in December last year.


19th September

1. In early August, US film magazine Fangoria issue #383 was guest edited by Bryan Fuller and it included a 3 page interview with Richard Armitage by William Bibbiani. Scans of the article have been kindly sent to this site from @apple_fia on twitter. Thanks also to @CrystalChandlyr for the first 5 pages below, which include an interview with director Neil Marshall. Click the images to enlarge.

th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-1  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-2  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-3  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-4 

th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-5  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-6  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-7  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-8

2. Sarah Dunn has released another photo from her 2014 Hobbit photoshoot: twitter and facebook.


11th September

The announcement about Berlin Station was made today (see news 8th September below) and Richard has been named as the lead! Richard will play Daniel Meyer, a CIA case officer who becomes an undercover agent in Berlin, tasked with uncovering the source of a leak who has supplied information to a whistleblower. The 10 part series, due to be released in autumn 2016, also stars Michelle Forbes, Rhys Ifans and Richard Jenkins.

Announcements were made on Variety, Deadline, TV Line and The Hollywood Reporter. All the photos of Richard were taken atThe Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies premiere in Los Angeles in December 2014.

From Variety: “We are very happy to have found our ‘Daniel’ to join this incredible ensemble cast,” said Mark S. Greenberg, president and CEO of EPIX. “Richard is a singular talent who has the presence and attitude to bring this character and story to life”...“Both Richard and Michelle are enormously talented actors who exhibit an on-screen intensity and passion that viewers respond to because of their intellect and ability to let transformation overcome their characters,” added Amy Powell, president of Paramount TV.


10th September

We assumed correctly - Richard will be recording a narration of David Copperfield soon at the Audible.com studios. See their tweet about asking questions for Richard. There is no further information yet about a release date or whether the audiobook will be abridged.


8th September

1. Richard has tweeted quotes from Dickens' David Copperfield today and tagged Audible.com in his tweets, so I think it's safe to assume his reading the novel for another audiobook for us all to enjoy! Tweet 1, tweet 2 and tweet 3.

2. This tweet from 1st September shows Richard in a soundproof studio recording audio for the forthcoming Hannibal season 3 DVD.

3. Richard has recently followed producers, director, original novelist, writers and production companies involved in a project called Berlin Station, a ten part contemporary spy series for television which begins filming this autumn. Although Richard's name has not yet been officially mentioned in connection with this series, his twitter activity has fuelled rumours of his involvement, so watch this space. More details from the Hollywood Reporter.


29th August

Candida Brady has been tweeting daily with pictures from Urban and the Shed Crew and also she posted a link to the official trailer on Thursday 27th August. Watch on YouTube or watch below:

Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site

This picture was posted on Thursday, this one yesterday and this one appeared today. These 3 pictures and the one posted on 26th August are now in the Urban gallery.


26th August

Candida Brady, director of Urban and the Shed Crew has released a new picture of Richard as Chop. No news yet on the release date of this film, which is being submitted to film festivals the last I heard. I will put this picture in the Urban gallery soon.


21st August

Richard opened a Just Giving page for the Cybersmile Foundation yesterday and suggested via twitter that donations could be made in multiples of 4 for his birthday! See tweet 1 and tweet 2. He also posted a selfie on Weibo yesterday evening with a caption that has been translated by @RCArmitager_CN. Many thanks to them. Click here for a copy of my tweet with the details. 

There are 6 other Just Giving pages nominated by Richard in the past, details of which are on the home page of this site, and the birthday page which has now closed for new comments. Thank you so much for all the fantastic messages! 


20th August

Photographer Sarah Dunn has shared another behind the scenes photo from her visit to the set of Sleepwalker in October 2014. Click here to see the tweet she posted today and the picture. The previous photo Sarah posted is here in the Sleepwalker gallery.


19th August

Photos from episodes 11, 12 and 13 have been added to the Hannibal gallery courtesy of the farfarawaysite.com and producer Loretta Ramos for this picture. Episode 11 airs in the UK tonight at 10pm on Sky Living HD.

A reminder that the birthday page will close in 2 days time at 9pm.


18th August

1. Here is a trailer for Hannibal episode 12 on YouTube.

2. Thank you to Violet for listing dates to see The Crucible at cinemas in the UK - click here.

3. Here is Inquisitr's review of episode 11, which I haven't read but I gather it is another glowing review of Richard's performance. I cannot post other reviews as I'm not reading them until episode 11 airs on UK television tomorrow evening, so click here for a google search of episode 11 reviews.

4. Joshua Horowitz has posted another of his popular happy/sad/confused picture montages featuring Richard, Hugh Dancy and Bryan Fuller on Instagram. These pictures were taken at San Diego ComicCon on 11 July. Richard has appeared in this photo series before during Hobbit promotion in December 2013 - click here and scroll down to 16 December to see the picture montage.


12th August

1. A donation of £259.07 plus gift aid has been made today to Childline one of the six charities Richard has nominated on JustGiving.com as a result of orders made via Amazon US from December 2014 to March 2015.

I have also received the May 2015 payments from Amazon UK and Amazon DE, and as promised in the news 3rd May, these amounts were paid today to UNICEF's appeal for Nepal. When I receive the Amazon US May payment I will pay this to UNICEF too. Details of the donation are here.

Thank you so much for continuing to use the Amazon links on my home page to make your purchases. Referral fees are earned for free for every item you buy. Details here.

2. Here is a trailer for Hannibal episode 11 on YouTube.

3. Martha De Laurentiis tweeted another picture of Richard in the red dragon costume, this time in front of a green screen. This scene features in episode 10 which airs on Sky Living tonight at 10pm. See news 9th August below for the other picture of Richard in the costume, tweeted by Bryan Fuller.


10th August

The Coventry Telegraph has published an article about 'former Coventry student' Richard Armitage and the impact on twitter following his appearance on Hannibal episode 10. The episode has not been shown in the UK yet - it is broadcast in Canada on Fridays, in the US on Saturdays and in the UK on Wednesdays.


9th August

1. Hannibal episode 10 aired in the US last night so there are now even more photos in the Hannibal gallery from 3 sources: the farfarawaysite.com, producer Loretta Ramos (who tweeted two photos of Richard, Rutina Wesley and the tiger) and Bryan Fuller who tweeted a fantastic picture of Richard in costume as the Red Dragon. Spoilers of course! Here is a link to Bryan Fuller's tweet with 'that' photo.

2. Thank you to DJ Kwes for sharing this story of his experience as an extra on Hannibal and meeting Richard who put him at ease before a scene they shared together. DJ Kwes played the museum receptionist.

3. More glowing reviews for episode 10 '...And the Woman Clothed in Sun':

  • Digital Spy "Both Richard Armitage and Rutina Wesley did beautifulwork in that zoo scene...The actors and writers have done a fairly remarkable job of making us care about this romance in the space of just two episodes"
  • TV Fanatic "Richard Armitage is just killing it every week.
  • Slant Magazine "Francis uses his profound alienation from society as a conduit for empathy with Reba's blindness, and, in turn, the tiger is a conduit for Francis's visions of his own strength and for Reba's desire to find within that strength a reservoir of the very real vulnerability she detects in his pleading, halting speech."

4. Janice Poon, food stylist for Hannibal, tweeted that Richard is very method when it comes to eating paintings: link to tweet.



8th August

1. As mentioned in yesterday's news I have created a birthday page for you to leave messages for Richard as I have done since 2009. Thank you for encouraging me to continue this - I really wasn't sure if this was still wanted but you have given me some great feedback. Here is the page with a summary as always of what Richard has been upto these past 12 months. The page will close for comments at 9pm UK time on Friday 21st August. Thank you for continuing to visit this site, it is much appreciated.

2. High resolution photos have appeared on the farfarawaysite.com for Hannibal episode 11. The pictures of Richard have been added to the Hannibal gallery.

3. Richard's latest tweet contains a message to Susannah Cahalan and her family. Susannah wrote the novel that Richard's latest project was based on, Brain on Fire. My twitter feed on the home page of this site only shows the photo of Susannah, her father Tom Cahalan and Richard who played Tom in the film, however on the twitter web page you can see Richard's message in full - click the text to read it.


7th August

1. Thank you for voting in the poll about a birthday page for Richard. Results are here. Your comments and votes have persuaded me that you would like to see this continue, so I'm working on the page now. Thanks again.

A new poll has opened on the left-hand side asking about whether you watch or read spoilers for Hannibal. Thanks for voting!

2. The Hannibal Post Mortem for episode 10 has been posted on YouTube. This is the best of these episodes so far in terms of great clips of the episode (spoilers obviously) and some nice insights from Rutina Wesley and Richard Armitage.

3. If you enjoy reading spoilers for Hannibal this is the review for you. Plenty of detail about episode 10 '...And the Woman Clothed in Sun' and lots of pictures.

4. Five more high resolution photos from episode 8 of Hannibal have been added to the Hannibal gallery, courtesy of the farfarawaysite.com.

5. Soundbites of Richard's telephone interview for Ma Vie En L'Air have been posted on SoundCloud with many thanks to the interviewer (@GeekInc18 on twitter). Scroll down to see previous soundbites when Richard has been interviewed about The Hobbit. Here are the three parts of the final transcribed interview: part 1, part 2 and part 3


5th August

1. Far Away Entertainment have announced that extended versions of the Hobbit trilogy will be shown in US cinemas, starting on Monday 5th October 2015. Collider have also added that there will be a special introduction from Peter Jackson.

2. A few days ago, Collider nominated Richard as TV performer of the week for his performance as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal. Read more here.

3. The trailer for Hannibal episode 10, which features lots of Richard as Francis Dolarhyde, has appeared on Canadian TV - watch it here.

4. Hannibal episode 9 review by Inquisitr Richard Armitage Continues to Impress With His 'Red Dragon' Portrayal In 'Hannibal'.




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