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Richard interviewed on Andrew Marr's Show 20.7.14 ~ watch the video 



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24th July

1. Soundtrack details for Into the Storm have been posted on filmmusicreporter.com. The soundtrack is currently available to pre-order from Amazon. Please use the Amazon links on the home page to order, as that will raise commission for charity. Thanks to sahraobsessed for the info.

2. On Monday, Richard and his co-star on Into the Storm Max Deacon, were interviewed in London by several journalists to promote the film. The first of these interviews has appeared on a Chinese site letv.com. It is a very brief series of clips of the pair. Thanks to @gomgomi03 on twitter. I had a few difficulties playing the clip on my PC and on my phone, but I found that if you refresh the page (yes you have to watch another ad) it will eventually play.


22nd July

1. The Huffington Post have provided an exclusive, very exciting 1m 33s clip from Into the Storm. Watch it here.

2. More TV Spots for Into the Storm can be seen on YouTube from Movie Madness Trailers. Numbers 8 and 9 are particularly good for clips of Richard.

3. This Adam Brown interview took place on 12 July at London Film and Comic Con, Earls Court. It's an interesting interview about working on The Hobbit but 4 minutes in he is extremely complimentary about Richard. Thanks to Aneta for the link.


21st July

1. Nathan Kress, who plays the youngest son of Gary (Richard) in Into the Storm, tweeted a new picture of himself and Richard yesterday. I have added this picture to the Into the Storm gallery, along with 3 large HD posters for the film received by the UK publicists. Click 'original image' to see the full size.

2. The UK press release confirms that the UK release date of Into the Storm has been brought forward two days to 20 August. I have also heard from two people on twitter who have watched advanced screenings of the film and they both say that Richard's character is now called Gary Fuller, not Gary Morris.


20th July

1. Richard was on Andrew Marr's show this morning talking about The Crucible, Spooks and The Hobbit. I have uploaded the interview to YouTube and will post screencaps later.

2. Thanks to Aprilsviolet for this scan of Time Out London magazine dated 8-14 July 2014 with their 5 star review of The Crucible. Click the image to enlarge. The small image at the top has been cropped from the Contents page.

th TimeOutLondon-8-14July2014

3. There is a new poll on the site asking if you will go and see Into the Storm when it is released in the cinema/movie theater. Please vote on the left-hand side. Previous poll results are here.

4. Thank you to Jessie for sharing this signature banner for The Crucible. These signatures are available for personal use on forums if you include credit to the person who created it. If you would like me to share your banners or wallpapers please email me (Ali) at the address above, thanks.

5. The premiere of Into the Storm will be held at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York City on Monday 4th August 2014. Richard will be attending as there is no Crucible performance on that day and Whats Up Hollywood have confirmed the line up for the evening and the venue. Here is a competition open to Canadians to win 2 tickets. This competition on ZayZay.com is for US residents only.


17th July

1. Richard will be on Andrew Marr's show on BBC1 this Sunday from 9.00 - 10.00. Here is the Radio Times programme information. I will record this and upload shortly afterwards.

2. The Wall Street Journal have reviewed The Crucible: Morality Lessons from London.

"If I had to rate Yaël Farber's new staging at the Old Vic of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible," I'd agree with my critical colleagues who awarded it the full 5 stars. Staged in the round, Soutra Gilmour's simple period costumes and plain sets focus concentration on the dialogue and the actors' movements...The cast includes a big-deal movie star, Richard Armitage, but Ms. Farber has made an ensemble piece, united largely by the stylized movement direction of Imogen Knight."

3. I'm afraid that it is no longer certain that Richard will appear on Chris Evans' BBC Radio 2 show tomorrow morning. He was mentioned on Wednesday as being one of Friday's guests, but there was no mention today and he is not listed on their website


16th July

1. According to n3rdabl3.co.uk, the UK release date for Into the Storm has been brought forward two days to 20 August 2014. We are still waiting for further confirmation.

2. Here is a scan of the Manchester Evening News article that was posted in the news below on 14th July. Click to enlarge. Many thanks to Smitkit.

th MEN-print-14Jul14


15th July

1. Richard was on Steve Wright's show on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon talking about The Crucible and Into the Storm. I have uploaded today's radio interview and will upload any other video or audio interviews that may appear for this production to this page: Crucible Video/Audio Interviews.

You will still be able to listen to today's broadcast from the BBC Radio 2 site for the next 7 days: link here.

2. The BBC posted a photograph of Richard at the BBC Radio 2 studio in London on their website today. You will find that photo and others showing appearances relating to The Crucible in the Crucible gallery. Fan photographs taken by the stage door outside The Old Vic and donated to this site will soon appear in the Candids gallery.

3. Photographer Dan Burn-Forti has posted 3 photographs on his tumblr account that were apparently for the Sunday Telegraph. An interview and picture from the shoot appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 25 June (also posted in the news below), so am not sure if another interview will appear in the Sunday Telegraph soon, or whether the Daily Telegraph posted the pictures instead.


14th July

1. Richard appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning and it has been kindly recorded and uploaded by cassiopeia2006: watch it on YouTube. There is promotional footage from The Crucibleso it's well worth a watch!

2. Andy Serkis also appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning, which is held at the MediaCityUK studio in Salford. The Manchester Evening News has a report and pictures of Richard and Andy outside the studio. Also Andy Serkis tweeted this picture of himself and Richard earlier today.

3. There is an incredible review of Richard's performance in Londonist: Fighting The Darkness In The Crucible today.

"Richard Armitage’s flawless portrayal of John Proctor will stay with you for a lifetime. His version of the deeply troubled anti-hero may well rocket John Proctor into your mind as one of the greatest on-stage characters of modern times."

Note: some of you may notice an Independent newspaper review has appeared online today, but it is the same one that I posted below on 4th July. The review has been edited but essentially re-published.


13th July

More reviews of The Crucible:

1. This scan is from the print edition of Friday's Daily Express and is an edited version of the review posted first in yesterday's news. Thanks to Jen. 5/5 stars.

th Express-12Jul14

2. The Sunday Express has also posted a review. Click to enlarge. Many thanks to Smitkit. Also online here. 4/5 stars.

th SundayExpress-13Jul14

"Armitage is the rock-like centre of Yaël Farber's revelatory production. The Crucible...can seem both worthy and wordy in performance but by taking the play at a thrillingly slow pace and remaining utterly faithful to Miller's text, Farber restores its power both to scare and to shock."

3. The Observer, The Crucible review - an engrossing, fiery evening. Susannah Clapp: 4/5 stars. (The Observer is a Sunday newspaper owned by the Guardian Media Group, which is why the link opens the Guardian website).

"Richard Armitage, another Hobbit escapee, is the man agonised by the knowledge of his infidelity to his wife and now trying to be faithful to his friends. He is, though sometimes hoarse, impressive both when forceful and when nearly broken."

4. The Mail on Sunday, The Crucible, Old Vic, London. 5/5 stars. Thanks to LadyT.

th MoS-13Jul14

"Richard Armitage...is a blazing John, tormented and guilt-racked. The tension between him and his wife is electric: Anna Madeley's Elizabeth is miserably aware of the 'wintry' house she kept that helped drive him away."


12th July

Three new reviews of The Crucible have been published in the last few days. Two are 5 star reviews, the New York Times review is unrated but is positively glowing: "Ms. Farber makes the most convincing case that I’ve encountered for the greatness of this 1953 drama".

The Express, The Crucible review: Chilling reminder of hysteria, mass murder and fantastic theatre

"Armitage commands the stage without overwhelming everyone else. He combines moral and physical strength with human weakness in a way that is entirely credible. As his betrayed but fatally loyal wife, Elizabeth, Anna Madeley is equally impressive and their ultimate reconciliation is profoundly affecting."

City AM, Review: The Crucible at the Old Vic

"The performances are strongly physical: as John Proctor, Richard Armitage propels the production forward with a mighty, powerful goodness, and in their phony demonic throes the accusing girls writhe and contort their bodies into terrible shapes."

New York Times, The Body of Salem, Its Nerves Frayed

"Mr. Armitage...gives us a John who is first and foremost a physical being, a farmer who has spent most of his life fighting against privation. His rumbling voice comes from his viscera, and he stands like a man who feels undressed without his plow...Mr. Armitage gives palpable, sinewy force to John’s struggle, making the moral instinct feel primal, something that’s genetically coded but hard to bring into dominance."


11th July

EniKoni on twitter has found a treat today: this short video clip filmed as part of the Esquire photoshoot last year. The Esquire interview can be found on the Interviews page. Scroll down to November 2013.


10th July

1. A photoshoot of Richard taken by Francesco Guidicini on behalf of the Sunday Times has appeared on ProfilebyNews.com. This photoshoot accompanied the interview published in the news 6th July below. There are twelve photos in total and the photoshoot took place on 23 June according to the details on the site. Another link to more of the photoshoot can be found on NewsSyndication.com. There are 49 photos in total. Thank you to @EniKoni on twitter for the links.

2. Marlise from The Anglophile Channel has uploaded this video showing her before and after watching The Crucible and there is some footage of Richard making his way down the line of fans, as he has done every evening since the play opened.


7th July

Richard talks about being attracted to the story of his character in Into the Storm rather than the storm itself, according to an interview with Total Film magazine which is quoted on TV3.ie:

"This is possibly not the kind of movie I would have run towards. The storm aspect of it, I swept aside and looked at the bones of the story: a single father, who is father and mother to two boys, and a family that's already breaking up, and how that's [exacerbated] by this single day. That was interesting enough."

Barbara has provided the original source of the inteview mentioned above, in the August 2014 issue of Total Filmmagazine. Many thanks Barbara! Click to enlarge and click again to zoom.

th TotalFilm-Aug14


6th July

1. The Sunday Times has printed an interview with Richard by Tanya Gold, which took place in his dressing room at The Old Vic: "Acting is one thing," he says, "Being an actor is another."

Here is a scan, click to enlarge and then click again to zoom in.

th SundayTimes-6Jul14

2. Fraser Kelly, eponymous star of Urban and the Shed Crew watched The Crucible last night in London with his mother, who tweeted a picture of them all after the show with Richard. Looks like they had a fantastic night! Fraser has tweeted another picture here.

3. The first TV spot for Into the Storm has appeared in the US and thanks to @NBNathanKress we can see it here, featuring new footage from the movie.

4. More pictures from the The Crucibleafter show party have appeared on photographer Robert Zajaczkowski's Facebook page, which includes a lovely photo of a smiling Richard. Thanks sahRAobsessed for the link.

5. A donation of £273.76 plus gift aid has been made today to Barnardo's, one of the four charities Richard has nominated on JustGiving.com. Details of how referral fees are accrued are here. This means we have broken £5000 since this website became an Amazon Associate in February 2012. An amazing result, thank you all so much!

6. Following on from the news above (#3), Movie Madness Trailers on YouTube have posted three TV spots for Into the Storm: TV spot 1, TV spot 2, TV spot 3. Number 2 is the same as the one posted above. Thanks to @RCNY13 for the notification.


5th July 

1. Richard's agent, United Agents, have posted an article on their website celebrating The Crucible's five star reviews. Read it here.

2. More reviews have appeared online for The Crucible:

What's On Stage, The Crucible, Old Vic. 3/5 stars.

"Abigail's got her teeth into the honest farmer John Proctor, played with gallant good looks and some physical power by Richard Armitage. Armitage and Madeley play this scene [at the Proctor's kitchen table] beautifully, and Tim Lutkin's lighting sculpts it in startling silhouette..." and from that point the reviewer and I disagree ;)

The Stage, The Crucible. 4/5 stars.

"Farber brings out its continued relevance with gutsy vigour, and Richard Armitage (a theatre actor before Hobbit fame) relishes mining the depths of John Proctor...The final reconciliation of the Proctors is unforgettable."

Theatrecat, The Crucible - Old Vic, SE1. The gates of hell creak open. 5/5 stars.

"It will haunt the memory for months, this profound, dark-lit, smoke-scented deep-booming production of Arthur Miller’s play...the pair’s progress from delicate marital adjustment to terror, are given breathless intensity by Armitage and a fine-drawn Anna Madeley as his wife...the final admission of Proctor that he finds in himself “a shred of goodness. Not enough to weave a banner with”. But do weave one for this unstinting, profound production. It does honour both to Miller and to the Old Vic."

3. The Stage have published an interesting article in the wake of yesterday's positive reviews. Read it here.

"An even bigger roar of critical approval greeted last night’s opening of The Crucible, with five-star raves from the Telegraph, Times and Time Out. Yes, it’s very good – but five stars suggests the truly exceptional."

4. Peter Jackson has posted on Facebook that a teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is imminent.


4th July

1. Richard and the cast of The Crucible attended an after show party at The Savoy Hotel, London after last night's press night. Photos from the event are on the Rex Features site, AP Images and Getty Images.

2. Press reviews for The Crucible have been flooding in today, after last night's press night and the verdict is unanimously oustanding. The only slightly critical newspaper is not worth discussing since it is known for its inaccuracies ;)

Here is a summary with notable quotes about the play and Richard's performance.

The Times, The Crucible at the Old Vic, SE1. 5/5 stars. This article is behind a paywall, so thank you to @rashisama1 for posting the full article on tumblr.

"I’ve seen Arthur Miller’s great play many times before, but it has never mesmerised and moved me quite like Yaël Farber’s revival manages to do here...Armitage leads with passion as Proctor: it’s big acting, but Farber gives him the context for it. His scenes with his wife (Anna Madeley) have a repressed passion whose eventual release is overwhelming."

Financial Times, The Crucible, Old Vic, London - Review. 4/5 stars.

"Richard Armitage’s Proctor is a gruff, bearlike individual, tormented by his slip from grace and movingly matched by Anna Madeley as his wife, frozen in hurt. Their personal journey towards mutual forgiveness pulls against the gathering darkness elsewhere and proves very moving here."

 The Telegraph, The Crucible, Old Vic, review: 'The intensity of a thriller'. 5/5 stars.

"In her thrilling production at the Old Vic, which lasts three and a half hours but never loosens its dramatic grip, the South African director Yaël Farber doesn’t labour the point but trusts the audience to make its own connections with our own troubled times...Richard Armitage, best known for TV dramas and The Hobbit movies, proves an exhilarating stage actor, with blazing eyes and a righteous fury about him, as well as manifest decency. His deep guilt about his brief affair with Abigail, who has become his nemesis, is powerfully caught. And his final reconciliation with his wife, beautifully played by Anna Madeley, who admits her own part in their troubles, proves extraordinarily intimate and moving."

The Guardian, The Crucible review - full of raw, visceral power. 5/5 stars.

"the South African Yaël Farber, director of an acclaimed Mies Julie, has come up with an extraordinary production that preserves the integrity of Miller's language while investing the action with a raw, visceral power I've never witnessed...Richard Armitage, though sounding a bit vocally strained, admirably conveys Proctor's mix of muscularity and guilt and Anna Madeley is excellent as his quietly accusatory wife."

Official London TheatreThe Crucible.

"Proctor is an imposing, prowling, growling figure with more rough edges than an Elizabethan neck-piece maker. Paradoxically brimming with pride and power while haunted by shame and remorse, he is constantly balancing on a tipping point, ready to explode with fury or collapse under the pressure of his principles...Armitage proves a colossal presence at the heart of a chillingly atmospheric revival of Miller’s classic."

 TheArtsDesk.com,The Crucible, Old Vic.5/5 stars.

"Armitage makes a fine job of John Proctor – a roaring, contrarian beast of a man who shouts because he cannot be heard, but it’s Madeley who moves."

Digital SpyRichard Armitage is stunning in terrifying adaptation of The Crucible: Review. 4/5 stars.

"Physically, John is an imposing presence, but he is gradually chipped away at and broken down. Armitage makes him appear constantly exhausted by the accusations thrown at him and the people around him, even before he gets dragged into the trials. Eventually his body is weakened too, and when John makes a reappearance in The Crucible's dying moments, the change is striking. It's a triumph in make-up, costume and performance on Armitage's part that the sight of him makes you feel pained...His last stand is incredibly rousing, and cements just how good Armitage is at appearing inwardly bold when hunched or brittle when tall."

London Evening Standard, The Crucible, Old Vic - theatre review: 'At first Richard Armitage smoulders, later he blazes'. 5/5 stars.

"This revival of Arthur Miller’s great play, by South African director Yaël Farber, is astonishing. The production has a bold simplicity yet grips like the most complex thriller...Armitage at first smoulders, all dark looks and muscular seriousness. Later he blazes, raging against the paranoid insanity that engulfs him — and also against his own fallibility. Meanwhile Madeley brings a tense restraint to Elizabeth, capturing her wounded sense of virtue. Their intimate moments wrench the heart."

The Evening Standard has also published an interview with Richard today. Online version: Theatre is still my first love, says Richard Armitage.

"John Proctor was a role he had 'coveted' since studying at Lamda, and working with director Yaël Farber at the Old Vic was 'exciting'. 'Every night I get that rush of nervous excitement. I can’t wait to speak that incredible text,' he said."

Here is a scan from the print edition, showing the review and the interview. Click to enlarge.

th EveningStandard-4Jul14

The Independent, The Crucible, Old Vic, review: 'Unmissable'. 5/5 stars.

"Yael Farber's mesmerising production of Arthur Miller's great play unfolds with the sick dread of a horrible dream from which you are powerless to awake...Richard Armitage brings a powerfully imposing presence and a ferociously passionate contrarian spirit to this farmer who is haunted with guilt about his marital infidelity..."


3rd July

1. New audio clips from The Crucible. Yesterday, director Yael Farber was interviewed by Front Row on BBC Radio 4 and Free Thinking on BBC Radio 3. The clips are still available to listen if you follow the links, but will probably be removed after a week. The interviews included three extracts from the play, although it doesn't sound like they were recorded on stage, but perhaps in a studio. They feature Richard Armitage as John Proctor and Anna Madeley, who plays John Proctor's wife Elizabeth. I have extracted the three clips and uploaded them to the Sounds page, where you can listen or download.

2. The BBC News site has a fairly long interview with Richard, who talks about visited Salem, how the play is a 'full body experience' and how much he has missed the stage.

3. In this short article on the Breathcast site, Richard comments on the latest Hobbit film - the trailer is due to be released imminently. Thanks to Genie for the link. Note: there are lots of video advertisements on that page that play automatically.


1st July

Jill Lawless' article for the Associated Press has been published today on many online sites including the New York Times and the Washington Times. I like this link to Yahoo News as you can open a gallery of large pictures to show Richard posing in the seats at the Old Vic theatre and also with director Yael Farber. This link to AP images shows the full set of photographs. The interview reveals what Richard will do in the name of research!


30th June

Several interviews from the set of Into the Storm have been released today but they all appear to come from the same round table interview. The most comprehensive is the article from Collider, though there are many spoilers in this article about the film, more than have been released previously. (Worchester = Leicester by the way).


29th June

1. More publicity photographs have been posted online from the set of The Crucibleby Geraint Lewis. These pictures are superb quality and you can click each one to enlarge. It's bringing it all back to me! Spoiler warning if you have yet to see the play and don't want to see costumes, etc!

2. The Independent have published a fascinating article with Crucible director Yael Farber, accompanied by a wonderful picture of Richard as Proctor. I have added it to the Crucible gallery.


28th June

Rex Features have published pictures from The Crucible that were taken on 26 June, without an audience: 1st link, 2nd link. Thanks to @ForoRArmitage. Spoiler warning if you have yet to see the play and don't want to see costumes, etc!

I went to the matinee of The Crucible today with friends and had a wonderful time. Here is a picture of a prop which was grabbed by John Proctor, torn and discarded (thanks to Hedgeypig for snaffling it for me). Click to enlarge.

th Crucible-Confession


26th June

The first full length trailer for Into the Storm was released at 10am PST, 6pm UK time today. Here it is, buckle up!


25th June

1. A new interview with Richard has appeared in the British newspaper,The Telegraph, accompanied by two new photographs taken especially for the interview.

2. Warner Bros have posted a short clip on Instagram from Into the Storm ahead of a new trailer which will appear online tomorrow at 10.00am Pacific Standard Time. Richard's voice is right at the start.


22nd June

Last night was opening preview night for The Crucible at The Old Vic, and judging by comments left on twitter, the performance was wonderful: 'probably the best stage show I've ever witnessed', 'emotionally charged and wonderfully acted' with some 'incredibly inspiring performances' and 'best stage acting I've ever seen'. Here is another huge compliment about Richard's performance. This photo shows that the performance was awarded a standing ovation.

Here are some photos before the play began: photo 1, photo 2, photo 3.

This excellent review of the performance by Sophie Harrold contains spoilers that you may not wish to read if you are going to see the play.

Fans met Richard outside the theatre after the performance and he posed for photographs. Several of these photos were posted on twitter (scroll through my twitter timeline to see some of them) and also tumblr and pinterest.


19th June

1. Four new Into the Storm promotional stills have been posted by @NBNathanKress on twitter. You can see them in the Into the Storm gallery (the last 4 photos).

2. Todd Garner has tweeted that the full trailer for Into the Storm will be played with the latest Transformers films in the cinema. It will go online at the end of next week.

3. The Old Vic theatre have produced an education pack for The Crucible, containing pages of information about Arthur Miller, the play and the Old Vic's production. The pictures are the same as the ones posted on their Facebook page previously, as mentioned in the news below on 16th June. Link to Old Vic New Voices Education Packs and a direct link to The Crucible education pack

The production begins this Saturday. I will write about seeing the play in a week's time, but if you'd like to leave a comment about your experience of the play then please do so using the 'Write a comment' option halfway down the home page.

4. The next issue of Total Film UK magazine (issue #222) will contain a 2 page feature about Into the Storm including a Q&A with Richard. I believe it will be out in 2 weeks time. Thanks to @GeekInc18 for the information.


16th June

The Old Vic have published 31 photos from rehearsals of The Crucible on to their Facebook page, 11 of which contain Richard. I have added them to the Crucible gallery.


15th June

1. The Old Vic theatre's twitter page has been keeping us up-to-date with posters promoting The Crucible. I have collected all the pictures (photography by Jay Brooks) and posted them in this new gallery. Click 'original image' to see the full size of each photo.

2. The Old Vic has tweeted that you are in with a chance of winning one of two signed posters if you sign up to their newsletter before noon (UK time) on Monday. See their twitter feed for 3 tweets on the subject.

3. Fraser Kelly, the young star of Urban and the Shed Crew posted this funny picture of himself and Richard yesterday on twitter showing them during the recent filming. I have added this picture to the Urban gallery.

4. David Hewson has posted The Times newspaper's review of his audiobook Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel on his blog. This audiobook, co-written with A.J. Hartley and read by Richard, was reviewed by Christina Hardyment, who states: "Richard “Thorin Oakenshield” Armitage is an outstandingly versatile narrator. This is the one of the most powerful listening experiences that I’ve had."

5. The Barclays Digital Eagles advert narrated by Richard has been uploaded to YouTube by BarclaysOnline (the video I uploaded previously had to be taken down as it was an incorrect version of the advert apparently).

6. Some generous comments about working with Richard from some of his fellow dwarves at Calgary Expo, starting from 5m 40s. Thanks to faboamanto.

7. There was something not quite right about that Crucible poster - Tannni spotted it and fliipped the image. This is the right way around. Click 'original image' to see the full size. Thanks Tannni!

8. This video from HobbitCon shows Graham McTavish and Ken Stott talking on stage about running around as dwarves in the park in Wellington. A very amusing story that includes a mention of Richard. Thanks Aneta.


30th May

The Old Vic theatre has posted a new picture of Richard in character as John Proctor from The Crucible on their website. They have also uploaded a video to YouTube with Richard talking about this role. He says he feels like he has been preparing for the role for the last ten years. Rehearsals have begun and tickets are for sale for the run which begins on 21st June and ends on 13th September.


25th May

Apologies for those trying to order the Hamlet audiobook via the RichardArmitageNet Amazon stores. I have realised now that the error cannot be fixed because the audiobook is usually purchased with a free trial membership to Audible, so I've removed it from the RAnet stores. However, you can still order it and raise commission for charity. I have updated the links in the news 20th May below to give you the direct link via Amazon UK or Amazon US to the audiobook.

Alternatively, you can order ANY item from Amazon by clicking on one of the three Amazon logos on the home page of this site and then buying items from Amazon in the usual way. The fact that you opened the Amazon window after clicking a link on my site will ensure every item you buy raises money for charity.


22nd May

1. The Urban and the Shed Crew production team have posted a picture of Richard Armitage and Neil Morrissey and passed on the information that Neil is on tonight's episode of The One Show at 7pm in the UK. I'll be watching and will report any news relating to the production. This picture has been added to the gallery. Update: no mention of the film unfortunately.

2. I have received a definitive answer on the question of whether Richard's narration of Bernard Cornwell's Lords of the North will be published. AudioGo Ltd, the only publisher of that title, went into administration last year. Unfortunately the answer is that there is no likelihood of it being published at this time. Harper Audio London and I have been tweeting about it today - you can read my tweets or theirs even if you are not on twitter - they own the UK publishing rights and someone else bought the recording rights so that means it cannot be published. They did state "in the UK at least" as they own the UK publishing rights to the title, but I confess I'm not holding out much hope for this audiobook being made available again. Treasure your copy if you own it!


20th May

The audiobook Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel by A J Hartley and David Hewson and narrated by Richard Armitage is out today! You can order it from Audible UK, Audible US, Audible Germany or Audible France. Alternatively you could order via the RichardArmitageNet Amazon UK link or the RichardArmitageNet Amazon US link, which is cheaper if you are not an Audible member, plus your purchase will raise money for charity.

The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch website has an article out today promoting the release of the audiobook with a quote from Richard, including: "Audio work like this reminds me of all the reasons I became an actor: the simple art of storytelling."

Another article about the audiobook in The Denver Post.


17th May

1. A gallery of screencaps from the Audible interview posted in yesterday's news is now in the 'Interviews' part of the gallery. I am assuming this interview took place in February when the audiobook recording took place, hence the name of the gallery. You can pre-order it from either Audible.co.uk or Audible.com or use the UK or US RichardArmitageNet Amazon Store links under the Amazon logos on my home page for a cheaper offer (unless you are an Audible member). Click the 'Richard Armitage Audiobooks' category in the RAnet Amazon Store to see a full list of audiobooks narrated by Richard available at Amazon.

Ordering from my Amazon store will also earn commission for charity at no cost to yourself. This title is not yet available from Audible Germany or Amazon Germany.

The audiobook will be released on 20th May and is 9 hours 40 minutes long.

2. A donation of £203.11 plus gift aid has been made today to Shelter, one of the four charities Richard has nominated on JustGiving.com. Details of how referral fees are accrued are here.


16th May

A video interview with Richard discussing his reading of Hamlet: A Novel, the audiobook written by A J Hartley and David Hewson, is now on YouTube.


14th May

1. Update: Five behind-the-scenes pictures from Urban and the Shed Crew have been posted on the heckyeahannafriel tumblr page, thanks to the admin of that page for posting. They are now in the Urban and the Shed Crew gallery.

2. Two behind-the-scenes pictures have also appeared from Into the Storm. The pictures were posted on the Italian Into the Storm Facebook page and they are now in the Into the Storm gallery. Thanks to Janine.

3. Photographer Sarah Dunn has posted two behind-the-scenes shots of Richard from her photoshoot: picture 1 and picture 2. Previous news articles about Sarah Dunn's photography: news 28th April, news 2nd March and in the News Archive 2013 on 21st December.

4. Full casting details for The Crucible at The Old Vic in London has been announced on Playbill today. Thanks to @RA_Central on twitter.


13th May

The Daily Mail has published an article showing photos from filming ofUrban and the Shed Crew. Neil Morrissey has appeared on hit shows in the UK for many years which is why he and Anna are the main topic of the article, but the Mail is also not known for its accuracy in this country, hence the errors in the article. There is a picture of Richard, the actor who is actually playing Chop, near the end. Thanks to Lynda for the link.

The picture showing Richard has been added to the Urban and the Shed Crew gallery.


12th May

I'm afraid that Richard is not the narrator of D-Day's Sunken Secrets airing on PBS in the US on 28th May as stated below, however he is the narrator of the British showing on Channel 5 in the UK on Monday 19th May at 9.00-10.35pm. I will post some clips after it has aired. Thanks to Evy for this confirmation.


10th May

1. The third and final part of "Thorin Thursday" has been posted on The Hobbit Facebook page. This interview took place during the UK press junket on 31st March. Part 1 here. Part 2 here.

2. This picture of Richard was taken at the Empire Awards ceremony on 30th March and is from this gallery on EmpireOnline. Thanks for the link Sally.

3. Richard has narrated a D-Day documentary called D-Day's Sunken Secrets, which will air on Channel 5 in the UK on Monday 19th May at 9.00-10.35pm and on PBS in the US on Wednesday 28th May at 9pm ET/PT. The production company True North are based in Leeds.


3rd May

1. A.J. Hartley, co-author of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel, has posted pictures of Richard recording the narration to the book on his website. Click each picture to enlarge.
Mr Hartley has kindly given me permission to post the photos on this website, so here is the gallery.

2. This was the last week of filming for Urban and the Shed Crew. The production team posted two pictures on their Instagram page: Richard, Fraser Kelly (Urban) and water safety crew and another picture of Richard and Fraser in character. These pictures have been added to the gallery of official pictures from the production.

3. Empire Magazine have posted a fun collection of "photo booth" images including a photograph of Richard with Margot Robbie, winner of Best Female Newcomer award, which Richard presented during the evening. I've added this photo to the end of the Empire gallery.


28th April

1. Photographer Sarah Dunn has taken another picture of Richard, this time at the Empire Awards. She posted the picture on her Facebook page.

2. A friend of the site, Jane, met Richard today and gave permission for me to share the link to her photo: click here. Lovely photo Jane!


25th April

1. A big thank you to HeatherVideos for sharing her high quality images from WonderCon that I have now uploaded to the gallery. Heather was working at the convention and managed to get a prime spot while taking pictures of the Into the Storm panel. To see the full size of the images, click on 'original image' when viewing each photo individually. If downloading, please credit and please do not remove the watermark. Thank you.

2. Peter Jackson has renamed the third and final Hobbit film to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Read his post on Facebook here.

3. Empire magazine's celebratory 300th issue contains a feature article about the Empire Awards held in London on 30th March with photos of the winners and presenters. Richard appears with members of the Hobbit cast, however the photo is a composite shot and a mirror image of Richard has been added to the composite, which is why it looks a little odd - the other people in the picture are not reversed.

Click the images to enlarge:

th Empire1-June2014  th Empire2-June2014

4. Here is another interview by IGN from back stage at WonderCon. The interviewer asks Richard and Max if Into the Storm is comparable to Twister.

5. Canal+ have a movie round-up video, including footage from CinemaCon, which took place on 27th March. Richard, Sarah Wayne Callis and Steve Quale appear from 0.55s. Thanks to @grat4ton on twitter.

6. Hysteria Productions confirmed that Urban and the Shed Crew wraps on 2nd May as reported on the Urban and the Shed Crew page. I will try to keep that page up-to-date with any news from the production.


22nd April

1. Richard has been photographed on location in Leeds today. Click here to view: The Urban and the Shed Crew Instagram or via twitter. This picture has been added to the gallery.

2. Access Hollywood interviewed Richard and Max Deacon back stage at WonderCon, discussing the extreme weather in the film and the special effects.

3. IGN's interviewer asked Richard whether a Hobbit spin-off might be possible.

4. A full length video of the panel at WonderCon is here on YouTube and includes Steve Quale's introduction - this version is closer and better quality.

5. Robin Hood series 2 in the US: the Inspiration channel are showing episodes 9 and 10 on Friday 25th April between 9pm and 1am depending on your time zone. Thanks to Juanita.

6. Robin Hood series 2 in Italy: RAI4 are currently showing series 2 Monday to Fridays at 17:25 and repeating the episode at 9:50 the next morning. Thanks to Alessandra.

7. Some new stills from Into the Stormhave been posted on proyectorxd.blogspot.co.uk. Although it only shows the back of his head, I've added the picture including Richard to the Into the Storm gallery - click 'original image' to see the full size.


21st April

This is a great interview from back stage at WonderCon posted by Gig Patta, a reporter for Latino Review. It's lots of fun - enjoy!


20th April

1. Richard attended the Warner Bros. panel at WonderCon, Anaheim, California yesterday to promote Into the Storm, along with director Steven Quale, Max Deacon, Jeremy Sumpter and Arlen Escarpeta. Here is a summary of news reports and videos:

  • Full video of the Into the Storm conference here. Thanks RAnVeloce for the link.
  • Four videos showing Richard responding to questions on the panel. With thanks to hi.imdaisy.
  • The Hollywood Reporter's comments on the WB panel. Last paragraph about Into the Storm 'Richard Armitage found himself getting the most attention of the actors present'.
  • ComingSoon.net's review of the entire panel with director Quale's remarks that it's not really a 'found footage' film, and Richard's comments about finding the hero in the character.
  • Popculturemaven's review contains more photos than text. Thanks to Olya.
  • Whysoblu: "Armitage received the majority of the attention, but collectively the group answered various questions about the film". Thanks to Olya.

Photographs from the convention:

  • Two high quality pictures from @ordinarydays_tw: picture 1 and picture 2.
  • Update: Photos of Richard posted on Instagram by @minghsulu: picture 1 and picture 2.
  • Great photo of the cast back stage on the Getty site and together with the 5 pictures posted on Getty so far and another one that doesn't appear in the search.
  • Three pictures posted by Heather: picture 1, picture 2 on instagram, picture 3 b&w on instagram.
  • Photo by @jwatari.
  • ReviewNation interviewing Richard and Max Deacon who plays one of Gary Morris' two sons in the film.
  • A variety of pictures were posted by attendees of the convention and now appear in the gallery with credit to owner listed in the filename of each picture (permission requested - owners, please state if you would your photo removed). Lots of pictures have been added to page 2 with copyright to Gage Skidmore who posted them on flickr.

2. Robin Hood in Germany: the SuperRTL channel is currently showing Robin Hood every Thursday at 22:10, but unfortunately the series is dubbed. Thanks to Nino.

3. Steve Weintraub from Collider interviewed Richard and Max Deacon before the Into the Storm panel at Wondercon. Click the link to watch the video.


18th April

Update: According to an advert shown on the 7TWO channel recently, Robin Hood will be shown in Australia after Easter on 26th April at 6.30pm (Eastern Australian time). Thanks to Mezz and KatharineD.


17th April

1. There is a new poll on the left-hand side asking if you will be seeing The Crucible in London. Previous poll results about The Lords of the North audiobook are here. Thanks for voting!

2. Warner Bros. UK has published another video interview with Richard answering fan questions about The Hobbit. Watch it on YouTube or Facebook. This video is part 2 of 3.


16th April

Richard will be appearing at WonderCon in Anaheim, California this Saturday - because he's not busy enough (joke)! The announcement appeared on the Into the Storm Facebook page with the news that Richard will appear with co-stars Max Deacon, Jeremy Sumpter, Arlen Escarpeta and director Steven Quale from 11.00am to 12.30pm on Saturday. WonderCon schedule. This larger movie still has been added to the Into the Storm gallery. Click 'original image' to view the full size of the new picture.

RichardArmitageCentral have emailed the Old Vic to ask if Richard will be missing any dates - they say not as of now, but any changes will be listed on their site.


15th April

The Old Vic theatre has announced that Richard will be performing in The Crucible this summer.

The announcement has made The Stage's news page, also stating that the press night will be on 9th July.

BBC News is also reporting that Richard will appear at the Old Vic in London.


14th April

Greendragon from TheOneRing.net has interviewed Richard again, during the recent UK press junket. Richard confirms there is no more additional filming to do in New Zealand but he will be returning to complete some ADR work. He also talks about the appeal of working on Urban and the Shed Crew and learning from his young and talented co-star. San Diego Comic-Con is looking very likely, as opposed to a seemingly 'past tense' reference to the Richard III project.


13th April

An interview with Richard has appeared in Stack magazine, a free publication from JB Hi-Fi stores in Australia, in which he talks about filming The Desolation of Smaug and working with Martin Freeman and Peter Jackson. Many thanks to Bo for the scan. Click to enlarge.

th StackMagazine-Apr2014


12th April

A Peruvian film website has mentioned Richard's name in association with the making of a film called Casa Matusta. This is an unconfirmed rumour and the filming dates would appear to clash with appearing on stage in the Crucible, although that is still not 100% confirmed either. English translation. Thank you to Pollyspersonal on tumblr for the following translation, and Servetus for the heads-up:

"We are negotiating with Richard Armitage of "The Hobbit" and Nadine Velasquez of "Flight" and "My Name is Earl" series. The production company is negotiating with him for the lead role, that of a journalist who arrives in Peru interested in the history of the house Matusita, and Nadine for the role of his wife."


11th April

1. Baz Bamigboye, Entertainment Columnist with the Daily Mail, has tweeted that Richard is in final talks to star as John Proctor in Arthur Miller's The Crucible at The Old Vic theatre in London. The play runs from 24 June to 13 September 2014. In response to a question on twitter, Baz said the deal is 99%, but no casting has been announced for the play on the theatre's site yet. An announcement from Baz makes this very likely however.

Update: From Baz's column in The Daily Mail - still not confirmed yet, but if he has indeed 'signed on' then it's looking likely. Scroll down to 'Samantha casts a spell'.

"Armitage has had what were described to me as ‘several very exciting’ conversations with Ms Farber about how she plans to interpret Miller’s drama. However, he is still in final discussions.

Whatever she said clearly entranced him, because he signed on to do the show not having been on the London stage, or any other for that matter, for 13 years."

Here is a scan of the article in the print edition of The Daily Mail, with thanks to jh of the C19 forum:

th RACrucible-11Apr14


2. The German Tolkien Society interviewed Richard on 31st March at the UK press junket. Scroll down for the English version. Some old questions, some new, such as which music he likes to listen to and that he'd like to take Galadriel dancing!

3. The Irish men's lifestyle magazine JOE also interviewed Richard on the 31st March. We'll forgive the obligatory circus question because there are lots of varied and interesting tidbits here and links to videos to supplement Richard's answers. That's a great speech from Arnold Schwartzenegger and Richard owns an electric cello - I want one!


10th April

1. Jess Denham of The Independent has posted another article from her interview with Richard, in which he talks about female representation in The Hobbit and why he thinks Peter Jackson did the right thing by creating a 'strong, compelling' character in Tauriel.

2. Warner Bros. UK has published a video interview with Richard answering fan questions about The Hobbit. Watch it on YouTube or Facebook. This video is 'Part 1' of 3.

3. This interview by Time Warner Cable took place in Los Angeles in December but was only published to YouTube a couple of days ago. Thanks to Olya. Update: this video was originally published on 17 December (confirmed by @RA_Central) but Time Warner have re-uploaded it, presumably to promote the DVD.


9th April

1. I have uploaded clips from Sky1's highlights show of the Empire Awards 2014 to YouTube, which includes all excerpts of the Hobbit cast. This show was only 30 minutes long, so the clips are brief. For all the video clips shown from this event, visit The Desolation of Smaug Video Clips page.

2. Pictures and screencaps from the Empire Awards 2014 are now in the gallery.

3. Screencaps from the Digital Spy interview posted yesterday are in the gallery.


8th April

1. The @UrbanAtShedCrew twitter account has posted a new picture of Richard on set, playing the ex-social worker Chop, in a photograph that was taken last week (click the Instagram link). Today, Assistant Director @MikeyJGall has tweeted that Richard is rehearsing a stunt on location somewhere in Yorkshire. Two pictures means I can finally add a gallery for this production - more pictures soon hopefully!

2. Digital Spy have posted the video following their recent #AskArmitage twitter request for fan questions. There is an excellent response regarding what Thorin would have done with the One Ring, and Richard describes the scene I really missed from The Desolation of Smaug, which will be seen in the Extended Edition when it is out later this year.


7th April

1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug DVD/Bluray is out today in the UK (the extended edition will be out later this year - probably around November time). Click for a close up of Smaug!

2. This interview with Richard, which took place during the UK press junket on Monday 31st March, is probably the best of the 'promoting the Hobbit' interviews we've seen in a long time. The interviewer has come up with some thoughtful and original questions - good going HeyUGuys!

3. Den of Geek have written about their expectations of The Hobbit: There and Back Again, so the article is FULL of spoilers, but their (non-spoilery) comment about Richard's performance is fantastic:

"Richard Armitage’s performance has been one of the best things about the new trilogy, making you believe that a hairy dwarf, so often the comedy element of the LOTR films, can be a heroic, tortured, and dangerous badass."

4. The Independent have published a short interview with Richard, in which he gives some idea of the type of roles he would like to take on. Game of Thrones is mentioned - if only!

5. HobbitMoviesUK is offering some amazing prizes including a trip to New Zealand (UK residents only). Click here to enter and keep visiting until 30 April as more prizes are revealed.


6th April

1. The Spooks Fan blog has launched a competition to giveaway one of the Robin Hood audiobooks narrated by Richard. Click here to enter.

2. Here is another short interview with Richard at the Empire Awards posted by the Press Association. Richard believes the next Hobbit film will be a little shorter than the others and will again be in 3D, 48fps. Thanks Olya.

3. One of the extra features from The Desolation of Smaughas been posted by WarnerBrosOnline on YouTube, describing the outstanding New Zealand landscape. There is a brief comment from Richard in this video and lots of amazing scenery. Thanks Servetus.


5th April

1. The 10 minute version of the BBC East Midlands video is here on Vimeo. Thanks Eni.

2. Here is the full length interview with Richard on the red carpet at the Empire Awards from Tresor Paris.

3. This Radio Times interview starts with a question we've heard a gazillion times before, but then the interview gets a lot better!

4. The Anglophile Channel are giving away a signed copy of the first Hobbit DVD and also a copy of the second Hobbit film on Bluray. Click here for details.

5. This article in Besser Magazin (Austria) is a summary of some of Richard's interviews on the red carpet at the Empire Awards, although he was obviously talking about Martin Freeman not Sir Ian Holm! Here is google translate's attempt to translate to English (I haven't provided a better translation as there is nothing new here). Thanks to Doris for the link.

6. Another couple of lovely pictures from the Empire Awards: picture 1 and picture 2. Thanks to Maria.

7. Two interviews from the press junket held in London on Monday 31st March: HollywoodNews.com and HMV.

8. For those following TheOneRing.net's Middle-earth March madness, Thorin is currently losing to Legolas in the semi-final! Aragorn isn't doing very well either. Vote here.


2nd April

1. Richard was interviewed by Geeta Pendse for BBC East Midlands Today on Monday - she posted a picture of herself and Richard on twitter. The interview will air during the evening news at 6.30pm (UK), but they have already posted the interview on their Facebook page.

2. Mariana has emailed me to share her photos of Richard meeting fans after the Empire Awards on Sunday evening - click here to see them. Thanks Mariana.

3. A print interview with Richard has appeared on the Film3Sixty magazine site.


1st April

Richard gave some tips on being an actor in this interview outside the Empire Awards in London on Sunday (scroll down for the video). Richard appears at 1m and 1m 47s.


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