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Sir Guy of Gisborne is no more. Villainy personified, anti-hero searching for redemption, misguided, dangerous, selfish, humiliated or wronged...however long you have followed the antics of Sir Guy and however you think of him, he has played a significant part in Richard's career. Love him or hate him, it'll be difficult to forget him. Nor can we forget the hair, the costumes, the strange and bizarre mustard scarf of ick in s1, the heroic fighting skills that improved the moment he left the dark side, the double act with Vasey, the temptation of Marian, the boost in sales of miniature dolls and super-posable horses, the pictures, the fanfic, and finally...the untimely but noble death *sob*. (Damn you Vasey).


He's also the reason that many of Richard's fans, ourselves included, became friends. What do you think of Guy and how will you remember him? Let us know here.


RIP Guy, we'll miss you.



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  • Avril

    Well... Sir Guy :evil: ... intersting roll for any actor... i think mr Armitage has done it well... it was important for his carrer.. so ,Sir Guy thank you for every part of the story... ;)

  • catherine  - beau richard

    j'ai decouvert richard ds nord sud
    puis acheter robin des bois les trois series d'un coup
    je les regardent en boucleet richard ds la 3 saison est magnifique costume cheveux et regard sublime je suis renversee
    bonne suite a ta carriere

    I discovered Richard in North and South
    then I bought the 3 series of "Robin Hood" immediately
    I watch them all the time and Richard is gorgeous/magnificent in series 3

    his costume, his hair, his gaze/glance are sublime, I am bowled over

    I wish you good luck for your career

  • Kay.b.

    Guy is amazing i think. From the second I saw the chacter I knew he woulg be my favrite and he is my favrite all time favrite charcter. Guy was how I found out about Richard Armintage witch is now my all time favrit actor. I rember watching when he died and I was so brocken. So Im glade this is honaring him.

  • Carole Wallis

    I found Guy on a Sat night in May of this year, when our PBS station played Robin Hood. It was halfway through season 1, and easy to pick up. But, after seeing Guy Of Gisborne, in black leather, on a black horse, that voice-OMG so sexy :evil: - I had to watch!! I was hooked Big Time, and thanks to YouTube, caught up with the series quickly. I have since watched several times. The audio books Richard reads are very well done too - if you haven't already, take the time to listen!! I loved Guy, and still do, thanks to RA. Here in Canada we don't get a lot of RA, but it's been fun finding him!! I am a fan forever. :P

  • neleh  - MY GUY

    I first met RA in Spooks and liked him a lot. I missed Robin Hood When it was first aired in Australia, but luckily it is now playing 5 nights per week on UK tv. I absolutely love Guy and my mild attraction to RA has now turned in to a full blown addiction. I love the GUY!!!!! :kiss: :kiss:

  • junglejane_58  - Just watched all of Robin Hood..

    Being a night worker i miss alot of tv shows. Daughter put me on to watching some British shows. Well Robin Hood is/ was awesome.. too bad it had to end. And thats when I met Sir Guy.. now I've been researching Richard and plan to try and watch all his shows/movies.
    He's got such talent; and well a great body too but its those eyes and voice, so sexy.

  • Natasha

    Just finished watching the BBC Robin Hood series. I'm a late starter over here in Canada. Fantastic series!!! Richard Armitage on a horse with a sword in hand. Nothing better than that. Lucky Marion :) Well I may not have Richard Armitage but I have a couple horses to ride over the country side. A great start. Farewell Guy farewell

  • stephanie goodwin

    my black knight gisborne how i love u how sexy can a villain be amazing you rocked the black leather and the jet black hair and those sparkling blue eyes it broke my heart when u died i cried for weeks richard armitage u were amazing thank u and u have millions of fan girlz out there who truly love u as i do rest in peace my handsome knight in shining black leather oh and isabella how cud u kill your own brother hes too gorgous to die!!!!and u vaisey!!!! :angry: :angry:

  • Lady Anne  - Missing Sir Guy in so many ways

    This was written about 650 years too late for Sir Guy, but I mourn his passing thus:

    So, we'll go no more a-roving
    So late into the night,
    Though the heart be still as loving,
    And the moon be still as bright.

    For the sword outwears its sheath,
    And the soul wears out the breast,
    And the heart must pause to breathe,
    And love itself have rest.

    Though the night was made for loving,
    And the day returns too soon,
    Yet we'll go no more a-roving
    By the light of the moon.

    --- Byron

  • mariana

    Guy is a magnificent character, due to Richard's oustanding performace. He is unforgettable.
    I love Guy of Gisborne.

  • Jeannie Gisborne  - Guy

    I absolutely adore Guy, good, bad or anyway he is. Richard's potrayal of Guy of Gisborne is the best I've seen. I've written several fanfics with Guy as the amle 'hero' :) I have also made a few slide slow vids on my YT channel. Guy will live on as far as I'm concerned.

  • Sasha  - We'll miss You !

    Guy of Gisborne was his best role ever !

    I completely fell in love ith the character ( and actor of course ) :D

    The best character of the serie , he was just amazing .
    Still quite evil and bad , but wasn't a pure sadist , completely heartless as the Sheriff ( i loved his sense of humour though :P )
    Of course no one dressed in a black leather outfit , skilled with a sword in his hand , dark long haired and cold blue eyed can be Mr good guy , he was like walking on the edge of good and evil . Armitage portayed perfectly the character , Bravo !! :side:

    Cried so much in the last episode , curse you Vesey and Isabella ! :angry:

  • kirti

    i love this character of guy!!

  • Lucy

    We are Robin Hood!

  • weaselle

    Now, how did you get 1156? Just wondering....

    Hurray for this tribute page to Guy. He has touched my heart as no TV character has before or since. I'm sure I will love him forever.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this awesome site, Ali and Hedgey. :)

    1156 was our little bit of fun, assuming that Guy is the same age as Richard when Richard filmed the series.
    Thanks weaselle :)

  • weaselle

    Ha! That rocks! As far as I'm concerned, he was born in 1156. ;)

  • Madeleine (Marian's Made Up Si

    Guy touched our hearts and made us fall in love, who knew that a villian could be so damn sexy :evil: ??? I love Sir Guy of G because his passion for a woman, that he knew there would be almost no chance. This is a tribute to an amazingly sexy guy, but is also to all the girls whose hearts were ripped out by the death of a hot villain turned good.

    :kiss: I LOVE YOU RICHARD!!!!!!!! :P

  • Ela Socha  - opinia

    Dear Richard I'm happy that I can see you in so many different roles. Lord John Thornton conquered my heart, and from Sir Guy, I cannot take my eyes, John Porter gives me courage in overcoming everyday problems. I have hope that the Hobbit will certainly raise my imagination. I thank God for your talent. Regards from the Polish town reminiscent of Milton. Ela Socha

  • Troy Andrew  - favorite character

    I'm an American guy who watched Robin Hood season 2 on BBC America, and I have to say Richard Armitage played Guy of Gisbourne very well. Guy is my favorite character from the Robin Hood legend.

  • Bethany Molloy  - I Love watching Richard Armitage

    The first time I watch Richard was when Robin Hood was on. I must admit I like him a little, Until this is a bit sad but we where watching North and South in History at school and finally realised why I love him sooo much because he is an amazing actor.I sobbed so much when Guy of gisborne died(stupid Isabella and sheiff vasey). After that finished I heard about him being in spooks and the new SKY series Chris Ryan Strike back.I love his work and i can't wait til Captain America comes out.

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