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In celebration of Richard Armitage's birthday on 22nd August we'd like to hear your thoughts about RA's acting and the roles he has played so far.

Perhaps a difficult question to ask, but can you think of a single defining moment when you think of RA's work? Is there a moment that made you sit up straight and re-watch again and again? Did you seek out the rest of his work immediately as a result of that moment? Did you suddenly find yourself reaching for the internet to talk to other like-minded souls? Did the character he was playing strike a chord in a way that few have done before? Was there something about his acting that struck a chord and left a memorable impression on you?

This may not necessarily be related to your favourite RA character, but a significant scene or role that sparked your interest in his acting. If you cannot narrow it down to a particular character, scene or single moment but would like to comment on his work as a whole, or perhaps his style of acting, then feel free to do so.

Whatever your thoughts are, we would love to hear about them and would like to record it here as a fitting tribute to his talent as he reaches the remarkably young age of 38. (This from an admin who is only 2 months older than him and on behalf of another who remembers that age fondly *ducks from flying missile*).

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  • Ingrid  - Happy Birthday!

    Dear Richard:

    Happy Birthday!!, One more year is gone, and one more begins ^^

    Well, I just want to say, that I hope that you have fun in your day, with the people that you love and be very happy. ... you're a kind person.. you deserve it... and thank you so much for all that you give us with your work, that in many times made my day when I'm down.

    I wish you success with every future project and I give you all my support as always.

    receive a lots of hugs and a Happy Birthday again!

    From Chile with love,



  • nadine

    The first time I saw Richard was in North and South.he was awsome.I look forward to discovering more of his intriguing characters although I imagine that John Thornton will always be my favorite
    happy birthday to you and the best wishes to you from algeria.

  • Cristina

    Happi Birthday to you Richard.. all the best in your life.. xoxoxo Cristina brazil!

  • Cristina  - Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to you Richard, I hope you have all good wishes in your life always,, I love your job.. don´t forget have many fans here in Brazil

    Come here some day.. you will love

    xoxoxox.. Cristina Brazil!!!! :kiss:

  • Susie

    Happy Birthday and greeting from Germany.

  • Cheryl

    I am an English teacher and, naturally, love to watch good theater and excellent British drama. This summer I decided to watch the three Gaskell films that I had given my mother for Christmas. North and South so astonished and paralyzed me that I have as yet been unable to move on to the third film in the series. I have watched the beautiful ending over and over, and I think I've watched the entire film at least five times. Each viewing rewards me with a deeper understanding of the remarkable characters, especially yours.

    I have seen many excellent actors in my life both in live theater and in film, but I do not recall being so overwhelmed by any other performance as I have been with yours. Your portrayal of John Thornton is astonishing in your use of slight facial movements and vocal changes that present this complex character to the audience in such a way that we are intrigued and want to discover more about him. I am especially impressed with your ability to show tenderness and sensitivity with only slight variations in your eyes and mouth. Your quality of acting is truly memorable to watch.

    I look forward to discovering more of your intriguing characters although I imagine that John Thornton will always be my favorite. :)

    Happy Birthday and may you have a wonderful year of continued success.

  • Luciana Viter  - Luciana Viter

    Happy Birthday from Brazil, have
    a great day! Expecting to see you
    on the screens

  • Carolina  - Happy Birthday, Richard!

    The first time I saw Richard was in North and South. He looked gorgeous! A group of Brazilian girls started to look for information about him and created a fan site, as well as a community in orkut about him.
    Every year since then we celebrate his birthday through computer, when we chat at the same time.

    Richard, we, brazilian fans, wish every happiness in the world! Success!

  • sarah  - Happy Birthday :)

    Happy Birthday Richard!

    The picture of the day on 20 August was the RA "defining moment" for me.... that was the first ever clip I saw of John Thornton as portrayed by Richard and was convinced without a doubt of man completely and utterly in love...
    The magic of that moment leaped at me and I had to see North and South from beginning to end in one sitting. And that was only the beginning... I keep being surprised, amazed and impressed with each new character I see him inhabit.

    Wishing you all the success with each new character you discover and bring to life, Richard.

    On this day, your birthday, have the best one ever...

    With Love,

  • Calliope  - Happy Birthday, wonderful man!

    I would like to call it fate that I came across Richard, because I'm from Germany and the chances were that I would never know about him. But one day last September I was channel-hopping and landed on Danish TV which happened to show Robin Hood. I stayed tuned, to find out what it was all about and suddenly heard the most beautiful voice...

    Sir Guy had stepped into my life! And for me he will forever be that one special character. It was the episode "Get Carter!" and minutes after I came back to my senses, I witnessed one of the best Guy/Marian scenes of the whole series, which made me to one of their shippers instantly. I waited for the credits, but they were so fast that I couldn't read his name and had to wait a whole week before the next episode aired and I could try again (yes, I had no internet to that time).

    I devoured the next four episodes and was heart-broken after I found out that the end of series two was reached... and because what happened at the end of series two of course.

    But I had a name now and my internet access was restored, so I started to find out everything I could about Richard Armitage. This way I came across John Thornton, who stole my heart anew, Harry Kennedy, who cast a great big smile on my face and Lucas North, who made a really intense impression on me, and my admiration grew with each of them. It took me only a few months longer to become a part of the fan community and here I found so many great people, so much fun and inspiration that I not only gained friendships but also started to write fanfiction.

    So, thank you, Richard! I met you in a dark time of my life, but your work, the fabulous characters you brought to life, were somehow able to help me through. I will never forget that.

    I wish you a wonderful and happy day and hope you can enjoy it to the full!

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

  • Maryp  - Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Richard and thank you for the years of enjoyment you have given me, watching you on screen as John Thornton, Guy, John Standring, Lucas Short and many others.

    May you continue enjoy years of success on stage and screen.

    Maryp x

  • Mercedes

    Many happy returns to a beautiful and wonderful man. God bless. xxxx :kiss:

  • Lakey xox  - Happy Birthay Rich!

    Happy Birthday Richard, have a great day! :)
    Love Emily
    A HUGE fan! (L)

  • emilie dam.

    happy birthday, honey. i mish you a great day. i love you with all my heart(:

  • Ophelia  - Happy Birthday Richard XXXX

    The first time I saw Richard was when I was channel hoping one Sunday night and came upon this captivating pair of eyes. It was North and South and from that moment I was hooked. The final scene at the station was just so full of emotion and the parting in the snow" Look back, look back at me" just made me cry, fabulous! Richard is able to convey so much in a look and can make you really believe in the character, the mark of a truly great actor.
    Apart from Guy, what is there to say but a joy to watch and try to understand, his character in Sparkhouse also stands out, very understated, you can feel the pain of his shyness and I just want to give him a huge hug!
    Am listening to his reading of Sylvester at the moment,really enjoying his vocal talents!
    Many, many thanks Richard and have a brilliant day XXXXXXXXXX :kiss:

  • Tanya  - Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday.

    Looking forward to new Spooks. It's an excellent show. Cast changes are sometimes hard but you have done a fantastic job. Can't wait to see what Lucas gets in to this series.


    P.S. My household is still grieving for Guy! One of our most favourite TV baddies.

  • Vicki  - Happy Birthday

    The first thing I ever saw Richard in (and thought even then that his one scene was the best thing in the film) was This Year's Love, which my friend dragged me to the cinema to watch with her. I waited until the end of the credits to find out the actor's name who played 'smug man at party' :D.

    But it wasn't until I saw the credits at the end of Sparkhouse - having fallen totally in love with John Standring and knowing that I had seen the actor in something before - that I realised he was one and the same :lol: .

    Since then I have watched, listened to and bought everything of Richard's that I can find - only Malice Aforthought remains unwatched so far, though not through lack of trying :lol: and each time I fall in love with the characters, whether they be good bad or a complex mixture of both.

    Only RA could make me drool over an orange jumpsuit and blue farm overalls and love a flirty girty, a drug dealer, and cry horrendously when a henchman is killed. Richard you are a genius!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and hope that the forthcoming year brings you all that you hope for.

    I cannot wait for Spooks 8, Charlie and Strike Back :D

  • Marta  - Fãs do Brasil!!

    :lol: Aqui no Brasil amamos o Richard temos comunidades e blogs em homenagem a ele, desejo um lindo e maravilhoso e feliz aniversário!! nós do Brasil te amamos!!!

  • Jude Prendergast  - Happy Birthday Richard

    Just a HUGE thank you Richard for always making my day. I hope you have a fab birthday x ;) x

  • faye  - Wicked

    Richard brought something to North and South that wasn't in the book - a whiff of Mephistopheles, a hint of danger. Unsettling and completely riveting.

    Ditto for Guy (with knobs on) and John Mulligan (so subtly done).

    Happy birthday Richard - it's a pleasure to watch your career unfold.

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