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This is original artwork, both traditional paper and pen, within photoshop or digital manips. Artwork is not to be reproduced anywhere without explicit permission.

Sorry no new submissions can be taken at this time - this is an archive page for reference. Please follow the links below for each artist's deviantart page or another site where you can find more of their artwork.

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Artwork by 1_618

Link to 1_618's gallery on deviantart


Lucas North WIP

Sketched in pencil. Inked in OC 4.03 using Intious 3 Wacom tablet.



Artwork by Adelbert


Richard Armitage

pencil drawing (Oct 2011)



Artwork by akindamagic2001


HB pencil on plain paper


Artwork by Alejandra


Richard Armitage and Thorin

Pencil drawing


Guy of Gisborne

pencil drawing



Artwork by Alice and AmandaJane


Poem by Alice

Artwork by AmandaJane


Poem by Alice

Artwork by AmandaJane



Poetry by Alice


My hand tentatively, like a feather,
Reached out, touched soft black leather.
This was madness, playing with fire.
Yet all I could feel was a longing desire.

A voice whispered seductively,
"You know how much you want me.
Don’t be afraid, come feel, come near,
Come closer to me, my dear.”

I felt the shape, the softness, the curve.
My heart beat fast, could this be lurve.
I thought of the delight that could be mine.
If I backed away, I’d forever repine.

Laces were waiting to be untied,
My fingers itched to probe inside.
My pulses racing, my mind in a tizzy,
I thought I’d swoon, was feeling dizzy.

My heart said *YES*, how could I refuse.
Sisters dear, I bought *THOSE SHOES*!



What a golden treasure
In a magical voice box.
Giving joys beyond measure,
Hours and hours of pleasure.
Many textured, layered,
Sublime, divine.
It washes over us
Like warm chocolate.
A richly woven tapestry
Of sound assails our ears,
With cadences,
In an amber stream,
Like honey over gravel.
This voice is dynamite
Listen with care.
Those deep rich tones
Entice and ensnare.
From soft seductive whisper
To loud and awesome roar.
Listen once and you're hooked.
Trapped in a silken web.
A life sentence.
In thrall to those velvet tones.



Inspired by episode 4 of Spooks series 7.

October 2009


Oh how I've missed you,
How I long to kiss you.
Not a peck on the cheek,
It is your lips I seek.

Too long we have been parted,
I was left broken hearted.
Oh my Elizabeta,
Never a word, not a letter.

Long years in a prison cell,
It's been a living hell.
I was left thin and gaunt,
Your face my dreams did haunt.

In all those dark years I never
Stopped loving you, ever,
I remembered the happy days,
Before the parting of our ways.

My freedom now I've gained,
Our paths have crossed again.
Now we have another chance,
Don't walk away without a glance.

I gaze down into your sweet face,
You still can make my pulses race.
Oh Elizabeta, hear my plea.
Don't leave, come home with me.



December 2009

It was Christmas Eve afternoon
When Santa called on Little Guy.
"I need some extra help tonight.
With the reindeers we will fly
All around the countryside.
Through the dark and starry sky
Delivering presents we will go.
Be ready, when moon is riding high."
What an exciting adventure -
Little Guy thought this a great idea.
He would love to drive the sleigh
In charge of a team of reindeer.
He put on his best black leathers,
A sprig of mistletoe in the lapel.
Who knew, he might get lucky
To be prepared was just as well.
The reindeer were a restless bunch
Full of lip and back chat.
They watched LG take the reins
And said "hope he knows what he's at".
Their leader was called Rudolph
He had a bright red shiny nose.
Eager to be off, he tossed his
Head and stamped his toes.
Santa said we've a busy night ahead
Lots to do - I've made a list.
We'll be left sherry and wine
Don't drink much, can't get ******
With so many homes to visit
Satnav had been fitted to sleigh
To guide them on their journey,
They couldn't lose their way.
At great speed they flew down chimneys
Little Guy's leathers were getting sooty.
And what is more he carried the sack
Which was heavy and hurting his back.
Little Guy had worn his fur lined cape
He was well wrapped up against the cold.
He pretended reindeer were war horses
And he was a knight true and bold.
Finally as dawn's early light
Was streaking across the sky
Tired and exhausted reindeer
Home came with Santa and Little Guy.
Emptied the sack and piled presents
High around the twinkling tree.
Something for everyone
To open excitedly.
Just one parcel was remaining
Shaped suspiciously like a sword,
Beautifully wrapped in silver foil.
"It's really more than I can afford,
But it is for you LG," said Santa,
"I couldn't have managed alone".
LG blinked back a tear, looked
Round, but Santa had gone.



Art by Anne


Guy of Gisborne

pencil drawing

May 2009


John Thornton

pencil drawing

May 2009


Artwork by Darkangel66a

Link to Darkangel66a's gallery on deviantart


Lucas North

pencil drawing



Art by DarkJackal32

Link to DarkJackal32's gallery on deviantart


Thorin Oakenshield

pencil drawing

November 2011



Art by Fingerpaints


Sir Guy of Gisborne

charcoal and pencil drawing

June 09


Sir Guy of Gisborne

charcoal and pencil drawing

June 09



Art by Françoise

 th Guy7 francoise

Sir Guy of Gisborne


April 2012



Art by GizTheGunslinger

Link to GizTheGunslinger's gallery on deviantart


Ros Myers and Lucas North

pencil drawing

January 2012



Art by gisbornesboy


Richard Armitage Drawing

Pencil drawing


Cartoon Guy

from 'Fairytales of the Hood'
Hand drawn and coloured in Photoshop

August 2009


Sir Guy of Gisborne

Sketched by hand and coloured in photoshop

September 09


Art by Heathra


Photoshop manip to remove text from the picture that appeared in TV & Satellite Week 27 April 2010.

(you can read the full article on the
Strike Back Reviews page).


Photoshop manip to remove text from the cover of TV & Satellite Week 27 April 2010.

(you can read the full article on the
Strike Back Reviews page).
th_RAbyHeathra Drawn and painted freehand in Photoshop



Art by Hedgeypig


Thorin Oakenshield

Pencil drawing

December 2011


Richard as Thorin Oakenshield

Pencil drawing


The Moustache of Evil

The Moustache of Evil, inspired by a scene in Marie Lloyd in which Richard appears sporting a truly hideous moustache. In a fit of madness I sent this to the man himself in the summer of 2007. Did I get a reply you wonder. I most certainly did. I have the original pic with some words from the man on the back. Cheers Richard

Created in PS CS2. I found an image of a Harry Potter cover and then modified it.



Made for a scene from a fic by Alicat. A young Guy of Gisborne on the battlements. Pen and ink which was scanned in and tidied up in photoshop.

Guy, Ed and Nightshade

Made for a bit of dodgy fic I wrote which involved Guy of Gisborne and a stable lass called Ed. Nearly choked when the stable girl appeared in Season two episode ten.

Again pen and ink, scanned into photoshop


Hand drawn s3 Guy pic. Scanned as is into photoshop. No retouching.

June 2009



Artwork by Janice and friend

A poem and illustrations, printed in book form and autographed by Richard Armitage - click here to view



Art by Jessica


Sir Guy of Gisborne

graphite drawing

May 2009



Art by Jessica F


John Thornton

pencil drawing


John Thornton

pencil drawing


Guy of Gisborne

pencil drawing

The musky air fills the room,
Childrens hands on broom,
The strange and loud buzzing sounds,
White cotton ashes fall to the ground.

The creek of the floorboards under mens feet,
The poverty out on the street,
Workers say master with respect,
Another days work on which to reflect.

The rattle and rumble of the machines,
The hard earned money for lost dreams,
Although the wages may displease some,
Its another day finished, a shift well done.

'The Cotton Mill'

by Jessica Friars



Art by Joane

Link to Joane's gallery on deviantart

th Gisborne15-Joane

Guy of Gisborne

watercolour portrait

September 2012

th RA-SDCC-Joane

Richard Armitage

for his 41st birthday

pencil drawing

22 August 2012


Art by Jojemo

Link to Jojemo's gallery on

th RA-Jojemo

Richard Armitage

pencil drawing

February 2012


Art by Julia W


Lucas North

pencil drawing

September 2011


Art by Kaisa

 th LucasNorth-Kaisa

Lucas North

pencil drawing

October 2012

Art by Karima

 th guy of gisborne 1 karima

Guy of Gisborne

photo manipulation

May 2012

 th guy of gisborne 2 karima

Guy of Gisborne

photo manipulation

May 2012

 th guy of gisborne 3 karima

Guy of Gisborne

photo manipulation

May 2012

th guy of gisborne karima

Guy of Gisborne

photo manipulation

February 2012

Art by Lady Prisca

Link to Lady Prisca's gallery on deviantart

th Richard2-LadyPrisca

Richard Armitage

marker pen

September 2012

th Guy3-ladyprisca

Guy of Gisborne

pencil drawing

May 2012


Dr Alec Track

pencil drawing

January 2012


Richard Armitage

pencil drawing

June 2011

Guy of Gisborne

pencil drawing

May 2011



Art by Lady_T_220


John Porter

White pencil on black paper

11 x 14 cm


Sir Guy of Gisborne

pencil drawing


Sir Guy of Gisborne

an illustration for a story

White pencil on black cartridge paper


Guy and Marian

pencil drawing inspired by s2 ep5

September 2009


Art by Linda


Richard Armitage

pencil drawing

October 2011



Art by Maddarilke


Richard Armitage as King Richard III

Drawn in pencil, washed with matte medium, then painted over with oil paints.


The Gisborne Siblings

An interpretation of how the Gisborne siblings might look in series 3.

January 2009


AU Guy and Marian

After the series 2 ending, if Marian hadn't died.


Henry & Lucy

Artwork inspired by fanfic



































Art by Madnad

Richard Armitage Portrait

Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS3



Art by ManderFFA

Link to ManderFFA's gallery on deviantart


Richard Armitage at the Hood Academy

Pencil drawing



Art by mybeckett

Link to mybeckett's gallery on deviantart


Marian and Guy

digital drawing



Art by Obiskus

Link to Obiskus' gallery on deviantart


Lucas North

pencil drawing



Art by Olde-Fashioned

Link to Olde-Fashioned's gallery on deviantart


North and South 'Train Station Kiss'

pencil & charcoal



Art by Rinter

Link to Rinter's gallery on deviantart


Sir Guy of Gisborne

based on this picture

Corel Painter, using inks (round tip pen)

added Dec 2010




Art by Sammy


Guy of Gisborne and Allan a-Dale



Art by Sarah Hurn


Fictional character based on Sir Guy

pencil sketch

June 2009


Art by Shahin

Link to Shahin's gallery on


Richard Armitage

created digitally in Corel Painter using oil brushes

including step-by-step illustrations

May 2011


Guy of Gisborne

created digitally in Corel Painter using oil brushes

May 2011



Art by Silverwing24

Link to Silverwing's gallery on deviantart 



drawn freehand in Photoshop

added Dec 2010



Art by Teena

Link to Teena's gallery on deviantart

th RArmitage-Teena

Richard Armitage

painting in Photoshop

June 2012



Art by Trina


North and South pencil drawings

John and Margaret

Comments (46)
  • richard brown  - Art inquiry

    My name is Richard Brown from SC. I actually observed my wife has been viewing your website on my laptop and i guess she likes your piece of work, I'm also impressed and amazed to have seen your various works too, : ) You are doing a great job. I would like to receive further information about your piece of work and what inspires you.

    I would like to purchase one of yours as a surprise to my wife on our anniversary. Also, i Will appreciate if you can give me the price quotes of any available works of yours ready for immediate sale.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Richard brown.

    None of this artwork is for sale via this site. The images have been donated to the site by the Richard Armitage fans who created it. If you wish to buy any Richard Armitage DVDs or Audiobooks please visit the Amazon links on the home page.
    Best wishes

  • Sunyoung  - these are so great.

    Wow. I'm astonoshed by these portraits.
    Especially by Silverwing24 and by Shahin.
    because the pictures give me the same feelings
    as his real picture.
    I'm grateful to all your great masterpieces. :kiss:

  • kay.b.  - wow

    I must give them a pat on the back. I tired drawing RA in art he looked like some weird John Barrowman puppet guy. Thoose looked like RA

  • weaselle

    So much lovely artwork here to enjoy. I have to comment on the new silhouette cut out by Kathryn, and also the amazing photo manips by Karima. Those are the most thud-worthy pics I've seen in a while. Great work, all!

  • Kathryn  - Silhouette

    Thank you so much weaselle! I made the Silhouette in the traditional way that silhouettes were created beginning in the 1700's, by using just scissors and paper. I took a still photo of Richard as Mr. Thornton, as he walked through the mill at the end of episode 1 of North & South, and worked from that.

    If you have a keen eye, you will catch quite a number of hand cut silhouettes used in the background as decorative props. There is a nice grouping Thornton is standing next to while he is speaking with his Mother, and a lovely full body silhouette in the hallway of the Hale home. :)

  • Anonymous

    wow you ladies are soooo talented. these pictures are fantastic.
    Niki M from Virginia

  • LadyCassia  - Richard as Thorin

    I usually do not comment artworks, because they are all beautiful. I envy people who can draw like this. I'd love to draw myself.

    Anyway, Thorin's portrait by DarkJackal is so breathtaking I had to stop and tell her. It's just that she could make us feel all the sadness, concentration, and - maybe - weariness the actor was experiencing during a long day on set.

    Congratulations! This artwork conveys several emotions.

  • DarkJackal

    Thank you very much for the thoughtful comments! It is good to know the feeling I got when I first looked at that scene has not been lost in the translation to paper.

  • Lady Prisca

    DarkJackal32 , your drawing of Thorin is absolutely gorgeous :cheer:
    I'm very impressed.

  • DarkJackal

    Thank you! It is just all part of my plan to turn us all into Thorin fangirls!

  • cath2all  - artwork

    Oh ladies I wish had a thimble full of the talent you all have...Brilliant and as xtglx and maddarike say..Breathtaking too xx :cheer:

  • Rinette  - nice work

    very nice.. good work :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow!Some fabulous new artwork since last time I looked.

    Loving the details of how your portraits were created, shahin, and will be off to see the rest of work on the named site.

    Love your work Joyce [off to see your other stuff too] and lady T_220 and Joane. Actually, I am in awe of all the wonderful artists who have shown their work here. I don't know how you do it but it is such an amazing talent.

    But if I could only pick one piece, it would have to be Olde-Fashioned's realisation of that wonderfully romantic station kiss. I can't take my eyes away.

    I hope it is OK to snaffle pics, for personal drooling use only?

    Yes you can snaffle for your personal stash certainly. Thanks for your feedback!

  • DozyDog

    Wow - you've posted loads of brilliant work on You're very talented. Thanks for pointing that website out to me as well. I'd not come across that before :-)

  • Joyce Mould

    You are very welcome, DozyDog. Glad you have found it. There are lots of talented artists on the S-P website. Since I joined up, I have learned a lot by observing the work of others. I would not have known about that website either, had it not been for a British artist friend telling me about it. I met Helen (Helenadiva) on Il Divo's Art Thread, a forum link listed beneath Entertainment and Creativity where those of us who are fans of the Il Divo men, and like to draw, post some of our work.

  • DozyDog  - Great pencil drawings Joyce M!

    Wow, these are really great. Love the colour pencil drawings - It's been ages since I've tried a portrait and I've not plucked up the courage yet to do anything with colour pencil (treated myself to a really nice set of Faber Castell pencils last year) but these are really inspiring. I'd love to see more of your work B)

  • Joyce Mould

    Thank you for the lovely compliment on my artwork, DozyDog.

    My husband bought me a set of 120 Sanford Prismacolor colored pencils for a birthday present two years ago. I was delighted with this gift, but at the same time I felt overwhelmed. Just knowing I had those colored pencils intimidated me, and for more than a month they remained in a drawer of my work cabinet before I got them out, sharpened them, and started to use them.


  • Anonymous

    Well, you should definitely use them more often Joyce. And I would recommend opening an account on DeviantArt to post some of your work - I think you'd get some very nice feedback there :-)

  • Joyce Mould

    Thank you for the suggestion, but I already have an account on DeviantArt. It is under the name of "Jojemo." I am not very active on that website, though. Most of my activity is on Again, my gallery is under the name of 'Jojemo.'

  • DozyDog  - Great Stuff

    Great artwork! Especially like Lady_T_220's pencil drawings - very inspiring. Do you have a DeviantArt page at all?

    Reply from Ali: Lady_T_220 doesn't have a DeviantArt page, but she's told me that she has a flickr account for her sketches, as follows:

  • Anonymous  - Lady-T-220's artwork

    Thanks for posting the link to Lady_T_220's Flickr page Ali. I just had a quick browse. She's posted some awesome work. Definitely one to follow :-)

  • Kathllen Evans  - Unbelievable

    Thanks so much for posting these. There is such incredible talent expressed here that it is truly unbelievable. Well done all around :)

  • katja

    uuaww so impressed by the drawings :P, just perfect and the poems made my day.
    Well done :P
    feels so good that I am not the only one inspirated by his performance in North&South.

    fell in love with the book, too :kiss:

  • anthea

    Well I think all the pictures are brilliant. I can draw a little but not as good as everyone here, I wish I had their talent. Well done guys.

  • Andypopcorn

    where can i send my drawings?

    Reply from Ali: sure, send me an email

  • Anonymous

    I love Hedgey's Thorin :cheer:

  • DarkJackal  - RA as Thorin

    @ Hedgeypig. Love this!

  • Marian Knighton Gisborne

    I love Lady_T_220's art with Marian and Guy it rocks! Good job everyone!
    :cheer: :) :cheer: :)

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