Happy 40th Birthday Richard

22nd August 2011

It's been another busy and successful year for Richard Armitage.

From August 2010 to the present day, Richard has...

Appeared as Lucas North (and John Bateman!) in
Spooks series 9

September - October 2010


Filmed scenes for Captain America


September & October 2010


Performed at The Old Vic 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala

21 Nov 2010


Filmed some scenes for the second series of Strike Back

Trailers first shown May 2011


Started filming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Other sightings:

Hobbit Press Conference (Feb 2011)


Fundraising cricket match (Mar 2011)


Pre-production video from Peter Jackson (April 2011)


Funny telethon vid with the dwarves (21 May 2011)


Second production video from Peter Jackson (July 2011)

First picture of Thorin
(17 July 2011)
Hobbit-PreProduction12 th_RA-telethon-01



Third production video
(21 July 2011)


Appeared in Project magazine, an iPad only magazine

(15 July 2011)

Appeared at the Hollywood premiere of Captain America and the NYC screening the next day CAPremiere-03

Print Interviews

Interviews page - Recognise magazine (out next month), The Scotsman, The Telegraph, Project magazine (see above), Total Film magazine, 'A Life in the Day' for Sunday Times, 'My First Million' for Financial Times, 'In a Taxi with' in Mail on Sunday, 'I Spy Richard Armitage' in Woman's Weekly, and other shorter print interviews to promote Spooks series 9.

TV and Online interviews

Two Captain America interviews - watch here

MSN TV interview (27 Feb 2011), interview (18 Sept), Clive Anderson Radio 4 (18 Sept), BBC Breakfast Spooks profile (17 Sept), Lorraine interview (17 Sept), Greg James Radio 1 (17 Sept) - all these available on the Spooks downloads page

Voiceover work

More Sky Sports adverts, another Santander ad, Pilsner Urquell advert, Hyundai advert, ActionAid advert, LG Optimus 3D smartphone advert, Surgery School (ITV), Words and Music (Radio 3), Lost Land of the Tiger (BBC), Elsa the Lioness documentary (BBC), HMS Ark Royal (Discovery), 125 Years of Wimbledon (BBC)



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Richard has suggested in the past that gifts could be made to his favoured charities rather than to himself.

If you wish to donate to his four chosen charities on Just Giving, click the links below.

Childline      Barnardos      Salvation Army      Shelter


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Comments (361)
  • Amanda Stevens  - Birthday tribute

    Just wishing you a very happy 40th birthday Richard, and looking forward to seeing you on the big screen next year!

  • Deborah Cunningham  - Happy B'day!

    Happy B'day. Forget it's one of those '0' birthdays. Not celebrating how long you've been here/celebrating that you're here. My philo anyway. I promise you,one day, you will want to kill to be this age!

    Happy B to any of you other August babies!

  • Helen

    With the very best of wishes on this, your 40th birthday. It's all true: life does begin here: you're at your peak and the people that matter actually start taking you SERIOUSLY! Enjoy! (my burgeoning waistline and ever-expanding bat-wing span bear witness to the good times to be had. But let's not go there...)
    I, and I suspect legions of others, hope that your deserved success continues to grow exponentially and that the years of "resting", laying of laminate flooring and proximity to admission of defeat have borne fruit worth the bearing.
    Incidentally, three degrees of separation: I was at school with with one of Julian Rhind-Tutt's sisters; why, we're practically related!

  • Henriette  - Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday!!!! May you be beered and cheered today or wined and dined if you prefer
    Abu Dhabi

  • Yoanna

    Happy Birthday! All the best from Poland.

  • UK Expat  - What a decade!

    What a difference a decade can make!

    Happy 40th and welcome to the next, even more exciting one. Stay grounded and enjoy the quiet moments.

    Your commitment to your craft brings a great deal of joy to a lot of people.

  • Paula  - Happy 40th Birthday Richard

    Happy Birthday Richard.

    Wishing you health and much happiness!

    thank you for your incredible kindness and generosity.

    All the best on your birthday and throughout the coming year!

  • Maddy  - For 40th Birthday !

    Happy Birthday, Richard!
    All the best in the world - and I wish to rise your dream and project named "RICHARD III th".
    Have a great 40th year and God Bless you!!!

  • Ulrike

    Dear Richard!

    A very happy birthday to you and all the best to you for the next year. Hope to see a lot more from you and i can´t await to see you in the Hobbit!!

    Stay gold! Best wishes, Ulrike

  • Jennifer  - Happy 40th!

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for putting so much thought into everything you do. I wish you a year of fulfilling work and all-around happiness!


  • Yvonne  - Happy Birthday wishes

    Dearest Richard
    Have a fantastic birthday and remember you can still be naughty at 40. Wishing you all my best wishes and thanks for the entertainment you have given us. Love Y x

  • Kelly  - Happy Birthday Richard!!

    Hello from across the pond!

    Hope your birthday finds you well and enjoying your time in Wellington.

    You must be having the time of your life! What an amazing experience to be part of bringing this book to the big screen. You will be a magnificent Thorin..and will do Tolkien proud!

    Enjoy being 40! Here's what Bilbo had to say on the occasion of his 111th birthday."I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter, scraped over too much bread." :P

    Looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for you!


    With Love,


    P. S. "Never laugh at live dragons"
    — J.R.R. Tolkien ;)

  • Secret C

    Happy birthday Richard. Love the beard thing! xx

  • shinysparks

    All hail the birthday dwarf! :woohoo:

    Dude, you rock. Thank you for being awesome and for inspiring my own creativity with your amazing skills (and, of course, keeping me well entertained for the last few years. :D)

    I hope you have a brilliant and exciting day and I wish you all the best - and cake. Lots of cake. YAY CAKE! :P

    HUGS from the middle of absolute nowhere (a.k.a. Kentucky, USA.)
    - Jaime

  • Evie  - Another candle on the cake

    Many felicitations to you Richard on your birthday, hopefully the vintage champagne is flowing freely in your direction, shared by family and friends . Remember birthdays are natures way of saying we can have more cake and enjoy . I wish you much happiness wonderful memories and good health . Live everyday like a birthday .

    Kind regards


  • Bettina - Cheers on your 40th

    As Oscar Wilde proficiently said, "My experience is that as soon as people are old enough to know better, they don't know anything at all." Here's hoping that you are never too old to know better! Have a brilliant birthday!
    Hugs, Bettina, Santa Cruz,CA :)

  • Monika Moldvay  - Greetings from Hungary

    Dear Richard,
    Many happy returns of the day!
    I wish you a quiet moment or two in the midst of your celebrations, with some good wine and a good book. Knowing that you love music may I suggest you listen to Paul Mealor's Ubi Caritas performed by the Westminster Abbey Choir? The composer is a contemporary genius. I think this 4-minute piece will capture you as it captures me every time I hear it. Let this be my birthday present for you.
    May you constantly feel the guidance and the love of God in your life, and walk on the path that He prepared for you, to find peace and harmony in all your days that are yet to come. May you always find true friends who share your burden and keep you company. May you fulfil your dreams in your career and keep on giving so many precious moments to your audience. I'll inlude you in my prayers,
    With respect and love
    Monika from Budapest
    P.S. Your beautiful diction of the English language helps me polish my language skills, which is crucial in my profession. (I'm an English teacher.) Your audiobooks should be on the curriculum as listening practice material!:)

  • Lynn

    Happy 40th Richard. The last decade has been a great one for you and I think the next will be even bigger. I see fantastic things for you on the horizon.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Mr Armitage hope it's a good day x

  • Anonymous

    Wishing you Health, luck, happiness, BAFTAs and OSCARs :)
    You've got the talent!
    Keep up the good work!
    Happy Birthday!!!

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