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Ultimate Force

series 2

Directed by: Jeremy Webb, Tim Leandro,
Richard Holthouse
Written by: Rob Heyland, Len Collin
Produced by: Ian Strachan

Sept 2002 - May 2006

6 x 1 hour episodes on ITV


  • Sergeant Henno Garvie -

  • Capt. Ian Macalwain - RICHARD ARMITAGE

  • Col. Aidan Dempsey-

  • Cpl. Jamie Dow -
  • Cpl. Pete Twamley -

  • Laura Twamley -


The second series of ITV's SAS drama Ultimate Force comprised six episodes. Richard appeared in five of these, starting with episode 2, playing the unpopular Captain Ian Macalwain. Ultimate Force followed the lives of a group of SAS soldiers known as Red Troop led by Sergeant Henno Garvie (Ross Kemp). Four series were made in total broadcast between 2002 and 2006.


Episode Synopsis

Richard did not appear in episode 1 of series 2.


Episode 2 - Mad Dogs

A new commander Captain Ian Macalwain takes over and immediately antagonises the men by expecting them to salute and call him 'sir'. Dempsey pressures Jamie to uphold the regiment's honour at an official inquiry into the gun battle aboard the Dowager Joan, while Henno is shocked to discover how Caroline really sustained her injuries.


Episode 3 - Wannabe

Far-right terrorists calling themselves the Soldiers of Destiny issue a chilling ultimatum, threatening to plant bombs and kill innocent people indiscriminately unless the government meets their demands.

Episode 4 - The List

An expert safe-cracker is enlisted to help Red Troop steal a list of terrorist targets held in the vault of a security centre accessible only through a labyrinth of sewers and a disused wartime bunker. The mission is hazardous to begin with, but to make matters worse Henno and the team know the SAS will disown them if they are caught.


Episode 5 - What in the name of God

Red Troop are assigned to capture a group of cultists who've shot dead two police officers and taken refuge in a religious commune. The presence of children makes Henno reluctant to launch a frontal assault, so the squad try to enter covertly through an underground culvert, but still encounter unforeseen dangers.


Episode 6 - Dead is Forever

Members of Red Troop drop everything and rush off in typical gung-ho fashion to rescue Colonel Dempsey. Their comrade has been taken hostage while protecting a government minister paying a hush-hush visit to Tbilisi, and the soldiers are unaware they are playing straight into his captor's hands.



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