Written by:

Juliet McKoen and Jayne Steel 

Directed by: Juliet McKoen
Release date:
27 January 2006
Distributor: Guerilla Films
Duration: 110 Minutes




  • Kath Swarbrick -

  • Noyen - ROSHAN SETH

  • Steven Brigden -

  • Elsie - GER RYAN

  • Eddie - RALF LITTLE


  • Vellama - SHIREEN SHAH


Made in 2005, this film was Richard's next project after North and South. Shirley Henderson stars in the film about a woman's desperate search for answers regarding the mysterious disappearance of her older sister Annie.

Two years after her sister goes missing, and after her own failed suicide attempt, Kath meets regularly with her counsellor, the local vicar Royen, who tries to help her come to terms with never finding the answers she seeks. However, Kath refuses to give up her search.




During a chat with the police about the police investigation into her sister's disappearance, Kath steals a video tape of CCTV footage containing Annie's last movements. Assisted with the CCTV video by Steven, Kath visits the spot where Annie was last seen believing she has found a gateway to a place where her sister resides. A portal to another reality in which Annie is offering a clue, or a warning?

Annie's partner and Kath's friends urge her to stop searching, fearful of her sanity and concerned that her grief has caused her to lose her grip on reality.



This clip from the DVD documentary shows Richard speaking about his role as Steven in the 2006 film Frozen. He speaks at the start of the video and then again at 2m33s and 5m11s.


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