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Between the Sheets




Written by: Kay Mellor
Directed by:

Robin Shepperd

Jane Prowse

Broadcast: Monday 17 November 2003, ITV1
Duration: 6 x 1 hour episodes
Produced by: Yvonne Francas
Distributor: ITV



  • Peter Delaney -

  • Hazel Delaney -

  • Alona Cunningham -

  • Paul Andrews -

  • Audrey Delaney -

  • Simon Delaney -

  • Georgia Lovett -

  • Steve Ashby -

This six part drama was written by popular dramatist Kay Mellor and broadcast in November 2003. It dealt frankly with adult sexual behaviour in people from a wide range of social backgrounds, primarily with a private sex therapist, Alona Cunningham and her clients Peter and Hazel Delaney. We see the effect of the counselling on the clients and the effect of the clients on Alona and her family.

Alona lives with her husband Paul (Richard Armitage), a probation officer, and their daughter Fiona and also with her son from a previous marriage. Alona struggles to leave her professional head in the therapy room and not let it affect her private life.

Peter and Hazel Delaney are in their fifties, they have a large house in the suburbs of Leeds. They have been married for over thirty years, but have not had sex for the last six. Peter owns two lap dancing clubs and has had mistresses all his married life. Most of them have meant nothing to him, except thirty year old, ex pole dancer Georgia, who also becomes the focus of attention for his son Simon.



Episode 1

Apparently happily married Hazel and Peter Delaney suddenly split up on the day of their daughter's wedding, and it soon becomes clear the root of their problem lies in a lack of communication and honesty, resulting from a reluctance to talk about sex. Peter is devastated. Hazel knows he’s been playing around with other women, but has put up with it for the children’s sake.

Elsewhere, a woman leaps to the conclusion that her boyfriend must have slept with someone else when he shows little interest in her. 


When Hazel learns that Peter’s seventy year old mother Audrey has embarked on a sexually fulfilling relationship with Maurice, Hazel realises that she doesn’t want to wait that long for her sexual awakening. Hazel originally made the appointment to go and see Alona, the sex therapist, with Peter, but then decides she really doesn’t see the point as her marriage is over as far as she’s concerned. So she decides to go and see Alona on her own, but she’s surprised to learn that Peter has already beaten her to it.


Episode 2

An already suspicious Alona vows to confront Tracy after she arrives at their house and breaks a window, but Tracy soon discovers her version of events differs drastically from Paul's. Peter and Hazel continue to see the sex therapist separately but when they try to do their 'homework' together, things don't go according to plan, and the tension between them is only heightened when son Simon turns up.

Paul finds himself in hot water with one of his clients, Tracy. Tracey is 'in love' with Paul, but when he doesn't return the feelings she accuses him of sexual misconduct. Georgia also has her suspicions about Clive when she suspects that he is pimping out dancers.



Episode 3

Alona confronts Paul about sleeping with Tracy, an allegation he strongly denies, but she isn't convinced and decides to dig deeper. Hazel and Peter try to become more intimate by spending the afternoon in a hotel room, but her suspicious mind only leads to misery. Simon discovers Philippa is pregnant, however, that's only the start of his problems. Clive has a video of him and Georgia having sex and unless they give him £10,000, he's going to send a copy to Peter.

Paul was hoping for support from Alona in dealing with Tracy, but finds that she has doubts when he protests his innocence. In an attempt to get closer with their 'homework', Hazel and Peter try booking into a hotel - but it doesn't go to plan.

Episode 4

Simon and Peter fall out over Georgia, while Hazel finds herself drawn to another man and, rather rashly, ends up kissing him when they are alone in the woods. Alona is aghast to discover that Paul has been accused of indecent assault, and the couple turn to sex therapy in a desperate attempt to save their faltering relationship.

Still suspicious of her partner Paul, Alona and he make a big decision. Phillipa returns to see Simon, but it turns nasty when she tells Simon that she will abort their unborn child. And while Peter's back is turned dealing with his son, Hazel goes looking elsewhere and finds Steve.


Episode 5

Hazel's ecstasy at her sexual awakening proves short-lived as problems at home force her to confront her feelings for Steve, and Simon is devastated after Georgia tells him the real reason they cannot be together. Meanwhile, Paul and Alona try to put the spice back into their relationship, but Tracy's allegations continue to cast a dark shadow over proceedings.

More determined then ever, Tracy shows Alona a necklace which she says Paul gave to her as a present. After finding out that Peter's nightclub is anything but that, Hazel and he argue. But what will Peter think when he finds out what she has done? It's a dark day for Simon when he receives news which he doesn't want to hear.


Episode 6

In the last episode, Simon hits the bottle and Peter takes his frustration out on ornamental herons in the garden as Hazel blithely goes her own way. The offer of a flower shop cuts no ice with the newly liberated woman of the world, and she has to decide whether to stay with her contrite husband or start a new life with Steve. Meanwhile, things seem to be going well for Paul professionally until he decides to talk to Alona.

Alona decides that she must consider her future. Simon hasn't recovered from the devastating news and turns to drink for comfort - arguing with his parents who try to stop him.



The first episode received more than 7 million viewers when it aired in 2003. More info on the Guardian online.




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