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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug



Screenplay by:

Peter Jackson
Fran Walsh
Philippa Boyens

based on the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien

Directed by:

Peter Jackson

Andy Serkis (Second Unit Director)

Release dates:

13 December 2013 (UK & US)

International release dates on IMDB


Warner Bros, MGM,
New Line Cinema, 3Foot7 Ltd


    • Bilbo Baggins -
    • Thorin Oakenshield -
    • Gandalf -
    • Kili - AIDAN TURNER
    • Fili - DEAN O'GORMAN
    • Balin - KEN STOTT
    • Dwalin - GRAHAM MCTAVISH
    • Bombur - STEPHEN HUNTER
    • Bofur - JAMES NESBITT
    • Dori - MARK HADLOW
    • Nori - JED BROPHY
    • Ori - ADAM BROWN
    • Oin - JOHN CALLEN
    • Thranduil- LEE PACE
    • Legolas - ORLANDO BLOOM
    • Tauriel - EVANGELINE LILLY


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      Latest News

      For clips, interviews and articles covering the 2013 Hobbit Promotion and Premieres, click here.

      The Hobbit Fan Event - 4 November 2013

      On 25th October Peter Jackson announced an exciting live event which will take place on Monday 4th November at 2.00PT/5.00ET (US) or 10.00pm in the UK. For full details released so far about the event click here.

      How to watch the Hobbit fan event via live streaming: the official announcement states that the Hobbit YouTube page is the place to watch the Q&A and exclusive footage, and there is more information on's site.



      02 Nov 2013

      Warner Bros UK have just posted a new video on YouTube, in which Richard announces that tickets for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug are now available (this is true for the UK but not all countries). Click here to find tickets at your preferred cinema.


      01 Nov 2013

      1. Fmovie magazine spoke to Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom and Lee Pace in New York earlier this year and their November 2013 issue has plenty of pages covering those interviews, with pictures and a report from the NY press event. Click the thumbnails below to read all the pages that contain quotes from Richard. As with Empire magazine yesterday, I've added the pictures to the Hobbit Stills gallery.

      th Fmovie-Nov2013-1   th Fmovie-Nov2013-2  

      th Fmovie-Nov2013-3   th Fmovie-Nov2013-4

      2. New poster showing Thorin, Fili and Kili added to the Hobbit Stills gallery. Click 'original image' to see full size.



      31 Oct 2013

      Empire magazine's December 2013 issue contains a set report from New Zealand, an interview with Richard and a few new photographs. I've scanned in all parts of the interview that contain Richard including quotes from him in the article - click the thumbnails below to enlarge. Pictures from the magazine have been scanned in and are at the end of the Hobbit Stills gallery. There are now 137 images in this gallery - press F5 if you cannot see all the images, and click on 'original image' to see the full size of an image in the gallery.

      th EmpireDec2013-cover  th EmpireDec2013-1  th EmpireDec2013-2  th EmpireDec2013-3



      28 Oct 2013

      1. The Italian movie magazine Best Movie has a multi-page article on The Desolation of Smaug including a short interview with Richard. See the full article here on flickr. The interview scan with Richard is below - click to enlarge - and click here for an English translation. With thanks to Cristina.

      th BestMovieMag-Nov2013



      26 Oct 2013

      Ingrid has now provided us with higher resolution images from the German Desolation of Smaug calendar. There are eight new images starting with this one and she has also sent an image of a new bookmark featuring Thorin Oakenshield. Click 'original image' to see the full size of these images. Thanks Ingrid!



      23 Oct 2013

      iTunes release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition

      I checked a few different regional stores and it appears to be available in the UK, US, Canada and Australia, but not in France or Netherlands so perhaps it hasn't yet reached Europe apart from the UK. Obviously I didn't check all countries so please check yours for availability.






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