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This is an unofficial website dedicated to the work of the British actor Richard Armitage, star of The Crucible (at the Old Vic), The Hobbit, NBC's Hannibal, Into the Storm, Captain America: The First Avenger, Spooks, Strike Back, Robin Hood and the BBC's North and South. I hope you will find the most up-to-date news about Richard's career, interviews, pictures, multimedia, information about filming locations and much more. All content is listed in the menu on the left.

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Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks series 7 episode 3 ~ gallery

Messages from Richard to his fans 2004-present day are here

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Comments (1019)
  • Lucia  - Happy New Year

    Dear Ali, may all your wishes come true in the coming year.
    Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us abreast of Richard's projects. We truly can't do without the best site in the world!

    That's very kind, thank you Lucia. Happy New Year to you!
    Ali x

  • Pauline  - Christmas

    Hi Ali, wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a New Year.
    Love Pauline (Sydney)

    Thank you Pauline, sorry I'm late publishing this comment. Happy New Year to you!
    Ali x

  • NancyMae  - Audio Work

    On Richard's Audio Work page is missing David Copperfield available at Audible. Just FYI.

    Thanks - there's a lot missing on this website, but I'll rectify that omission today. :)

  • Anne Richter

    Hi Ali, only want to say I like your website too, as well as ever (pics from LA?).
    Have a good and hopefully not so stressful week!
    Anne R.

  • Anne Richter  - PS

    PS Concerning 'humour' I meant this fine one, sometimes between the lines, which makes me smile. x

  • Anne Richter  - Thank you !

    Hi Ali, just made a donation, ordered 5(!) books (I confess, for collecting), and read something in the news. Thank you so, so much, heartfelt Thanks to You! And your yearly birthday message was always one of the highlights (perhaps you'll change your mind, you have a whole year to think about :)). About the whole website you know my opinion; serious, thoughtful, exact, best organized (and with this little bit of humour). Thank you! (Of course also like your Twitter feed with the fast informations). BTW I think the perfect promotion for Berlin Station could have a positive effect on the release of the other movies (?). I hope so.
    Have a good time, Anne

    Sorry Anne, I won't change my mind as it seems so obvious to me that people would much rather tweet or post on Instagram or Facebook directly on to his pages rather than leave a message on an unofficial website. It's a good thing really as I'm sure Richard is more likely to look at his social media feed than this site.

    I hope you are right about the positive effect Berlin Station may have on other work, but we'll have to wait and see.

    Thank you for your continued support!

  • A.  - Berlin Station

    Thank you, Ali, for all this news about "Berlin Station". I hope it is a huge success.

    So do I. Thanks A!

  • NancyMae  - Richard backing out of project

    With the personal integrity that we know he has, it must have taken a lot for Richard to quit this project. I'm sorry we won't get to hear him with the guitar. As always I wish the best for him.

    Yes, that is a real shame. I think many of us feel sorry we won't see this role. Clearly he'd made an important commitment to something else and I hope it won't be too long before an announcement is made.


  • Dona  - June 24, 2016

    It was a sad day for me today. I woke up and it was as if I lost many friends. :(

    Still here!

  • Anne Hunt  - Elsa The Lioness documentary

    I love to hear Richard as narrator on any documentary but the one about Elsa The Lioness has eluded me until now. I spotted a late night screening last night which I recorded not sure if it was the one narrated by Richard and I am happy to say it was. It is a heart-rending but also heart-warming story and Richard's narration is so sensitive,it is a treat! I suspect it will be available on BBC iplayer for a while if anyone wants to find it.It is a Natural World/BBC Earth programme from 2010, I think.

  • Lucia  - Jutland

    Ali, is this the same show they give on BBC 2 next Sunday evening?

    I can't have Channel Four or ITV in Belgium, so it would be nice if it were the same show!

    Sorry no it isn't. The show on BBC2 is a programme hosted by Dan Snow.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for finding and posting these two new articles at least they seem new to me especially the radio interview. I couldn't find a video but the Digital spy article was very good. How did you find the radio interview

    The video is at the top of the Digital Spy article - if it's not loading that could be due to your browser, so it's worth trying another browser instead.
    I recorded the radio interview when it was broadcast. Details are on the 2014 news archive page - scroll to 29 November as that was when the interview was published.

  • Anonymous

    :woohoo: wonderful Lucas appearance in your 'picture of the day' ...
    The cameo in Alice is too short, and he looks like Thorin on a set aside throne. I'm still too eager for Berlin Station. Please keep us updated! :cheer:

  • Anne Richter  - Thanks again

    Hi Ali,
    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date, especially with all the latest news around Berlin Station (till now the most of this filming was adequately "very secret";).
    Concerning all these RA films which are to be released I am thinking too that soon there will be LOTS to come!
    Thanks for continuing the donations (and we continue to buy via your Amazon links).
    Have a good time,

    You're welcome Anne, thank you for your comments.

  • evangeline  - Canned Movies

    So many canned films of Richard, but few are rleased.

    BUT soon, there will be LOTS to see!

  • NancyMae  - New York Times lady and Richard

    That New York Times lady should have done a little research before she interviewed Richard. What Dickenson wrote David Copperfield?

    Hi, I'm afraid I think that is a little harsh. It was clearly just a slip of the tongue as was evident from subsequent questions referring to characters in the story and Bleak House. These were not the questions of an uninformed journalist.


  • A.  - Update

    Hi, Ali,
    Many thanks for the last update, pictures and links. Richard is in Berlin during the film festival, perhaps something good comes out of it. I can't wait for Berlin station".

  • Dona  - February 14th

    Happy Valentine to Ali, to all the followers and, obviously, to Richard! :kiss: May love fill your today and the coming future :cheer:

    Thank you Dona!

  • Anne Richter  - Weibo

    Recently no connect to Weibo - perhaps the board is crashed because of all the tweets?
    Happy Valentine's, Ali

    No, Richard wrote a message on Weibo on 8 Feb wishing friends in China a happy new year.

  • Anne Richter  - Your Valentine's gift to us

    Hi Ali, Thank you, the Weibo link soon did work again for me. Also Thank you so much for the latest update on your website, this was a real Valentine's gift.
    (BTW now here are more than 1000 comments!).
    Happy Sunday!

    Hi Anne
    You are very welcome. I had to remove comments prior to 2012 due to saving space on the server, so there may be 1000 comments now but I've had several thousand since starting the website in 2008. I'm very glad people are still enjoying leaving comments here!
    Ali :)

  • Unviewer  - Happy New Year!(Chines Monkey Year today)

    English is NOT my native language, my Chinese is much more better! So I apologize here for my broken Chinese-English.

    Beijing, A chilled, heavy polluted winter grey day. Recently unemployed, alone, stuck at home by bad weather and heavy pollution, my mood was a little bit down. I definitely needed something to cheer myself up, so I surfed on the net, and watched BBC “South and North”.

    For me, it is just a Jane Austen style romantic story, less noble, more industrial, same romantic formula and elements. The slow development did not bother me, because I had a lot of time to kill.

    The white cotton fiber like snow, flying in the air. For me, the experience of living in the pollution, it became very real, I could feel it, even believed that I breathed the fiber into my lung.

    As a person who has no faith on love romance and happy ending, due to lack of the experience and witness of few, Jane Austen classic or her modern style romance for me, is only fairy tale for having some fun of good reading and a better way for killing time, especially in a cold winter day.

    I finished the four episodes one time, really enjoyed them, even the pollution on the screen became more bearable. Miss Margaret Hale, a very beautiful young lady, with high moral and social standard, tender and kind heart, maybe too good to be true for me. But, Mr. Thornton, a self-made so-called rich man, hard worker, broody, cold and calm, tough and principled, arrogant and thoughtful, dominant and open-minded, ruthless and conscience, a multiple dimension character, became very convincing and highly believable. I was and I am, impressed and attracted. Besides his good-looking, he just for me is very real person. A modern day actor portrayed a hundred year ago character, and he let me believe this is the One, a real person who crossed a century, on the small screen. So, I googled who is who, did and doing what.

    There is a very few of his work available here to watch, I watched “Strike Back" the British original version, ( and only this one), and then I went go see “The Hobbit” trilogy, even the trilogy is not my cup of tea.

    With due respect for Great J.R.R.Tolkien and Sir Peter Jackson, The fantasy and horror are both out of my interested categories. But I still spent several hours watching, just to enjoy the performance of the casting, or to be honest, only for watching how Mr. Armitage to portray the Dwarf King. I had never seen any movie of Sir Peter Jackson, I have no expectation for the trilogy movie, so I have nothing to complaint, because I can care less about the quality of these movies, I just wanted to check out if Mr. Armitage's performance as a dwarf king was good or not. And I definitely got the positive answer after watching the trilogy movie.

    And I watched “Hannibal”, another TV show should not be on my watching list. To be fair, some scenes of this show are very beautiful and elegant, and a lot of them are not cooked for my taste and my stomach, and I don't believe I even watch them because of Mr. Armitage, aka the Great Red Dragon.

    I have never been a fan of whoever with fever. If I like some actors and actress' work, I would like to check out who and what. And I am definitely NOT interested in their personal life, because that's absolutely NOT my business at all! But on another side, I would like to see how they talked and how they acted in the real life, as a real person. So I watched some of Mr. Armitage's interview on the Internet, some interviews after “The Hobbit”. So I discovered a professional: an actor not only with good looking, but also civilized with education, who has linguistic, language logistic talent, smart with brain, an old school fashion with sense of humor. It is real rare in today's entertainment business world, a good looking actor, but especially a hard working and willing to learn employee, a popular British star with a humble heart! An attractive man, Without relaying his own sex appeal, but continuously seeking for different roles for self-challenges in order to improve his acting ability.
    That's why he won my admiration.

    It is really a pity for his fans and shame for the business, that he did not get many opportunities he deserves, to indulge his fans. But we all know today's red carpet glamour, shining stars in the sky are just CGI by the network and on the network, only the illusion and twisted reflection of the real people in the real world.

    I don't complaint about the quality of the Trilogy of “The Hobbit”,but I don't like it. Maybe only one point which made me thinking, and that was also considered as “cliché ” by some fans:“the Dragon Disease ”. I was smiled when I was watching the movie. It is maybe “ the cliche” for few, but it is the common disease for many! I even wondered about myself, without my conscience bottom line, and my interrupt career(due to bad market situation), I could be also affected by “this disease” or called “gold fever”. In one interview, Mr Armitage said that he was not obsessed about“Fame” and “Money”,and if he will die poor, that's ok, he can die poor. His saying could be considered as “cliché ” or “Sour Grapes” by some, but not for me! I think, without the hunger for “Fame” and “Money”, without the rushing pursuit for them, we can live with less burden, and more freedom, even we die less rich, but our life would not be very miserable. In the end, what does really matter is: we will not regret for our choice, our investment, our dedication, be proud for what we have achieved and no shame for what we have not accomplished.

    Happy (Chinese “Monkey”)New Year!

    And Good Luck!

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