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Richard read 5 stories on the BBC children's channel CBeebies in October 2006. You can watch or download them here.

Downloads are courtesy of Yorkshirewench


Winnie in Winter by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

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Sound only 7.4Mb mp3



I'm not going out there by Paul Bright and Ben Cort

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Sound only 5Mb mp3



The Lost Acorns by An Vrombaut

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Sound only 7.5Mb mp3



Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown and Scott Nash

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Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe by Brian Moses and Garry Parsons 

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Comments (27)
  • Helen Freeman and her 6 year o  - Fabulous story time for son's and mums!

    Richard tells these stories with ease and having watched them tonight for the first time with my 6 year old son, we both enjoyed them together, very much. :evil:

    Thanks for putting these on this wonderful site. Brilliant.

    So glad you both enjoyed them. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Julie Malick  - OMG CUTE!!

    Loved these stories and the enthusiasm with which RA told them. Adorable! :cheer:

  • ddfefw  - i need cbeebies script...T.T

    can i get the cbeebies scripts?
    my english is very terrible..
    i'm so sad that i don't understand what he said..

    I'm sorry I don't have the time to do that right now, but maybe one day.

  • Romy

    Love, love, love those!
    RA reading bedtime stories is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. And one of he greatest I've ever heard.
    My favorite is "I'm not going out there", followed by "The lost Acorns".
    He's a great reader!

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Jazz

    Marvelous! Brilliant! Great job, Richard! Lucky kids :-)

  • Steph

    Love Bat's russian accent in The Lost Acorns, and Toad's deep grumble and Mouse high squeak. Adorable! He's a great story teller. So animated.

  • Ingeborg  - gracias!!

    Querido actor,

    Qué excelente programa!! También he visto a Rupert Penry-Jones como narrador.
    Gracias, infinitas gracias por este sitio en el que se muestra tu trabajo. Eres un actor maravilloso, completo y coincido con Marian: es un duro trabajo.
    ¿Sabrás cuánta felicidad me has regalado?

    Un abrazo enorme,

    Dear actor,

    What a great program! I have also seen Rupert Penry-Jones as narrator.
    Thanks, endless thanks for this site where you show your work. You're a wonderful actor, complete and I agree with Marian, is hard work.
    Will you know how much happiness you have given me?

    A big hug,

  • Marian  - Danke

    Ich liebe diese Geschichten. Es ist wunderbar zuzusehen und zu hören. RA kann wunderbar erzählen. Vielen Dank für Eure Arbeit, daß die Fan´s von Richard all dies´sehen und hören können.

    I love all the stories. It is wonderful to listen and to watch them. RA is a wonderful narrator. Many thanks in the name of all fan's for your hard work.

  • Lizzie  - Thank you for sharing these

    I love these stories; my favorite is "I'm not going out there". As usual Richard A. is at his very best!He excels at everything he does.

  • Brenda

    Ok, there is something incongruent with watching RA read a children's book, while thinking how hot he is; LOL. I can't watch this.

  • Catriona  - YAY

    Ohhh yay.. :woohoo: ..I LOVE these. Richard looks gorgeous, as always

    I lost these when my old laptop died.....I forgot that I got them from here lol

    Thank you so much for uploading them

  • bccmee  - CBeebies!

    I have tried to watch CBeebies stories by a few others and gave up. None of them compares to Richard Armitage. He really captures the imagination and has such fun, lively and distinct voices for all the characters. Also, his gestures are delightful! Hopefully he'll do more someday.

  • Tedgirl  - This series

    I'll introduce Richard to my young nephews & nieces and grandkids of friends. What a delight ...! RA is for young and old alike......

  • Juliee

    Thank you -great quality- actor,stories,download

  • Kari

    Thank you!!! he's so sweet!!!

  • ingingqoooo  - lovely!

    YW you're angel~

  • NancyMae  - On tip toes

    I have these on my ipod and everytime I hear Richard say "on tip toes" or "on their tippy toes" it cracks me up. He's great!

  • Phylly3  - Richard and Flat Stanley

    Oh how did I miss this spot until now?! I have been looking for a better video of the Flat Stanley story for quite some time -- (the Youtube version is very poor quality).
    Thanks so much for uploading these marvelous videos here Yorkshirewench and Ali for hosting them!
    I am soooo Happy!! :kiss:

  • Pam

    Tried to download Lostacorn.wmv but got a message on Mediafire which said 'No servers are currently available with the required data'. This happened several times. I managed to download the other four files without any problems.

  • admin  - reply to Pam

    The file seemed to be corrupted so I reuploaded it and it seems to be working fine now.

  • Pam

    Thanks Ali, downloaded and quite lovely :)

  • deejay  - lost acorns

    Thought I recognised the squirrel voice, it's Richard's Much from Robin Hood lol

    Thank you for chance to view

  • Alice

    Thank you so much for sharing these.

    Lovely to listen to them again.

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