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  • NancyMae  - The New Year

    I would like to wish a good New Year for all my fellow RA fans and for our man Richard. I hope that every thing goes well for all.

  • Brochlass  - Christmas 2010!

    I'm with the others who think that the POD for the 25th was the perfect choice. It truly epitomizes him to a "T". I honestly run out of adjectives to describe him!!
    Thank you Ali for all the brilliant work you have done this past year for all of us who admire this amazing man :cheer: I don't know what we would do without you! Thank you too for the link to his Christmas Message. He manages to make us feel rather special when in fact it is he who is the special one - bless him :kiss: *sigh*

  • angieklong  - Merry Christmas, indeed!

    I do think Richard is channeling his inner Cary Grant in this photo for December 25. One beautiful, classy, elegant gentleman, our RA. Great choice!

  • Sarah :)  - Merry Christmas Ali!

    For all you do and all you share Ali....A very Merry Christmas to you and yours for a splendid Christmas and New Year.

    The POD for Christmas Day 2010 is PERFECTION!

    Merry Christmas Richard and thank you for the Christmas Message.

    A gem of a human being you are.


    Reply from Ali: thank you Sarah and I hope you've had a lovely Christmas!

    Thanks to all for your kind Christmas wishes and for visiting the site. Your messages and emails have been wonderful :)

  • Lucia  - POD for December 25th

    Sigh ... Thud ...

    So beautiful!

    Thanks, Ali, good choice.

  • Moira  - Happy Christmas

    Perfect picture, I hope that you all have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year, with love xx :kiss:

  • Carol in Boynton Beach, Florid  - A Very Merry Christmas

    Dear Ali,

    Thank you for the last year of wonderful news and pics of RA. Thank you for posting the link to his Christmas message. I am in a great club of women who love Richard and wish him much happiness and success in the coming year. Hope this coming year brings everyone everything they wish for. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Cheers!

    Carol Graf

  • Angieklong  - Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    Thank you, Ali, for all you do to keep us up to date on all things Armitage through out the year and for jumpstarting each day got me with the wonderful PODs. :P The Christmas message from RA is further proof we've chosen the best to admire and adore. :D
    Merry Christmas and happy holiday greetings to you and to all you lovely RA fan gurlzzz around the world. Ho, ho, ho!

  • Beachbaby  - Merry Christmas

    Gorgeous pic of the day for Christmas Eve. :P

    Merry Christmas Ali



  • Lindy  - A big Thank You

    A big thank you to all the team for the effort you put into this site. I check it every day.
    :) :)
    May you all have a lovely time with your loved ones over the holidays.
    I look forward to another year of all things RA.
    :) :)

  • Michele  - Merry Christmas

    Ali, Hedgy and all who visit this wonderful site throughout the world have a lovely Christmas and a safe and happy new year. Thanks again Ali for all your hard work.
    Merry Christmas everyone from Australia.

  • Brochlass  - Spooks/MI5 on PBS

    Sorry! I should have mentioned this before but Series/Season 7 Episode 1 aired last night at 10pm on KCTS 9 a PBS station which serves Washington State and BC Canada. Lovely to watch the *real* Lucas coming in from the cold once again :cheer: Part 2 will be aired at the same time on Christmas Day then I think there is a bit of a hiatus before the next episode is shown. Sadly not an uncommon occurrence on PBS stations :angry: where you are just getting used to a series being shown then it is pre-empted by something else entirely!!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.

    BTW - I too love the new banner *more swooning*!!

    Reply from Ali: thank you Brochlass

  • smitkit  - Christmas banner

    Love the new banner for Christmas - nice work! :)

  • NancyMae  - Photo and Poll

    I agree with the BAFTA2010 picture 38 suggestion. I like Richard in a bow tie that doesn't look like a clip on. I wish there was a "What ever he wants" in the polling, I know Richard would like to do some stage work, but I can't vote for that because I'm in the USA and would never see it.

    And, how does he keep the stubble just right? Has Richard invented some sort of razor that leaves just the right amount of stubble for us to "OOOO" over?

    Reply from Ali: well in the end he WILL do whatever he wants, after all isn't that what he always does? I certainly hope so :)

  • Lucia  - re: suggestion X-mas pic
    Karin wrote:
    Hi Alli,

    My suggestion for the X-mas pic of the day is from the BAFTA2010 picture 38. A relaxed and gorgeous Richard.

    If he shows up at my Christmas table like that ..... (sorry, just dreaming)

    Wishing all of you, makers and contributors to this site, and most of all Richard, a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    Splendid picture for Xmas, Ali!

    My best wishes for 2011 to you and your family!
    May all your ... erm ... dreams come true.

    Reply from Ali: thanks to you both, happy holidays!

  • Karin  - suggestion X-mas pic

    Hi Alli,

    My suggestion for the X-mas pic of the day is from the BAFTA2010 picture 38. A relaxed and gorgeous Richard.

    If he shows up at my Christmas table like that ..... (sorry, just dreaming)

    Wishing all of you, makers and contributors to this site, and most of all Richard, a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  • Lucia  - Christmas Day POD

    LOL! the pic of today, Dec 18, already looks like Xmas. Gizzy seems to be covered by snow!

  • Lucia  - Previous Poll Results

    Well, that really surprised me!
    I would have thought 31-40 year olds had other "gorgeous" men (such as husbands or boyfriends) to have a crush on. LOL

  • Brochlass  - To Angieklong

    Thank you!! I do feel slightly better after reading your comment except for the fact (as you can see from my previous comment of Dec 11th) I am 22 years older than you *blush* a widow and my eldest son is your age!!
    I love your description of his eyes as they are what first enthralled me in N&S. I had never seen anyone act just with their eyes before and they still amaze me. I always like profile shots as you can really see his eyelashes!! Now who is ga-ga?? Another favourite picture of mine is from the High Quality and Promo pictures in the Screencap Gallery from Spooks series 7 #726 which show off the lovely Lucas' aforementioned assets (I mean his eyes of course!) :lol: to great advantage. Thank you for your encouragement. Maybe one day I will pluck up the courage to stick them on my walls!! And you are right, he is such a likeable fellow and we dohave great taste!! :)

  • angieklong  - Great minds of any ages think alike, brochlass!

    Brochlass, I have an older sister, a decade my senior, who thinks Richard is totally "hot" (She's getting Robin Hood for her birthday pressie) and if my darling mom were still alive, she'd be in her mid-80s and I have not doubt she'd find him a gorgeous fellow (I could imagine her batting those big blue eyes of hers at him, bless her).
    Not matter whether 17 or 37 or 77 or more, those of us with the Good Taste Gene all recognize one spectacular man when we see and hear him *sigh* Nothing to feel embarrassed about!
    And I have always loved a very masculine man with long, thick lashes. Such a striking contrast. My husband also has such lashes. *thud*

  • Brochlass  - It's the eyes!

    Just had to comment on today's POD as this in one of my most favourite pictures of Richard. Not sure exactly why but maybe it is because he is not acting a part - just being himself - and he has that enigmatic look in his eyes! You just wonder what is going on behind them! :unsure: Please don't tell anyone *whisper* but some time ago I printed copies in a variety of sizes and have them secreted in various places - inside my daily journal; my bedside cabinet (so I can check it out last thing at night :kiss: ); the book I am currently reading etc. etc. If my family saw them they would most definitely think I had totally lost my marbles!! :lol:

  • angieklong  - You are in good company!


    You needn't apologize for the effect dear Richard has on you. This 50-year-old respectable married lady and small town journalist is absolutely gaga over him. I have two 8 x 10 color photos--one of him as Lucas in his blue suit and the other as S3 Gisborne posted in my bathroom (my husband uses the other one :lol: ) His eyes are simply amazing in their structure, the changeable color and long, thick lashes, those bold brows framing them--so expressive of many an emotion.
    And while I do not normally use words like incandescent, stunning, alluring, and ravishing to describe a man--they seem a perfect fit for Richard Crispin Armitage. ;)
    And a nice, likable, good-hearted fellow on top of it all! We have great taste, my dear :D

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