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San Diego Comic-Con 9 - 12 July 2015

On Saturday 11th July, San Diego Comic Con hosted a panel for NBC's Hannibal in Ballroom 20 at 5pm in front of hundreds of loyal Fannibals. The primary aim of the event was to present the first footage of Richard's character 'The Great Red Dragon', which will appear from episode 8 until the last episode of season 3.

Cast members Hugh Dancy (Will) and Richard Armitage (Francis Dolarhyde) were present with showrunner Bryan Fuller and executive producer Martha De Laurentiis. Earlier in the day, they attended several press interviews. On Sunday 12th July, the are due to attend a book signing at the Tin Fish restaurant in San Diego at 11am.

This page contains a round-up of all interviews.

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First Footage of The Great Red Dragon

Watch it here on youtube:

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Hannibal Panel

Full and Uncut Pannibal.

Here is a transcript of the event from Digital Spy.


Press Interviews

  • IGN interviewed the four on a balcony outside the convention centre. This is a 10 minute interview in which all four answered 2-3 questions each. Richard explained that he did not watch previous Hannibal films but referred to the book when constructing the character of Francis Dolarhyde. He also commented on trying to empathise which such a character and trying to persuade the audience to empathise too, and rationalising this when watching him fall in love.
  • Yahoo TV interview, with no comments from Richard but plenty of smiles. Bryan talks about the future of the series and a possible feature film.
  • Michael Ausiello from TV Line interviews Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Martha De Laurentiis and Richard Armitage - a lovely good-humoured interview!
  • William Bibbiani's interview with Richard for CraveOnline took place after the Hannibal panel in San Diego, next to the restaurant for the book signing that took place the next day. This is an excellent interview giving plenty of insight into how Richard humanised Francis Dolarhyde.


Print Articles

There are many, many articles about the Hannibal Panel, but these ones offer more interesting information than most.

Variety Bryan Fuller Teases 'Hannibal' Movie at Comic-Con

"Though Netflix and Amazon passed on more episodes of “Hannibal,” following NBC’s cancelation of the daring series after three seasons, the panelists are hopeful for the show finding more life, whether its picked up elsewhere or wrapped up as a film."


ScreenCrush have summarised the main points of the panel.

"The new trailer shows off Richard Armitage’s Francis Dolarhyde at work, lovingly eyeing a William Blake painting and sculpting his leaner body in the attic. There looks to be a stronger physicality at work than Ralph Fiennes’ original version, a leaner, meaner, darker interpretation of the character, seen when he gets the dragon tattoo applied, or looks over his grizzly dentures." tells it from the fans' point of view.


Entertainment Weekly's article gives a more detailed summary of quotes, including this from Richard:

“There’s something about Dolarhyde which has a kind of innocence to him, which sounds odd considering how complicated and how dark his world is. But it was always fluctuating between an innocent, childlike mind and a every complicated man, and so I spent half of this series naked…wearing the tattoo, which I guess how Dolarhyde felt, is a kind of clothing to him.” (“You’re welcome,” joked Fuller about the nudity.)




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