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Hedgey's Bafta Report


I made a fairly late decision to attend the BAFTA's upon discovering Richard was going to be presenting. I know people who had spoken to him when he attended in 2007 and after some deliberation decided to travel down Saturday night. That morning we discovered that we would only get into the pens with a ticket. As a result Dawn joined me in my hotel room by the river at Kew but neither of us got much sleep.


We eventually got up at some unholy hour and walked for some time to locate a tube

that was open to travel into London with lots of people attending the London Marathon. Crossing Hungerford bridge we found some other RA fans already there along with a small number of other people, many of whom were professional autograph hunters.

We were coralled into a line by the Queen Elizabeth hall and then tickets were allocated. We were told to go away and come back at 3pm and we would be allowed in in the order of our tickets. Those that had been before were rather shocked (in a nice way) but this piece of sensible organisation which allowed people to go home or to go and get breakfast and coffees as it was still quite early. I sat with a group on the grass by the London Eye and watched the various performance artists, ate sarnies and enjoyed the somewhat sporadic sunshine.


Eventually we returned to the Royal Festival Hall about 3 and there was a crew practising on a carpet. People were taken into the pen for this filming and I'm still uncertain whether it was for a later filming or as some people said actually for a television show. The pen was then emptied and the security called people forward in batches of ten. I was number 32 so got a lovely space at the front. It was about 4pm at this point and the sun beamed down from a cloudless sky. Security had arranged it so that there was a limited number of tickets so it wasn't especially crowded but it did start to get a bit warm. About a third of the front row was made up of Richard Armitage fans.


The security team handed out disposable cameras to the crowd but I think bottles of water might have been better given the unexpectedly clement weather.


When I left the house Saturday I picked up a folder I had some artwork in and stuck my printed pictures of Lucas North in it but during our conversation at the coffee shop I was told I should get him to sign one of the pictures. So at the barrier I gave away my three glossy Lucas prints. Cobwebs from C19 had a box of sweets and one of the security men took a jelly baby joking that he'd probably have it in his hand when he shook hands with Dame Helen Mirren.


First on the carpet was Peter Firth and Miranda Raison about 5pm. They were both coralled to talk to the television but Peter did make time to talk to quite a few people. Cobwebs offered him a sweet but he politely declined. Richard came in with quite a few people and where taller people were calling, he's there hobbit sized Hedgey couldn't see a thing.


He spent time talking to the television crews at which point I was able to get some photos. The lady from QVC was aware of the large contingent of RA fans and told Richard about us. He then started to make his way along the fans who wanted autographs. He autographed Dawn's picture first and she informed him that about the next twenty people were there for him. I took out the picture I wanted signing and handed him my pen.

He looked at the picture and enquired, "Did you draw that?" To which I replied, "I'm afraid so." His reply then was "You're very talented." Unable to think of anything urbane or witty I blurted in a ludicrously fangirly voice, "And you're very talented too." and immediately felt like a total idiot. He however smiled at me and moved onto to do more pics and autographs. Not renowned for my gushing nature I was somewhat surprised by my response and felt a bit of a prize whatsit, especially as Dawn found it highly amusing.

Taking phonecalls from various people back at their respective homes they were also higlhy amused by my loss of decorum and I now have zero street cred left.

The picture that I used was the original of this. At the minute I don't have a working scanner at home so will upload the autographed picture when I have access to a scanner tomorrow.

More people came along but we were still on a high from seeing Richard and Dawn was on the phone to Ali.


Alan Carr gave an autograph to the person next to me then turned to Dawn and in mock injury cries, "Look she's not even excited I'm here"



He then takes her phone and announces to Ali "It's Alan Carr, I know I'm not Tom Cruise (who?) but really." Ali told him he was lovely. This moment is captured on the Sun online website here. They cut away from Davina McCall to show it.


Fewer people came down the carpet then and we all headed off to have a drink, rub sore backs and compare photos. The after show party was being held at the Royal Festival Hall. The security guard in charge of our area told us it was like someones wedding where they would set the tables out for the meal and then take them away again for the dancing.


There is a selection of pictures taken by the Richard Armitage fans here.


I made my way back to Waterloo where I had to wait nearly an hour for a train back to my hotel.In between the Canada geese on the Thames, planes going into heathrow, traffic and my brain replaying the day I got very little sleep.


If this was at the Royal Festival Hall again I'd quite possibly attend as the security team did an extremely efficient job with the ticketing which was very fair.


All in all a fun day and whilst my wit may have deserted me I got to speak to Richard, meet people I haven't seen in a while, and people I've not met before and generally had a pretty decent time.


Pics on this page are all enlargeable




Comments (26)
  • RavenRoseBeetle

    Oh, Hedgey! You are so lucky. And Alan Carr, too (I love him). What an evening. And you have major street cred with us, that's for sure. I know this was a while back, but a great story and how fun to know another person who met him. Sounds like he was a sweetie!

  • fitzg  - The Baftas 2010

    Very nice report. So happy you got to meet RA.

    Awfully sorry about the Canada Geese. Just Blame Canada! :S

    (RA fan from the Canadian side of the Atlantic)

    Reply from Ali: I notice from your title that you may have thought this was the 2010 BAFTAs but in fact this was last year's awards. I'm hoping to get a report up for 2010 soon

  • Kym

    Great report, lucky girl! You should have gone in for a snog....

  • phylly3  - fabulous pictures!

    What a fabulous story! You are so lucky to be able to get so close to him, let alone TALK to him! There's nothing wrong with what you said, I doubt if I would have been able to string two words together! :woohoo:

  • dreamer  - Loved your report!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!
    Your pics of Richard are just wonderful!

  • Anne Pickersgill  - AnnieP

    Hedgey, you are a legend! I enjoyed your report and photos immensely. Congratulations on getting your artwork signed by Richard! :woohoo: I love your drawing of Guy. You've captured his stance and expression perfectly. No wonder Richard told you that you're very talented! And hey, what's wrong with telling him that he's talented too? It's the truth, and any actor would like to hear that they're talented, no matter how many times they've already been told. ;)

  • dawn  - the lesser talented one

    What can I say .Thanks for the report and pic.
    It was worth it just to see you go all girly. :D
    Told you it was a good idea to get that signed.

    Lovely job my dear.xx

  • Townie

    Fantastic report and photos Hedgey. It was great to see you again. :)

  • tehi

    Fun report Hedgey. Had to chuckle at you losing your cool - who wouldn't. ;)

  • dmania

    thanks so much HP for your fabulous report--our very own AD reporter!

  • cobs

    Great fun meeting you hedgey and sharing such a unique day.It's great to see so many piccies collected in one archive.

  • janice

    Lovely report hedgey, what an amazing day for all the RA fans who attended.

  • ladyjuliana  - Well Done fangirly!

    I've really been looking forward to your report, HP, thanks for sharing the report,experience and glorious pics with us all. Street cred in those circumstances? All I can say is I am well impressed that you maintained a vertical stance and managed a coherent response.Glad you all had such a wonderful day.

  • soysauce07  - Fantastic Photos!

    See.. short girls to get to meet hot tall men! LOL! I love the report and I'm so glad you had fun. I'm jealous that you got his autograph!

    Overall, Awesome Job!

  • Annie

    Fantastic pictures and report, Hedgey. I'm glad you had a great time. At least you were coherent; I'd probably make a few gurgling sounds and have to leave promptly...

  • loriBear  - You did GREAT!

    I think you did amazing HP... I don't think I would have gotten that out. At least it sounded intelligent!

    Congrats.. and thanks for letting us share in the moment with you!

  • maddarilke

    Honestly, Hedgey, as far as I'm concerned, you were magnificent. I would have considered that a HUGELY witty answer, coming from myself--but it's no surprise to me. You're a witty person, and I am sure he was deeply moved by your compliment. After all, most people just tell him he's gorgeous. Well, he IS, but I get the feeling it's important to him to be regarded as the talented actor he is...and you gave him that satisfaction. NOW REJOICE, honey!!! I am so squeeful and happy for you. xoxoxoxo

  • longhairedtoad

    Those pics are fantastic. I am forever jealous! Sounds like you all had an amazing time.

  • avoca

    Thanks for sharing your report and lovely pictures, so glad you had such a great time.

  • bunkie77

    OOOH, you lucky girl, glad it was enjoyable and fun, and thanks so much for sharing pix and report with us!!!

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