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JJ's Bafta Report 


OOOooh Spooks has been nominated for a BAFTA! Having read this juicy piece of info at RichardArmitageNet, a plethora of questions tumbled into my head, work completely forgotten in a quest for answers: When is it? Where is it? Will my partner in all things RA crime be working? And of course the most important question of all: will the man himself be there? A quick search of the BAFTA website answered the first two, a text from my young cousin in darkest Essex arrives a short time later, confirming she will be there no matter what and will await further instructions. Thus the decision was made subject to RA attending…..a plan begins to formulate!

Feeding my other addiction the weekend before the BAFTA’s at the Palladium I take the opportunity to do a little reconnaissance worthy of military manoeuvres to establish which way the red carpet will run and where our best vantage point might be. The only piece of information still missing from my cunning plan is whether RA will be there. On Friday a little birdie Tweets to confirm that RA is presenting and will be at the BAFTA’s, next stop Argyll Street London W1.

I don’t think that my mother has ever cooked Sunday lunch for 11:30 before and piggy that even I am I have never eaten one quite so early, but for what promises to be a very long time standing around we need sustenance. Emerging from Oxford Circus Station, a chappie very much in the know points us in the direction of the queue for the public pens, the hospital like tags that we are given to wear around our wrists are numbered 130 and 131, so there are a few people in front of us. When the queue starts to move it moves very quickly and we are soon back where we started and the same very much in the know chappie explains that “we can choose our own pen and location, if we want the pen right at the top we need to go all around the outside, so choose and take up position”. The pens at the very start of the red carpet are already filling up and people are very territorial. My cousin and I noticed that the pen right the very top just past the main entrance to the Palladium was empty, so we opted for that. What a fabulous decision this turns out to be as we discover it is right next to the press pen where EVERYONE will be coming to have their pictures taken.


We watch and exchange banter with the people in charge of security and looking after the celebrities, always pays to make friends. It certainly did in this instance, as when the heavens opened for a brief shower we were duly loaned an umbrella ~ thanks Sean! By now it is still only 3pm nothing is due to start until 5.30pm but there is plenty to watch and amuse us, not to mention the horror of a muddy footprint on the red carpet and the copious rehearsals of Michael Underwood and Angelica Bell. By the time they had finished, even I knew what she was supposed to say.

The press arrived at around 5ish. They were allocated their slots by raffle tickets and file into their pen like caged lions at feeding time, all vying for poll position and complaining that if the sun comes out the light will ruin their shots. They set up their high tech equipment, laptops, cameras, iPhones and the obligatory step ladder ready for the for that quintessential red carpet shot.

The pen that my cousin and I chose still only has a half a dozen people in and now they are closed. With us are two delightful amateur photographers who ironically come from Essex. People start to go into the Palladium, but no one we recognise, they must be behind the scenes people. We hear a cheer go up from the start of the red carpet and a text to one of the other people in our pen from a friend further down tells us people are starting to arrive.

There was much “oh that’s whatshername from thingy”, “oh look it him from you know” and “oooo isn’t that?”

Scanning the small throng of people waiting to head to “our end” of the carpet, my radar spots a VERY familiar face, gorgeous head and very broad shoulders above all the others. Even from 50 feet away the man stands out in a crowd. A sharp dig in the ribs for my cousin alerts her to the fact that the person we have been waiting for has finally arrived. As he steps from the throng and towards us he cuts a very dashing and handsome figure in lightly pinstriped evening suit, snow white dress shirt, perfect bow tie and exquisite choice of footwear (I am a shoe fiend) quick take a picture remember to breathe.

I am usually good at multitasking but I am not usually standing a few feet away from Richard Armitage, when all sense of coordination let alone anything else seem to have deserted me at a frightening rate of knots. My cousin is shooting away like it’s an Olympic Sport muttering away behind her camera, I think it is the first time in about five hours that I have been speechless! He walks, no he strides confidently toward the press rabble, even if I am sure I did notice a deep breath beforehand, a slightly nervous but none the less devastatingly attractive smile ~ swoon ~ firmly in place he faces the press.

It is at this point that my cousin becomes shall we say a tad disgruntled that RA is not looking in our direction anymore but has his eyes firmly facing front! Having stood for sooooooooooooo long she is not about to be outdone by anyone. The other side of the press pack are shouting instructions at Miranda Raison, who accompanied Richard along the carpet, to smile, look over here etc etc etc, the instructions are deafening.





It is at this point I hear the not so dulcet tones of my cousin drifting through the air “Oi Richard over here we are much better looking than that lot”. Noooooo I cannot believe she did that, but not to worry RA will not have heard over the cacophony of instructions being shouted at Miranda. No such luck, looking up from my camera I come face to face with a huge grin and twinkling pair of baby blues. No, even worse than I thought, not only did he hear her but he thinks it was me!!!!!

He takes a step closer at which point, the person to my left that I now want to disown completely shouts “YEAH” in an equally loud voice, at least taking the suspicion off me. The fixed smile that dissolved into a huge grin is now an out and out laugh, not sure if it was for my cousin’s over exuberance or the look of sheer horror that was most certainly pinned to my face, as she decides to impart to RA, whose undivided attention we now have, that she preferred leather. Whether he heard that over the rising din of the press pack I don’t know, one can only hope that he didn’t……………….

By now the press have RA in their sights and viewfinders and he is on the receiving end of the verbal instructions. Between telling my cousin I cannot believe you did that, I remember to take some more pictures before a still smiling Richard Armitage walks away and into the London Palladium.

A few more shots of yet more soap stars, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, the wonderful Julie Walters and a wickedly funny Lenny Henry with Diversity and it was all over! My poor feet were screaming for mercy, my mouth was craving a cuppa and my stomach was thinking my throat had been cut, but did any of this matter? Not on your life, for those few precious moments and those equally precious photos it was more than worth it.

We couldn’t do any more standing around, so we didn’t jump on the tube to South Kensington to the after show party at the Natural History Museum. Instead it was a mad dash home to watch the BAFTA’s on the telly ~ Mum put the kettle on!


Many thanks JJ for writing this for us xx

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Comments (38)
  • Cindy  - Brilliant

    absolutely brilliant report, the Oi grin shot is fabulous, I'll be putting that somewhere that I can see it on a regular basis. I think I would have been to gobsmacked to work the camera had that face been looking my way so great work ladies!

  • Deeply_Dippy  - What a night !!!

    Thank you JJ and cousin :woohoo: What a great experience :!: Loved it, made me :D Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing more of your escapade's ;)

  • ltcolkorn

    I think BBC should choose Richard to play Dracula and Richard III!

  • margaret  - Richard III, yes!

    Definitely Richard III, but no, not a vampire. He's just not the type.He's been in so much serious stuff I'd like to see him in a bit more comedy. Why should an actor be limited in genre just on looks? Never did understand this.

  • Anonymous

    Did he sign autographs for you?

    Admin:Yes many people got autographs

  • pi

    ROFL!!! Terrific report. I felt as if I were there. I've always wondered, too, if he got nervous, guessing, yes. Nice to have it validated. It seems true to character.

    I would like to clone your cousin.

  • JJ

    OMG nooooooooooooooooooooo one of her is enough in any lifetime :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  • Lizziecaro

    Great report, JJ and some brilliant photos. Many thanks for posting :woohoo: Really got a feel for the red carpet mayhem! It was obviously a good move to stick close to the press pack even if deafening - your cousin was obviously able to compete :!:

  • Beachbaby

    JJ, I hope you don't mind, I have printed out the "Oi Richard grin" pic & put it on my wall at work............when I look over at it, he's looking just at me.......sigh!! :P

  • JJ

    :D Love it,enjoy! I have a picture cube which gets moved according to the mood I am in, today its shock, havent actually got a piccy for that one :unsure:

  • diveknit

    Thanks JJD for a great and lively report that made me laugh out loud. I probably would have felt your embarrassment as well, but also hats of to your cousin for her guts :) What a nice result it got you and all of us.

  • Northerngal  -  BAFTA night

    JJ I'm so gutted as I was at the BAFTA's on Sunday as a paying member of public! Treated my daughter to night out at BAFTA's with real motive of mum getting close to RA! should have known hormones going in different directions were going to have a disasterous consequence. Forked out for 5 star hotel(much reduced at last arrived at Palladium at 5.00pm and so many people around as we were going to be walking the red carpet didn't know quite where to go. I just wanted a glimpse of RA. Got to end of red carpet waiting for all to arrive in my 6 inch heels I was confident that at least if I was lucky to get close I would be at least 5.8ft in heels and not breaking my neck to look him in the eye. I should not have bothered as daughter of mine insisted we get on the red carpet with only Gail from the street on it at the time and parade to the entrance. Stupidly I buckled to her insistance feeling a bit stupid at a certain age falling over myself to meet the man himself. I've always been too cool for school and have met celebs in the past without a flicker of adoration or even letting them know I know who they are! (Jason Orange being one). This was obviously pay back time or just teenager pester power that had us inside the palladium before guy of G could have mounted Richie the horse!As we arrived at our seats I saw RA arriving (Please someone confirm what time this was so I can strangle the daughter of mine!) I hung over the balcony trying to spy said RA but tops of heads believe me all look a like. Can only console myself with seeing him on stage in the flesh but still not close enough. Graham Norton made the truest comment of the night when he told the celebs the real people were in the upper circle 'but don't worry celebs we've made sure they can't get to you'! not a chance every exit was covered and taking photos took spooks intelligence not to get caught and told to stop. We milled outside at the end and saw a number of celebs departing to the after show in limo's and coaches (for the not so famous) Many passed us on the street either chased by paps or looking into space hoping no one would bother them. No worry with me then as none of these was RA. Again lovely daughter who I could now cheerfully stangle quipped she wanted to move on and get back to the hotel!! again gutted and dejected I followed like a small child being told off by my mum for being so stupid wanting to wait around for RA like a love struck teenager! Fair play it's been many years since I ever could have claimed that title, but to have your own teenager point that out to you isn't helpful nor does a lot for your morale! Saw lots of celebs that night that I happily ignored (Piers Morgan for one!). But never got close to the one I came to see RA so think yourself very lucky you saved yourself a fortune and got eye to eye with the man himself. Morale of my tale is if you think you can use your children to hide or advance your fantasies of getting close to your top totty (only RA applies here)! FORGET IT HORMONES WILL ALWAYS GET IN THE WAY. If he's on the carpet next year I'll be on my own or with other like minded hormonal females who will not judge, moan and be embarrassed by an actually quite nice mum just trying to relieve a part of her past she some how bypassed by being too cool for school! Foot note on the way back to the hotel quite sureel moments of seeing people on street swinging BAFTA's. I only have the official chocolate version and the souvenier guide given to all! I got the teen back when we happened across the wild haired member of Diversity on a side street. She wanted to take his picture and I swiftly moved her along tutting!!!!

    Gutted Northerngal!

  • MissJJ  - BAFTA Night

    Oh Northerngal I feel your pain, been there done it got the proverbial t~shirt. Funny thing is I originally asked my cousin if she wanted to actually go to the BAFTA’s posh frocks and all, but did point out how high up we were going to be :X and that even I really did not want to spend all evening looking at the back of RA’s head no matter how gorgeous it might be or how great a haircut it was :woohoo:! When I did my reconnaissance at the Palladium the week before, I double checked where we would have been seated and came to the conclusion we had made a wise decision. We took as I described it the trainspotting option which as you can see turned out to be a great choice (for once). I still cannot believe that he was soooooooo close, four days on an I am still sitting at my desk with a stupid grin on my face. :)

    I have to admit, having done this ONLY ONCE before, I will stick up for my poor long suffering Mum who for many years got dragged around to all things Bond in the hope that one day I would meet the man who adorned my teenage wall, by now I was well into my 20’s she ended up being the one saying “well go on then talk to him!”. Many years later its déjà vu, with me almost playing Mum, and although I might from time to time hope the ground will open up and swallow me, at least I know our ultimate goal is the same  Stick with us next time………..never let anyone get in the way of your "top totty"

    A little footnote on me and the cousin not attending ~ that official chocolate BAFTA ~ she would have taped it unwrapped it and eaten it very loudly no doubt halfway through the ceremony, MORE embarrassment :dry: .

  • MissJJ  - BAFTA & Beyond

    The Cousin :evil: Is already plotting what mischief she can get me in to next time, so be warned!!!! If RA makes the TV choice awards its lunch at the Dorchester, to stand outside there would be a crime :silly: Have however warned her the word "oi" at any decibel is banned!

    Sarah ~ someone spotted me on BAFTA's site fortunatley we have not been seen anywhere else "YET"........

    Arsha ~ happy to gift wrap her and post her on!

  • Hazelb

    Fantastic report!

    above made him laugh!

  • tm

    Thanks a bunch Miss JJ! It's sounds like your cousin is a riot. I appreciate her guts, lord knows I wouldn't be so bold, I'd be more like you thinking :unsure: but man, what a truly beautiful and natural smile she got out of him. Many thanks for sharing your experience :)

    And thanks RANet for posting!

  • Judith  - The sunshine of his smile

    Brilliant report JJ! So glad that you had such an enjoyable time. I'm sure that you think it was worth whatever embarassment your cousin caused to get such a lovely pic. He certainly looked more relaxed because of it! :D

  • DRS ALA  - Too sweet

    Loved your write-up. Sounds like you had a great time and got some great pictures. After your comment about the shoes I looked at the picture and I guess I am not a shoe fiend since I didn't find anything special about them - so maybe you will need to do another entry about the shoes.

    Best of luck in future RA events in getting such a great spot.

  • MissJJ  - Shoes

    Usually people let themselves down with their choice of shoes, as did many on the red carpet on Sunday :shock: not RA but then did we expect anything less :)

  • smitkit  - JJ's Bafta Report

    Thanks for your BAFTA report JJ, glad you had such a lovely time. Your pics are great! :cheer:

  • MissJJ  - The Cousin

    Glad you like the report it was almost as much fun writing it and reliving it as it was being there ALMOST!!!! My cousin is feeling very pleased with herself, and says she was just doing her job "saving the planet and embarassing her cousin" If she had not been responsbile for the resulting pictures and THAT SMILE, I might have had to kill her :whistle: xx

  • Anonymous  - re: The Cousin
    MissJJ wrote:
    Glad you like the report it was almost as much fun writing it and reliving it as it was being there ALMOST!!!! My cousin is feeling very pleased with herself, and says she was just doing her job "saving the planet and embarassing her cousin" If she had not been responsbile for the resulting pictures and THAT SMILE, I might have had to kill her :whistle: xx

    With all the BAFTA coverage with pics and vids... Did you happen to see yourself and your cousin on TV in any of them? That would be a sweet treat as well.

    With sincere appreciation for your combined efforts!

    Sarah :)

  • Phylly3  - JJ's BAFTA report

    Fabulous story! Thanks so much for sharing! The vicarious thrills were very entertaining! :P

  • Arsha

    Thank you for such an entertaining report. I felt like I was there. By the way, if you disown your cousin, she can be my cousin.

  • tyme4t  - Well Done!!

    That was a fantastic read - my heart was beating a mile a minute! I have a friend who probably would have pulled the same stunt as your cousin - lol! And the best line - his fixed grin dissolved into a huge grin! You got to see a glimpse of the "real" Richard in that moment (at least more real than the press got!)

  • Jess  - what a fantastic experience!

    thanks for the great report. We get nothing here in the states and are so grateful to you all.

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