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Michele-Anna: Thank you!

Hello Ali, I have never heard of Richard Armitage until I saw The Hobbit on an airplane on my way home from a trip in the Caribbean. OMG! I fell in love with Thorin's character. I wanted to learn more about this actor and found your site. Now I’m playing catch-up with Mr. Armitage’s career. I have just finish watching North & South…WOW! That voice, that face and the character portrayal… Whooooaahh!!! Now for my weekend pleasure…. A Robin Hood marathon… Thank you for hosting this great site! Cheers!


Hi Michele-Anna

It's always lovely to hear from new fans and I'm glad you started with the one that started the 'Armitage Army': North and South. He's also fantastic in Strike Back, Spooks (MI-5 seasons 7-9), Sparkhouse and The Impressionists, to name a few.

Have fun watching all those!


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Maraclea: RA - The Hobbit clip (Making Of)

first and foremost i love your work!! congrats and many thanks!! question: have you (of course you have!) seen the clip of the "Blessing of the Stage" (the Powhiri Welcome Ceremony)? it's a short clip "hidden" in a long documentary about The Hobbit.. just wondering cause you guys do a fantastic job but obviously can't get EVERYTHING out there related to RA, and i believe he does play an important part in it, as main speaker! :) thanks for all your work and dedication!!!


Hi Maraclea

Thank you for visiting the site. The Powhiri ceremony and other videos relating to the Hobbit are on the Hobbit Videos page on this site. Click on the 'Powhiri Ceremony' link near the top of the page to jump to that section.


Saturday, 11 May 2013


Love your work. I own all the DVD's that you have acted in, Thank God for region free DVD players!! They are all my favorites, Thornton, Lucas, Porter, Guy and Monet. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing more of you

Friday, 10 May 2013

Hello from Italy! we wait RA in italy

Wednesday, 08 May 2013

Nanette: Thank You for your interpretation in "North & South"

Hello, Our daughter Marie gave me the DVD "North South". I just want to say you that I like it very much. I looked at this DVD in English. It is a good exercise for me to improve my English. Yes, indee, I am Belgian (I speak French) and I have just found your name as actor. Thank you for your good interpretation in this film. In Belgium there were also "métiers à tisser" in Verviers (my birthtown) and I am lacemaker. So, I am very interested in the work of cotton and "lin". "Bravo" and see you soon...

Monday, 06 May 2013

Gwen Christie: Pic of the Day

Visiting to check on your choice for today's photograph and also the latest news which has become a daily habit for me. Your site is so reliable and well informed. Many thanks to all.


Thank you for visiting Gwen.


Sunday, 05 May 2013

Beth Cowen Cordingley: My birthday

Today, May 5, Cinco de Mayo, is my birthday. Hoped to have my name on today's picture of the day of RA. Perhaps next year. I live in Oklahoma and I am looking forward to Black Sky.


You didn't send me an email Beth so how could I know that it was your birthday?

I hope you had a nice day.


Sunday, 05 May 2013

Sadie: Picture of the day - May 5th

Ali, I love, love the picture of today ! I have it on my laptop also :).


I really like all the Sydney pictures, it's been a good few days for news!


Sunday, 05 May 2013

Island Girl: Hobbit Q&A

Thanks,Ali! What a riot that we thought of the same question! I attribute that to "great minds think alike!" Many thx for the amazing coverage of the Sydney visit. I see that Popcorn Taxi said that RA was "a thoughtful & generous guest". The Orpheum Theatre looked packed out ,standing room only, which is a credit to RA of course. I must say thanks to Angie(fedora lady ) for posting the transcript of the session so everyone could have a read. And also thx to Groover Green for taking the notes in the Theatre.Great job, ladies! You guys are amazing. I see in a Sydney interview that RA commented on a project involving an "incredibly charming book" which may come to fruition. we have to wait and see! Thx again Ali, what a lovely response we got to the Tolkien question! (You might need a holiday after all this work on the site!) Island Girl

Thursday, 02 May 2013

Sarah: Thank you!!

Hello from Vancouver Canada :) I just wanted to say a big thank you for having this site. It has brightened my day many times. I love the `picture of the day`of Richard. Especially the ones of him as Sir Guy ;) take care and keep up the great work!! Sarah


It's about time we had another pic of Sir Guy I this space.

Thanks Sarah


Wednesday, 01 May 2013


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