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preview221 pieceThorin-Gandalfpreview160 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 12preview192 pieceRichard Armitage - 35preview150 pieceRichard Armitage - 41

preview160 pieceHobbitCast - 01preview150 pieceRichard Armitage - 54preview130 pieceRichard Armitage - 55preview170 pieceJohn Thornton - 7

preview221 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 13preview128 pieceJohn Mulligan - 2preview180 pieceJohn Mulligan - 3preview150 pieceJohn Mulligan - 4

preview180 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 14preview210 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 15preview250 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 16preview230 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 17

preview136 pieceDwarves - 1preview180 pieceDwarves -2preview160 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 18preview160 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 19

preview108 pieceJanuary 2014 Calendar picpreview210 pieceFebruary 2014 Calendar picpreview140 pieceMarch 2014 Calendar picpreview170 pieceApril 2014 Calendar pic

preview220 pieceMay 2014 Calendar picpreview120 pieceJune 2014 Calendar picpreview231 pieceJuly 2014 Calendar picpreview140 pieceAugust 2014 Calendar pic

preview150 pieceSeptember 2014 Calendar picpreview160 pieceOctober 2014 Calendar picpreview180 pieceNovember 2014 Calendar picpreview170 pieceDecember 2014 Calendar pic

preview210 pieceJohn Porter - 5preview170 pieceJohn Porter - 6preview136 pieceJohn Porter - 7preview120 pieceUltimate Force

preview180 pieceSky Special Interviewpreview190 pieceGoogle Hangoutpreview140 pieceJohn Proctor - 01preview198 pieceJohn Proctor - 02

preview160 pieceJohn Proctor - 03preview117 pieceCrucible Rehearsal - 01preview170 pieceCrucible Promo - 01preview150 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 19

preview117 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 20preview140 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 21preview200 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 22preview221 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 23

Comments (51)
  • Maria Day  - Harry Kennedy puzzles.

    Is it possible to have some puzzles of Richard as Harry Jasper Kennedy from the Vicar Of Dibley? Thank you.

    Sure. There are 2 jigsaws of Harry Kennedy on the Jigsaw page 1 already and I will add 2 more now to the bottom of that page.

  • norma

    Hi Ali,
    Do you think Heather Siemon will permit one or two of her photos of Richard to be made into jigsaw puzzles? She is really good, those photos are awesome! No hurry, at your convenience of course. Thank you.

    I will ask, no problem.

  • Sandy

    thank you sooo much for all the wonderful pictures of Richard's BOTFA Beijing press conference and tour...I knew you'd come through with the very best images, the best close-ups; he is simply gorgeous!!!

    You're welcome, though all credit goes to the RA China fan site.

  • Mary W Barnes  - Puzzles

    I would like to see todays picture of the day as a puzzle. Please, that is an awesome photo. Some others would be nice, also. Thanks

  • norma

    Hi Ali, Thank you so much for the lovely new jigsaws. 5 of Richard and 5 of Thorin - good balance :)

  • Trish  - Well done

    Thank you Ali for finding time to provide us with these new puzzles. Now the housework will suffer!!!!

  • Mary Barnes  - Thanks a million!

    Thank you so much for the new puzzles. They look great. Thanks again.

  • Trish

    Hi Ali,
    I love the puzzle pages, there’re great for unwinding after work. I saw the Crucible in July, it’s totally absorbing and if possible, would love the four posters photos of Richard from the play as puzzles also the photo of Richard seated in The Old Vic auditorium surrounded by red seats this is now my screensaver.
    Many thanks :)

  • Sarah

    Dear Ali,
    Having seen the WOW Crucible shot ( which has also appeared as a portrait shape without the words), will there be the chance of this appearing as a puzzle? It is almost painted portrait-like and with such complexity of shadows etc would be a brilliant and unusual addition to the puzzle 'box'.

    Just thought I would bring up the idea. Your puzzles pages fill many a bored few minutes, and the resulting image always raises a smile.

    Many thanks,


    I'll try and find time to do this soon.

  • Sarah  - Huge thanks

    Thank you SO much for not only the John Proctor puzzles but adding more Thorin. Puzzle-bliss!


  • Mary Barnes  - new puzzles

    Hope you doing well. I would like some of the pictures of Thorin from DOS made into puzzles. I saw some today that really looked great. Thank you. Mary

  • Sandy

    just like a dream come true...you've answered all our requests for new puzzles....thank you so much for caring about us...I hope Richard knows how fortunate he is to have you helping his fans 'enjoy' him...I really appreciate it...

  • norma  - New jigsaw puzzles

    Hi Ali! I've not visited the jigsaw page for sometime because I'd done the old ones so many times. I was aware of the copyright issues and that you were busy. But everyday I visited the homepage for news and I've been visiting the fanfic site a lot lately.
    Today when I came on this site I was so excited to discover oooh...so many new puzzles.
    Thank you so much :)

    You're very welcome and I'll try to add puzzles more regularly from now on.

  • Sarah

    Having discovered these jigsaws, Ali, they are quite addictive. I have done all those available, some rather too many times, :confused:.

    Would it be possible at some point to add a couple of Strike Back jigsaws and a couple of Ultimate Force ones? I was thinking of Strike Back Ep 1 226 Porter on the course, with lots of leaves and camoulfage to make it tricky, and Strike Back Ep 1 283, which has a nice shot of RA, or Ep 5 097, ditto. From Ultimate force, something with his beret on, perhaps, but definitely Ep3 16, because I am a sad, sad woman who finds that image always makes me smile.

    I perfectly understand if there are copyright issues which prevent them being done, or you are too busy ( I have no idea how much is involved in creating the jigsaws).

    Thank you for all your hard work on these and the site.



  • Sandy

    Ali, will you be able to provide us with new puzzles?...maybe a 'close-up' from one of the recent interviews where his hair is longer again - or are those among the 'can't do' without permission (which I would certainly understand, but really hate that all RA fans now have to miss so much)?I know you're as disappointed as the rest of us...thanks for all you've done and every attempt to bring us more info/pictures...


  • Mary Barnes  - finished puzzles

    I do not like the practice of unfinished puzzles b eing finished, when they were being work on when last you left them. It certainly takes the fun out of it for me. Just saying.

    I have no idea what you mean Mary. If you are making a complaint perhaps you could be more clear?

  • Mary Barnes  - RA looking FINE!

    Just saw the photo of Richard in Movies Mag. I have not seen this photo of him. Wow wow wow! Beautiful. Sorry you can not put it in our gallery. He is gorgeous.

    There are four photos at the top of that interview. Click the arrow in the top right corner of the photo to see the rest. They're all lovely.
    I asked the magazine if I could post the pics since they'd put them online and they said not separately from the feature as that would breach copyright. Pretty much what I expected but in light of recent issues I wanted to clarify.

  • Mary Barnes  - why!

    What caused the removal of those puzzles? Is it permanent? I am very puzzled! The newest puzzle I wanted is gone!

    It is permanent yes. It's a risk I can no longer take.
    I'm afraid to say the promotional pictures in my gallery are gone permanently. Many of the pictures in my Events/Appearances gallery will have to go too, but it will take me a while to sort through them all. That is why that part of the gallery is also showing a 'not found' error.
    These images are all subject to copyright and I have to be more careful in future at what I put on my site. A very large fansite for Benedict Cumberbatch has recently been invoiced by a photographer for displaying his photographs without permission. Hence my decision.

  • Anne Trimmer

    Where is the picture from Esquire of RA in the tux standing at the bottom of the steps?
    That's my favorite.

    Cannot be added due to copyright restrictions

  • Mary Barnes  - you are the best!

    Thanks so much. I really like the other puzzles, too. Thanks again.

  • Mary Barnes  - new puzzle?

    Dear Ali, I would like you to make a puzzle out of News for Nov. 7th, where RA is on the sofa looking right, and any others you might want. Thank you. Enjoyed fan event the other night. Wish RA could have been on camera more. Sigh!


  • Mary Barnes  - Thanks

    Thank you for all the new puzzles. They are great. Thanks again!

    Apologies, some of the pictures have had to be removed because of copyright restrictions.

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