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Urban and the Shed Crew (film) ~ to be announced.

Sleepwalker (film) ~ to be announced.

Hannibal season 3 will premiere on US TV on June 4th.

Video and Audio Interviews from the Dec 2014 BOTFA premieres are here.

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19th April

1. Andrew Cook, special effects artist working on Hannibal in Toronto, has posted this head cast of Richard on instagram (who we will forgive for spelling his name incorrectly!)

2. Many of the cast of Pilgrimage are posting pictures and tweeting from their filming location in the west of Ireland. You can follow the screenwriter Jamie Hannigan @jamiedotdotdot, and three of the actors Tom Holland @TomHolland1996, Jon Bernthal @jonnybernthal and Stanley Weber @sweber_official and Richard @RCArmitage of course, when he arrives in Ireland (and assuming he chooses to tweet).

3. The Old Vic have posted a picture of handprints on instagram that Richard Armitage and Anna Madeley drew backstage, signed with their character's names John and Elizabeth Proctor.

4. Although Richard did not win Best Actor at the Olivier Awards, readers of The Guardian voted him the winner by a considerable margin. Maybe next year then? ;)

2nd April

You can read the full transcript of today's Twitter Q&A with Richard via the @OlivierAwards account here on Storify.

30th March

The hosts of the Olivier Awards Twitter account have announced that Richard will take part in a twitter Q&A on Thursday from 2pm (GMT+1 as we are now in British Summer Time). You can submit questions now by including the hashtag #AskArmitage in your tweets.

28th March

Richard will not be able to attend this Sunday's Jameson Empire Awards unfortunately, presumably due to filming on Hannibal. He tweeted this information yesterday, as you will see from his twitter feed on the home page of this site.


24th March

Empire magazine are one of a number of media outlets who have announced Richard's participation in the forthcoming film Pilgrimage.

"Brendan Muldowney is set to start directing the film next month, working from a script by Jamie Hannigan. The basic story...finds a group of 13th century monks who must escort a monastery’s holiest relic to Rome and find their faith severely tested en route."

Richard first mentioned this project via a twitter Q&A (question 3) from the Warner Bros France twitter account on 4 December 2014. Filming starts in Ireland in April and then moves to Belgium. More information below in the news 5th December (#3).


22nd March

1. Richard Armitage in Conversation, a 40 minute interview that took place on Tuesday 2nd September 2014, can now be purchased from Digital Theatre in its entirety to rent or download: click here for details. This is a wonderful interview that I was lucky enough to attend, and I met some lovely Richard Armitage fans beforehand and in the pub later - hello to you all! To rent or download The Crucible, visit this page. Further details were posted in the previous news item (17th March).

2. A donation of £570.32 plus gift aid has been made today to the Anthony Nolan Trust, one of six charities Richard has nominated on Details of how referral fees are accrued are here. Thank you so much for using the Amazon links on the home page of this site. It is not just RA DVDs and audiobooks that will earn referral fees for charity, but ANY ITEM that Amazon sells, so please click on the Amazon logos on the home page for your shopping, or use the RAnet Amazon Stores for RA specific items.


17th March

1. You can download The Crucible from anywhere in the world today from 2pm GMT (9am EST, 6pm PT) via the Digital Theatre website. Click here for further details. It is available to rent for a limited period or to download permanently to your desktop in high definition or standard definition. Digital Theatre have said there is no end date to rent or download The Crucible, which will be available in their catalogue indefinitely. It is a great day for all those who were unable to see this remarkable production, enjoy!

2. Rumours are stirring about Richard's involvement in an adaptation of Edith Wharton's Summer, which will star Hailee Steinfeld. Watch this space.


9th March

Many congratulations to Richard for his Olivier Award nomination for Best Actor! Click here for the full list of nominations. The Crucible was also nominated for Best Revival. The awards ceremony will take place on 12 April at the Royal Opera House.


8th March

1. Today is the last day to download Classic Love Poems for free from, or Don't miss out! Scroll down to the news on 14 February to see video clips of Richard at the Audible studios.

2. The Olivier Award nominations can be watched live on the OlivierAwards website at 12pm (8am ET) tomorrow. Surely Richard will get a nomination for John Proctor?

3. Keep voting for Richard as Best Actor at the Jameson Empire Awards 2015. The awards will take place on Sunday 29 March.


7th March

The third season of Hannibal has a broadcast date (announced yesterday) - 4 June! Richard will play Francis Dolarhyde in 6 episodes.


6th March

Digital Theatre made the much anticipated announcement today that The Crucible will be available for download worldwide on Tuesday 17 March from 2pm GMT, 9am (EST), 6pm (PT). This is a link to the email announcement showing the exact times that the download will be available.

Richard tweeted a link to an interview with TheaterMania, about the digital release and filming the production, shortly after today's announcement.

"There was such an urge for people to see it, [who] couldn't see it. I was very pleased that it would have an afterlife. One of the conditions I had in allowing it to be filmed was that Yaël be part of the edit, because what she was seeing, and what she wanted the audience to be seeing, was very specific."


18th February

1. Richard joined the Chinese social media site Weibo on 29 January and here is his account page, where he currently has over 140,000 followers. Yesterday he posted two messages (here and here) to celebrate Chinese New Year and he included two images created using the bitmoji cartoon app.

2. Nominations for the 2015 Audie Awards held by the Audio Publishers Association have been announced, and Hamlet Prince of Denmark: A Novel has been nominated for two awards! The audiobook has been nominated in the 'Original Work' category and Richard has been nominated for his narration in the 'Solo Narration-Male' category. The winners will be announced on 28 May 2015 at a Gala in the New York Academy of Medicine, New York. Many congratulations to Richard and to the co-authors A.J. Hartley and David Hewson. See the Press Release for further information.


15th February

The 15th annual What's On Stage awards will take place today at 7pm at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London. Richard is nominated in the Best Actor in a Play category. The Crucible is nominated in the Best Play Revival category. You can follow the event via their live blog or the social media links that are referenced in the article on that page including this link to YouTube.

Update: No luck for Richard or The Crucible I'm afraid. David Tennant won Best Actor in a Play for his performance in Richard II. Coriolanus won Best Play Revival.


14th February

1. Several video clips were released by Audible following the release of the free to download 'Classic Love Poems'. Here Richard gives examples of the songs he sings during his vocal warm ups (funny!) and here he describes his moody voice mail greeting!

In this clip he answers the question 'How do you define love?'

Audible posted this clip on their Facebook page: they asked Richard 'Which poem gives the best advice on love?'

This clip shows his answer to the question 'Which poem from Classic Love Poems resonated with you the most?'

2. DA MAN magazine posted a promo video on YouTube a few days ago showing Richard being photographed for their Dec/Jan 2015 issue. See news Dec 31 below for more information about this magazine.

3. Here is a recent published interview clip with Patrick Stoner, which took place during the December UK press junket forThe Hobbit. Richard has some interesting answers about working with Peter Jackson.


9th February

Richard has recorded 15 love poems for Audible called 'Classic Love Poems', which can be downloaded for free until 9th March from, or It is also available for a small price at iTunes. There is an interview with Richard about the recording of these poems on YouTube.


7th February 

1. The Crucible will be shown in Italian cinemas on 5th March! Visit for more information and cinema dates in other countries - more have been added.

2. Richard is up for Best Actor in the SFX magazine 2015 awards and The Hobbit and Peter Jackson also feature. Vote here.

3. Cinema showings in New Zealand and Australia of The Crucible have prompted some new interviews in The Dominion Post and in The Brisbane Times. Both interviews provide new information about the productions and Richard's thoughts on the experience.

4. Here's a funny interview from Richard's recent trip to Brazil to promote The Hobbit. Thanks to Magda.

5. A donation of £333.73 plus gift aid has been made today to the Young Minds Trust, one of the six charities Richard has nominated on Details of how referral fees are accrued are here. Thank you so much for using the links to Amazon UK, US and DE on the home page of this site.

6. I have added 17 photos from the Beijing press conference to the Hobbit tour in China gallery, with many thanks to the Richard Armitage Chinese fansite.


26th January

CinemaLive have asked me to pass on the following exciting information about the release of The Crucible in cinemas:

The Old Vic’s The Crucible – In Cinemas

Don’t forget that cinema screenings for The Old Vic’s Crucible starring Richard Armitage are continuing in February and March in selected territories: the UK, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Screenings in South Africa, Cyprus and Macau have also just been announced.

Visit for more information.
Join in the discussion on Twitter using #TheCrucibleOnScreen


25th January

1. Here are some interviews from the Beijing press junket that are well worth watching: and (this one also has a photograph from the press conference that took place on 19th January).

However, the best interview I've seen so far is this one kindly uploaded to youtube by Richard Armitage CN Fansub. The last question Richard was asked was "You have many selfies on your twitter, has it become a habit to take a selfie every day?" (thanks to Norloth).

2. Katie Jackson was also on the Chinese press tour and she tweeted this picture from the Great Wall of China, which was taken at the same time as this selfie by Richard and Peter.

3. Pictures from the Beijing Hobbit premiere are on this Chinese site. Scroll down and click on the numbers to move through the pictures.

4. Here is a video of Richard singing Misty Mountains with the crowd at the Beijing Hobbit premiere. The singing can be heard again in this excellent video of Richard Taylor, Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens and Richard Armitage arriving at the Hobbit premiere and speaking before the show. Thanks to sahRAobsessed for the link.

5. Richard has recorded a new voiceover for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Listen and watch here.

6. Here is a report from the after the Beijing press conference on 19th January.


18th January

1. Richard has arrived in Beijing, China for a Hobbit press conference that will take place on the 19th and the premiere of The Battle of the Five Armies which will take place on the 20th. Peter Jackson will also be attending. Richard tweeted his arrival at the airport, showing the crowd that awaited him. Lots of pictures have surfaced on the internet. Here are some links: 4 images here, another 3 here, links to 3 different sites showing pictures, a tweet and a picture from me linking to a chinese site that contains many photo links.

And here is a video of Richard saying thank you to fans in a panda hat! This doesn't appear to work on Apple products. Try a PC and if it doesn't work in Safari, try another browser. The video (lower quality) has been uploaded to the Richard Armitage Bulgaria Facebook page.

Richard tweeted a selfie with a magnificent view over Beijing a short time ago.

2. The Richard Armitage Chinese fansite has shared some photos they took at Beijing airport today and they have generously offered to share more photos from the events in China over the next few days. I have uploaded the airport photos to the gallery. Thank you!


17th January

1. Hannibal writer and producer Brian Fuller has tweeted a picture of Richard holding a fake cover of Time magazine, which makes a reference to the character he will play in the show.

2. New poll on the left-hand side asking about Richard's new role in Hannibal. Previous poll results are here.

3. On 4th January (see below) I passed on the news that Netflix had dropped some BBC shows from its service. According to Variety, North and South and Robin Hood are safe but MI-5 aka Spooks is not on the list.


13th January

1. TV Line has reported that Richard has been cast in the third season of NBC's Hannibal. He will be playing Francis Dolarhyde, a serial killer that appeared in Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon, one of the books on which Hannibal is based, and he will appear in 6 episodes. This news also reported in TheWrap. Also reported in Variety.

2. Please accept my apologies for those who have been waiting, but despite my earlier intention it is no longer possible for me to create a 2015 calendar. I'm afraid my workload is currently overwhelming and does not allow me the luxury of time to create the calendar. Many apologies.

3. If you are in the UK, please check your local cinema as The Crucible will be showing in selected cinemas this week and in February. See for more details. Screenings have also been announced in Belgium, France, Poland, Latvia and Hong Kong and more screenings added in Germany, Australia and New Zealand.


4th January

1. A Russian online interview by with Richard has been published with two photos from Sarah Dunn's photoshoot. The interview appears across 2 pages and here is a machine translation. A better translation should be posted tomorrow. Thanks to @EniKoni on twitter.

2. Thanks to Dee for passing on the information that some BBC TV shows will expire on Netflix US on 1st Feb, including North and South, Vicar of Dibley, MI-5 (Spooks) and Robin Hood. Watch them now before they disappear - or buy the DVDs via Amazon links on my home page! Note: in case you were not aware these shows are often edited to include adverts so if you don't own the DVDs you may not have seen the complete versions.


1st January

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for visiting this website now in its seventh year!

1. Richard tweeted a selfie to wish us all a Happy New Year last night. Click here to read his tweet.

2. The GQ Thailand interview with Richard, mentioned in the news 26th December below, has now been translated into English by 'Professor of Narnia'. Many thanks to her for sharing with us.


31st December

1. DA Man Magazine have republished their interview with Richard with 8 new photographs from the Mitchell McCormack photoshoot. The 8 new pictures and the original article are in the DA MAN magazine gallery. Click 'original image' to see the full size and to read the interview, which is also on the Interviews page (scroll down to 28 Nov 2014).

2. Richard has recorded a new voiceover for the Barclays Bank's Digital Eagles campaign. Thanks to Lillianschild for these links. Advert 1 and a longer version in advert 2.

3. Moviefone interview: Richard Armitage says farewell to 'The Hobbit'. A fairly long Q&A with similar questions, though he does talk about Guillermo del Toro, wanting to work with Peter again and the two projects for next year that he's mentioned before.

4. Anna has passed on an extract from Star Malaysia with a new picture from Sarah Dunn's photoshoot. Click to enlarge:

th StarMalaysia-Dec2014

5. As promised in the news 3rd December, the transcript of the interview in All Film magazine is now available with thanks to Amanda Aayusya for the transcript. Click here to read more. Soundbites from the interview were posted in the news 14th December below.

th AllFilm-Indonesia-Dec2014


26th December

1. GQ Thailand have interviewed Richard and posted two new photos from the Mitchell McCormack photoshoot that took place in October. The new photos are below (click to enlarge) and I have added the new photos to the end of the DA MAN magazine gallery, which shows the rest of the photoshoot. An English translation of this article is in progress and will appear soon.

GQThailand-1   GQThailand-2

2. AMC Theatres interviewed Richard in the recent London press junket, and although many questions are not really new, Richard does state what he misses about NZ. This interview has been added to the growing list on the BOTFA Video Clips and Interviews page.

3. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is released in Australia today and Australian news site has an interview with him about the experience. Ian McKellen is quoted in the interview talking about Richard:

“It’s not easy to play a troubled hero,” says McKellen. “You want your hero to carry the day without a care in the world and be as good looking as Richard is. But Richard carries inside Thorin a soulfulness which is necessary, which Gandalf doesn’t really know how to cope with ..."

4. Thanks to Angelique for sharing her six photos of Richard at the London Hobbit premiere in December. The first of six is here in the gallery. Click 'original image' to see the full size and quality.

5. Colombian radio station WRadio broadcast an interview with Richard today that took place during the UK press junket in London. The interview starts at 0:30s. Thanks to .

6. published an interview with the following comment about Richard: "'The Hobbit' series has catapulted him from a familiar face on BBC TV dramas to the kind of recognition that hashtags are made of" but many of the questions cover familiar ground.

7. This article appeared in today's Chicago Tribune. Thank you to Ruth for the alert and to Tina for the scan. Click to enlarge.

th ChicagoTribune-26Dec14


24th December

1. I've added a gallery of pictures of Richard taken at the various Battle of the Five Armies events this month. So far I only have pictures from Guylty and Sandrine (thank you very much ladies!) Any other donations will be gratefully received. Please email me at the address above. Thank you.

2. I have now repaired the Guestbook - sorry it has been out of action!

3. More interviews are being added to the BOTFA Video Clips and Interviews page, including two new ones posted yesterday under the heading 'UK Press Junket interviews, Claridge's Hotel, London' from Blacktree TV and the Associated Press.

4. What's On Stage have published their review of London theatre in 2014, with a special mention of Richard: "My play highlights for the year were The Crucible – with excellent Richard Armitage giving what must be arguably one of the finest stage performances of 2014".


23rd December

1. Richard has sent us all a Christmas message. Read it on my home page or see his tweets sent earlier today: one and two. Previous messages sent to fans/friends since 2004 are on the RA Messages page.

2. Stephen Collins at has reviewed the best of 2014 and stated that Richard's performance as John Proctor is the 'Best performance by a male in a play': "an astonishing achievement by any measure, not the least because it was so unexpected...Armitage’s Proctor was mesmerising, utterly believable and thoroughly compelling. And it has stayed with me, in a way that others have not..."

3. A donation of £143.42 plus gift aid has been made today to Crisis, a charity nominated by Richard in his tweet of 18 December as a result of referral fees paid to this site every time you buy something from Amazon UK and Amazon DE using the links on this site. Thank you! Payments from Amazon US will be made in early 2015.

4. Thank you to Adeline for this scan of an interview with Richard in the New Straits Times, one of the top daily English papers in Malaysia. There's some interesting new comments, including his thoughts on on other actors and crew members he was looking forward to working with. Click the images to enlarge.

th NewStraitsTimes1-12Dec14  th NewStraitsTimes2-12Dec14

Veloce on twitter found an electronic version of the cover photo which was forwarded to the photographer Sarah Dunn. An online version of the article is here.

5. Adeline also sent a scan of the print edition of the Asian Wall Street Journal. You might recognise this interview, as a link to the online Wall Street Journal was posted in the news 5th December with the new picture from Urban and the Shed Crew.

th AWSJ-12Dec14


22nd December

The Crucible Video and Audio interviews page has been completed updated with all clips over the past few months. Check it out here.


21st December

1. Barbara Chai interviewed Richard again this year for the Wall Street Journal: 'How Richard Armitage let Thorin become unhinged in The Hobbit'. Some new information revealed about himself and his family in this interview and spoiler alert if you haven't seen the film. On the impact The Hobbit has had on his life:

"It was a huge chunk of my life. It’s almost like I have to think, what happened before “The Hobbit”? Where was I? I have to try and remember those bits because “The Hobbit” is so vivid in my head, and fairly recent. I think the way it’s changed my life is that the global reach of the films has an impact."

2. Empire Online's interview with Richard: 'The Hobbit Celebration: Richard Armitage Q&A'.

"In terms of the logistics, there’d be two or three units working and we’d know that Bard was with his army fighting somewhere up on Mount Cook, and we’d be at the studio doing our fight, so it was pretty exciting. So no one knew what anyone else had done. Nobody knew about anybody else’s fight scenes. But every single sword swing and punch that I threw has ended up in the film, which I was really surprised about."

3. Video and an article from the LA Times Hero Complex Q&A held on 11 December: 'Hobbit: Lee Pace, Richard Armitage salute Peter Jackson’s ‘Battle’ vision'. I have added 8 new photos from The Hobbit: BOTFA that appeared in this article to the end of the Hobbit Stills gallery.

4. A new gallery has been added to the Promotional Shoots gallery on this site. Six pictures taken in Hollywood on 8 December 2014 by Genaro Molina were posted on the LA Times Hero Complex site and are now in the gallery.

5. This article by Joanne Soh for AsiaOne is very complimentary about Richard's portrayal of Thorin and his career to date.

6. Vote for your favourite cover of DA MAN magazine for 2014 (voting for Richard of course!) HERE.


17th December

1. Here is the second and final part of The Anglophile Channel's interview with Richard. A very interesting, relaxed and informal chat. Enjoy!

2. LA Times Hero Complex published an interview with Richard today, summarising his whole career as well as his thoughts on playing Thorin. Some lovely pictures too, including six new photos from Genaro Molina.


16th December

The Anglophile Channel's interview with Richard that took place in Los Angeles last week is now on YouTube. Part 2 will follow soon.


14th December

1. Marlise Boland interviewed Richard while he was in Los Angeles last week and here is a teaser for the interview. The full interview will be posted at 12:00pm (PST) today (16th December).

2. Crave Online's interview with Richard is well worth a read for his answers on playing Thorin's dragon sickness, following Benedict Cumberbatch's performance (I can confirm that it is obvious when Richard's performance is deliberately influenced by Benedict's dragon in one particular scene), how the experience has changed him and there is more information on two projects for 2015. Note there are 4 pages to the interview.

3. This 17 Year Journey video posted by Warner Bros UK is a wonderful, and if you are a huge Middle-earth fan, emotional video chronicling Peter Jackson's Middle-earth films, with some new footage from The Battle of the Five Armies.

4. Two more soundbites have been posted by @GeekInc18 for the Indonesian "All Film" magazine and there is another new photo by Sarah Dunn to accompany them (click image below to enlarge). Click here to read more and listen. Richard's interview transcript will be available in English after the film premieres in Indonesia (17 December). Scroll down to the news on 3rd December for the previous soundbite.

th AllFilm-SarahDunn 

5. Information about's "One Last Party", which will take place on 21 February 2015 in Los Angeles, is on this page with a video message from Richard from the red carpet in London.

6. General message to all who have contacted me: I am very grateful to those who have emailed with info about the recent publicity tour and I am sorry I haven't had time to reply individually to many of you. I will catch up eventually but work and family has taken precedence. I hope to catch up in 2016 (joke!)


11th December

1. Richard Armitage and Lee Pace will be at the Apple Store, Prince St, New York today from 7.00-8.00pm. Details here.

2. were the only providers of a livestream from the LA premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Their full video is here on YouTube and Richard appears at 1:51:30 or you can watch an edited video of just Richard here.


8th December

1. Peter Jackson will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today at 11.30 PST, 7.30pm UK time. Watch the live stream on Richard Armitage, Andy Serkis, Orlando Bloom, Lee Pace, Evangeline Lilly, Luke Evans and Elijah Wood will be there to watch the proceedings. Live stream also here on YouTube.

2. Richard has recorded a short video for Swedish fans who can seeThe Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies from 10th December.


7th December

1. Richard attended the Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in São Paulo, Brazil today. Take a look at his twitter feed as he has been posting pictures from the event and will probably continue to do so for the rest of the day. You do not need a twitter account to look at his tweets.

He was interviewed in Omelete's booth at the event and I posted a summary of his comments on my twitter feed. The full interview is now on YouTube, with thanks to @ben_in_t on twitter for recording and allowing me to upload. Make sure you choose a HD setting for the best quality.

Here is a screencapture from the interview and a photo tweeted by the CCXP official twitter account (click to enlarge):

OmeleteTV-screencap-07Dec14  CCXPoficial-twitter-7Dec14
During the interview Richard said the following:

"I'm producing something of my own, which is based on a true story. It's going to be set and filmed in Ireland in the late 1800s, it's a true story and I'm also going to be doing a thing called Pilgrimage, which is an 11th century story of a crusade to return a holy relic to Rome, and I'll be speaking ancient French. Which I have never spoken before so that'll be fun."

2. UK Film News has kindly shared their pictures of Richard at the UK press conference on 2nd December with me, which I have added to the BOTFA Premieres gallery (this gallery is being updated daily). Here is their review of the film.

3. have announced that Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel by A.J. Hartley and David Hewson and narrated by Richard Armitage is their 2014 Audiobook of the Year!

"Richard Armitage (of The Hobbit films) delivers a spellbinding performance, drawing on his experience with the Royal Shakespeare Company to bring this suspenseful, tragic tale to life. The result is a one-of-a-kind audio experience that reinvigorates a timeless classic for fans of the story while allowing others to discover it in a whole new way."


5th December

1. Richard talks about The Crucible, The Hobbit, being an estate agent, violent roles and unfulfilled ambitions in today's Metro newspaper, distributed in London. Thanks to Orpheus. Click the image below to read.

th Metro-5Dec14

2. You can read the English transcript of Richard's french Q&A with Warner Bros France on twitter yesterday here. Many thanks to Suzelle for a fantastic job with this.

3. In the Q&A mentioned above, Richard mentioned a new project called Pilgrimage which begins shooting next April in Ireland and Belgium. This film will be directed by Brendan Muldowney with a screenplay by Jamie Hannigan. Details here on the production website and a report on ScreenDaily (click below if this article does not appear).

th ScreenDaily-29Oct14

The synopsis is as follows:

Ireland, 1209. An island on the edge of the world.

A small group of monks begin a reluctant pilgrimage across an island torn between centuries of tribal warfare and the growing power of Norman invaders.

Escorting their monastery's holiest relic - a rock used in the martyrdom of St. Mathias, the thirteenth apostle - to Rome, the monks' progress is seen through the eyes of a pious young novice and a mute lay-brother with a violent past.
As the true material, political and religious significance of the bejewelled relic becomes dangerously apparent, their path to the east coast becomes increasingly fraught with danger. 

The monks belatedly realise that in this wild land of ancient superstitions, the faith that binds them together may ultimately lead to their destruction

4. A new interview was published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal: Richard Armitage's Journey from Musicals to Middle-earth. Note: this interview contains a new photo from the set of Urban and the Shed Crew, which I have also posted in the Urban and the Shed Crew gallery. Click to enlarge.


5. Videos and pictures from last night's Hobbit Paris premiere are on the BOTFA Video Clips and Interviews page and I have added a gallery of pictures. I have more to add to this page and the gallery tonight and as the events continue to take place, so please keep checking back.

6. Clips from the premiere of The Crucible in London on 2nd December have been posted by CinemaLive on YouTube, including a brief chat with Richard.

7. Please vote now for Richard, Yael Farber, Adrian Schiller, Anna Madeley or Samantha Colley (who are nominated in the same category) and The Crucible in the What's On Stage awards.

8. Sarah Dunn has posted the following pictures of Richard from her recent Hobbit shoot: these pictures in F*** magazine (click a single picture to enlarge) and this photo tweeted on 4 December.

9. Update 22 Dec: An exclusive interview back stage at The Old Vic was made available by Digital Theatre for a limited time. Thank you to Wolke Strahl for uploading to YouTube. I think it's quite a poignant interview. Well worth a watch.


4th December

Watch the Paris premiere starting at 7pm UK time live here or here.


3rd December

1. Richard appeared on ITV's breakfast show Good Morning Britain today and I have uploaded the interview to YouTube. I have updated this link from this morning, as this now includes a few extra clips before the interview begins.

Richard Arnold, who has interviewed Richard a few times in the past, tweeted a picture of himself with Richard backstage in the ITV studios.

Richard tweeted a selfie before the interview this morning.

2. Thanks to Rebecca for this amazing picture of The Hobbit banners in Times Square, New York City and also for this close-up of the Thorin, Fili and Kili banner. Richard added this comment shortly afterwards.

3. The organisers of last night's premiere of The Crucible have sent 6 photos to this site to share with you all: Crucible premiere gallery. Each photo is very large - click 'original image' to see the full size of each photo. Many cinemas around the UK and Ireland are showing The Crucible on Thursday and Sunday evening this week, as well as other dates in the next few days. Visit to check your local cinema. European, Australian and New Zealand screening dates have also been added.

More pictures can be found on Digital Theatre's Facebook page.

4. The Indonesian "All Film" magazine have interviewed Richard and Martin and published some stunning photos by Sarah Dunn to accompany the article. Read more details here and scroll down to listen to some interesting soundbites. Thank you to the writer of the article (@GeekInc18) for tweeting the link. Richard and Martin's interview transcripts will be available in English after the film premieres in Indonesia (17 December).


2nd December

1. Videos and pictures from last night's Hobbit world premiere are on the BOTFA Video Clips and Interviews page. This page will be continually updated in the next few days.

2. Warner Bros Pictures have posted an exclusive clip from The Hobbit: BOTFA: 'Thorin must be warned'.

3. Thank you to Orpheus for these scans of Hobbit reviews in today's Daily Mail and Daily Mirror. Click to read. I'm haven't read these so I have no idea of the content.

th DailyMailBOTFAReview 021214  th DailyMirrorBOTFA 021214

4. Richard has been interviewed by The Guardian about The Crucible: Richard Armitage on The Crucible: 'the audience were being attacked'. This page features a new video clip from the production.

"I’m definitely going to work with Yaël again – I don’t know how soon that’s going to be. But we are planning another production. We want to really expand and explore something we touched on in The Crucible. But I can’t say anything just yet..."

5. Time Out Backstage have a short interview with Richard about The Crucible. Click below to enlarge.

th Time Out BackStage 021214

6. Thanks to Petra who writes that Slovak, Czech and Polish fans may wish to know that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be shown on Slovak TV on Saturday 6 December at 8:30pm, channel TV JOJ. 

7. Watch the full UK press conference with the Hobbit cast held earlier today.

8. Richard Armitage, director Yaël Farber and the rest of the cast of The Crucible have attended the premiere screening of the play this evening at the Mayfair Hotel in London. Have a look at the following twitter feeds for pictures and quotes from Richard and Yaël: @DT_Plus@WhatsOnStage and @DigitalTheatre. I will post these pictures in the gallery soon.

9. Yaël Farber and Anna Madeley talked about the filming of The Crucible on BBC News 24 earlier today. I missed the start, but the rest of the interview is here on YouTube.

10. HeroComplex have announced that Richard, Lee Pace, Orlando Bloom and Luke Evans will attend a free IMAX screening of The Hobbit: BOTFA in New York City on 11th December and they will be present at a special Q&A afterwards. The link to RSVP for tickets is not currently working, but hopefully they will fix it soon.

11. Another Hobbit clip from IGN: Galadriel and the white council fight back.

12. Richard will be on Good Morning Britain on ITV tomorrow morning between 6am and 8.30am. I will record it and upload to YouTube.


1st December

1. Many thanks to Orpheus for this scan of the print edition of Friday's Times interview with Richard. Click to enlarge.

th Times-28Nov14-1   th Times-28Nov14-2

A comprehensive list of print interviews going back to 2004 can be found on the Interviews page.

2. Sarah Dunn has shared this fantastic picture of Richard on twitter, her favourite photo of them all.

3. The live stream of the World Premiere starts at 5.15pm and can be watched on this site or here.

4. Richard's interview on the green carpet with Alex Zane is here.

5. Photos from the event: Getty Images, Wire Image and Zimbio.

6. Here is Richard's selfie taken just before he arrived in Leicester Square this evening. I will compile a set of pictures from this event after today and will put them in the gallery.

7. BBC News: Richard Armitage: Final Hobbit scene 'a big emotional moment' a video interview with Richard and then Peter Jackson.


30th November

1. Richard will be making several appearances over the next 10 days to attend premieres and events for the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. As in previous years, I will compile all the news, video clips, photos and interviews and you will find them on this BOTFA Video Clips and Interviews page.

If you attend any of these events and would like to share your photos with this site, I would be very grateful to hear from you. Please contact Ali at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you.

2. Special Hobbit TV programmes in France: the ARTE channel will show a special documentary "Tolkien, des mots, des mondes" on 3 December at 22:20. Also starting Sunday 30 November to 28 December will be a documentary series of 5 episodes "à la recherche du Hobbit" by Olivier Simonnet, broadcast every Sunday at 12:00. Thanks to Chantal.


29th November

1. Richard appeared on Irish radio Newstalk today at 6pm talking to Philip Molloy about The Hobbit. The interview was recorded shortly after The Crucible finished in September. I recorded the interview and you can listen to it here. Thanks to @cobblepots on twitter for the heads-up.

2. Ed Potton interviewed Richard for The Times, which appeared in yesterday's print edition and here online: Richard Armitage: ‘You get to an age when you’re not totty any more’. The article is behind a paywall, but Richard Armitage US on Facebook have posted the entire article. I am hoping to have a scan of the print article on the site later.

3. Voting for the Jameson Empire Awards 2015 is now open. Vote for Richard here and scroll down to enter a competition to attend the event.

4. If you are planning to attend the World Premiere of The Hobbiton Monday evening, you will need to read this information from Warner Bros Insider regarding wristbands and other regulations. Here is a link to a livestream of the event that will go live at 5.30pm on Monday 1st December.

5. Charlotte Cripps interviewed Richard about theatre, film, TV, books and music in a short article that features in today's Radar magazine from The Independent newspaper. Click the thumbnail below to open and click again to enlarge.

th Independent-RadarMag-29Nov14

6. DA MAN magazine is available earlier than expected -- you can now download it from the SCOOP app on your phone or tablet for only £1.99 or US $2.99. If you look at the twitter window on my home page you will see that Richard tweeted a few pictures from the shoot yesterday and today. DA MAN Magazine gallery here.


27th November

1. DA MAN Magazine have an image of the front cover of the Dec/Jan 2015 issue featuring Richard on their website. Click the image below to enlarge. Ordering information for the issue was posted in yesterday's news.

th DAMAN-Magazine-Cover-271114

2. Cine Premiere magazine have published this photo of the Hobbit cast in their latest issue (split in half due to magazine fold). Original source.

th CinePremiere-1-271114  th CinePremiere-2-271114

3. Since posting the news above, Sarah Dunn has tweeted the original photo. Click the thumbnail below to enlarge. Sarah announced yesterday on her Facebook page that she will release more photos in the next few days to celebrate the world premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in London on 1st December.

th SarahDunn-HobbitCast-271114

4. The Hollywood Reporter have announced that Peter Jackson will get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 8th December and Richard, Andy Serkis, Orlando Bloom, Lee Pace, Evangeline Lilly, Luke Evans and Elijah Wood will be there to watch the proceedings. Richard tweeted this news on 25 November and his reaction here.

5. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be shown on TV for the first time in Australia on Friday 28 November at 8.30pm, channel 9. Thanks to TEHI for this info.

6. The Crucible has won five awards from Broadway World, including 'Best Leading Actor in A New Production of a Play', won by Richard! Congratulations Richard and the whole team. Read the full list of winners here.


26th November

I'm pleased to share two new photos that I've received from DA MAN magazine today, as they announce that their issue featuring Richard will be out next week. They have asked me to suggest that you follow their twitter account so that you will be alerted when the issue featuring Richard is available. News about this issue was first posted below on 31st October and 1st November.

Here are the new photos - click to enlarge.

th DAMAN-Magazine-1-261114   th DAMAN-Magazine-2-261114

Richard will appear in the Dec 2014/Jan 2015 issue and there will be around 10 pages of photos and an interview in the magazine. For details about how to order the digital version, see this useful tweet by Andrew Novialdi who received the information from the editor of the magazine. For print issues, visit their website. The magazine have informed me that a digital copy of the magazine can also be ordered via Zinio or Press Reader. The issue with Richard will appear next week.


25th November

1. Richard has reached the semi-final of BBC America's Anglo Fan Favourites tournament. To vote for him, click here (even though it's against one of my favourites David Tennant!)

2. Richard tweeted Empire's cover showing the Heirs of Durin yesterday - very impressive! There will be 5 different covers to choose from, just as there were last year (scroll to the news 31 October 2013). This page on Empire's online site shows the covers, including the subscriber's only cover and an exclusive behind-the-scenes still that Richard also tweeted a few days ago (scroll down the page).

3. Richard on Polish television: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Captain America: The First Avenger will be shown on Polish TV in the next few days. Click here for listings. Thanks to Ania.


24th November

1. Richard has been quoted in two European articles recently about The Hobbit that Servetus has kindly translated into English:

2. Sarah Dunn's 'hiding the beard' pictures that Richard has been teasing about since the shoot took place last August on twitter have been posted in the last few days from his twitter account. Beard pic 1, pic 2 and pic 3

3. Cinema dates for screenings of The Crucible have been announced for Australia, New Zealand and Europe now on the This list is not exclusive, so check your local cinema. Keep checking back for other countries and regions.


20th November

1. Le Grand Rex have confirmed that Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage will attend the Hobbit premiere on 4th December 2014 in Paris. Richard also confirmed on twitter yesterday with a funny picture.

2. AJ Hartley, co-author of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel that Richard narrated, has tweeted a link to an interview he gave about writing, which includes some comments about Richard's impressive performance. Click the link in the tweet to read a transcript and watch the video of the interview.

"I don’t think I had fully understood his range as an actor until I heard what he was doing that one, because a voice actor has to do everything, not just narration, but all the different characters and such. He is terrific, wonderful."


18th November

Yesterday Richard tweeted that dates for cinema screenings of The Crucible in Australia and New Zealand have been announced on the site. Click 'Find a Cinema' in the menu and scroll down to see available dates in February and March 2015.

As announced previously, many cinemas in the UK and Ireland will be showing the play on 4th and 7th December, but there are other December dates available at different cinemas. My local cinema is not listed on site but it is definitely showing the play, so check your local cinema.

The Cruciblewill not be shown in USA or Canada due to rights issues - see news 1st November below.


17th November

Two more TV Spots have appeared for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: TV Spot 2, TV Spot 3.The former has some Thorin, the latter, not so much.


15th November

As we already know, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies World Premiere will be in London on 1st December, as announced by the cast on 29 October. Details are emerging of other premieres around the world.

  • 1st December: London World Premiere, Leicester Square. Exact cinema to be announced.
  • 4th December: Paris premiere at Le Grand Rex cinema, 8.30pm. Members of the cast will attend, but exactly who has not yet been confirmed. Official announcement on Le Grand Rex Facebook page.
  • 7th December: Richard will appear at the Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in São Paulo, Brazil. Richard will introduce the screening of the film at 10.30am. He will also appear at the Warner Bros. panel later that day. Details in Portuguese and English (via Google translate, so it's not great but you get the gist).
  • 9th December: US premiere in Los Angeles, TCL Chinese theater on Hollywood Blvd. This will be the last premiere. have tweeted a rumour that Lee Pace and Luke Evans will attend a premiere of the film in Toronto on 6th December. Another rumour about a premiere in New York on 8th December is unconfirmed.


12th November

1. The first TV spot for The Hobbit BOTFAhas appeared on YouTube and features a few new shots, including this one of Thorin (click to enlarge):

th TVSpot1-11Nov14

2. This Friday is the 10th anniversary of the broadcast of North and South episode 1 on BBC1 in the UK and a group watch is being arranged by some fans. Click here for details via their twitter page.


9th November

I have added all of Richard's messages posted 2004 - 2013 to the site, which include messages previously received by me in 2008 while I was temporary co-admin of The Armitage Army website (now closed). Read them on the RA messages page. You may also notice that a new widget has been added to the home page showing Richard's twitter feed.


6th November

The new trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has arrived! There are lots of places to watch it depending on whether you prefer YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, but here's the link to Warner Bros UK on YouTube.

Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site

Screencaps from the trailer are in the gallery.

Lovely message from Richard to Peter, Fran and Philippa here on twitter.


4th November

1. The next trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will be released this Thursday at 6pm UK time, which is 10am Pacific US time. The announcement was made by the official Hobbit Movie twitter page yesterday and Deadline Hollywood confirmed the exact timing of the online release.

Accompanying the announcement was a new banner showing the Heirs of Durin: Thorin, Fili and Kili. The Hobbit UK Facebook and The Hobbit Movie US Facebook pages also made the announcement with the new banner, but the banners showed different dates to reflect the UK release date of 12 December and the US release date of 17 December. The banner on the US page is larger so I have added this to the Hobbit Stills gallery, or click below to enlarge:


2. A donation of £362.18 plus gift aid has been made today to Shelter, one of the six charities Richard has nominated on (Note the total has gone over £40.000!)

Details of how referral fees are accrued are here. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for using the Amazon links on the home page of this site. It is not just RA DVDs and audiobooks that will earn referral fees for charity, but ANY ITEM that Amazon sells, so please click on the Amazon logos on the home page for your shopping, or use the RAnet Amazon Stores for RA specific items.

3. The Hobbit twitter account and Facebook page have posted another new banner announcing the release of the new trailer on Thursday. This has also been added to the Hobbit Stills gallery, or click below to enlarge.


4. Thanks to Frances who has left a comment on the home page to say that today has a daily deal on some British TV DVDs, including:

  • the complete series of Robin Hood for $39.99
  • the Elizabeth Gaskell Collection, which includes North and South for $22.99
  • The Vicar of Dibley - The Immaculate Collection for $30.99, which includes Richard's two episodes.

The sale ends tonight at midnight (11:59pm Pacific time on Tuesday, Nov. 4th). To order via this site and earn money for charity, click on the logo on the home page, or click here and start ordering. The RAnet code will be tagged on all subsequent purchases, a referral fee will be earned and I will pay the commission to charity. Thank you!


1st November

1. Richard tweeted today to announce that unfortunately The Crucible will not be shown in cinemas in the US due to copyright issues: tweet one, two and three. It should be available for download however, details still to be confirmed. The download will be available via the Digital Theatre website.

2. The photographer for DA MAN magazine, Mitchell Nguyen McCormack, posted another picture of Richard and himself on his Instagram page today. Sorry, it looks like the picture posted in yesterday's news has been removed from Instagram.


31st October

1. Richard attended a photoshoot with photographer Mitchell Nguyen McCormack on Thursday for DA Man Magazine, an Indonesian fashion and lifestyle magazine. His tweet reveals that the beard is gone!

Richard will appear in the Dec 2014/Jan 2015 issue and there will be around 10 pages of photos and an interview in the magazine. For details about how to order the digital version, see this useful tweet by Andrew Novialdi who received the information from the editor of the magazine. For print issues, visit their website. The magazine have informed me that a digital copy of the magazine can also be ordered via Zinio or Press Reader. The issue with Richard will appear in early December 2014.

The photographer Mitchell Nguyen McCormack posted a picture of Richard and himself on his Instagram page (update: picture removed).

2. A new poster for The Hobbit BOTFA has been posted on The Hobbit Belgium's Facebook page. I have added this to the Hobbit Stills gallery. Thanks to @PryftanAW on twitter.

3. The 2014 Anglophenia fan favourites competition begins tomorrow and they have listed the 32 contenders, including Richard who appears at #1! (What do you mean the list is alphabetical...?)

4. An article in the Scunthorpe Telegraph about Fraser Kelly, states that Urban and the Shed Crew has been submitted for selection at the Cannes Film Festival! I will look out for more news on this and keep fingers crossed that it is successful.


30th October

1. Sarah Dunn posted a photo on twitter this morning showing Richard on the set of Sleepwalker in the early hours of the morning eating ice-cream. The picture has been added to the Sleepwalker gallery or click this image to enlarge:


Richard posted a picture of himself and Sarah Dunn on 28 August when she held a photoshoot for the Hobbit with several cast members. Pictures from that photoshoot will be revealed in the next few weeks.

2. Robert Delamere has tweeted another picture of Richard as John Proctor from the editing suite. I have added this picture to The Crucible gallery.

3. The next trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is expected on Thursday 6 November 2014.

4. The first dates outside of the UK and Ireland to see The Cruciblein cinemas have appeared on (via Click the first link, then scroll down and click 'Australia' for opportunities to watch this play in New South Wales and Queensland. Update: it looks like the dates appeared prematurely as they have been removed.

5. Some new tweets from Richard today have revealed a) Sleepwalker has wrapped and b) the photo shown above was taken last night by Sarah Dunn. Ahna O'Reilly generously provided the ice-cream, yummy!


29th October

1. The Telegraph has released a brand new trailer for The Crucible today to announce the forthcoming screenings of the play in cinemas in UK and Ireland on 4th and 7th December. Book your tickets now! For more information about which cinemas will screen the play visit Details of worldwide screenings will also appear on that site and will be posted in the news here too when announced.

Here is the trailer on YouTube:

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2. Apparently there's a picture of Richard on the wall in Wellington airport! Thanks to Becca on twitter. This was taken in 2012 at The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey world premiere in Wellington, NZ. More pictures like that one in the Hobbit Premieres 2012 Candids gallery

3. The World Premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will take place in London's Leicester Square on Monday 1st December 2014! The announcement was made by Warner Bros. UK today via a video of five members of the cast: Sir Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, Luke Evans and Orlando Bloom. Watch the video announcement here or below:

Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site

The film is open for general release in cinemas in the UK on 12th December. The World Premiere will be live-streamed and there will be a chance to win tickets via the Warner Bros UK facebook page.

Here are a few screencaps:

th WPHobbitAnnounce-group1  th WPHobbitAnnounce-group2  th WPHobbitAnnounce-group3

th WPHobbitAnnounce-RA  th WPHobbitAnnounce-group4


28th October

1. If you subscribed to Digital Theatre's mailing list, you will have received an email today with three behind the scenes pictures from The Crucible. One of these pictures shows Richard and Digital Theatre's Creative Producer Fiona Lindsay, and it was also tweeted by Digital Theatre earlier today. I have added this picture to The Crucible gallery.

Richard was interviewed by Fiona Lindsay on 11 September and the interview will eventually be published on their website, but there is no information on a date for the release of the interview yet.

Sign up to Digital Theatre's mailing list by visiting their website. Scroll halfway down the home page and enter your email address next to the picture of Richard as John Proctor.

2. A donation of £113.97 plus gift aid has been made today to the Anthony Nolan Trust, one of the six charities Richard has nominated on Details of how referral fees are accrued are here. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for using the Amazon links on the home page of this site. It is not just RA DVDs and audiobooks that will earn referral fees for charity, but ANY ITEM that Amazon sells, so please click on the Amazon logos on the home page for your shopping, or use the RAnet Amazon Stores for RA specific items. I am currently running a poll on the left hand side to find out if it is viable to start an RAnet affiliate contract with Amazon France and/or Amazon Canada - please vote if you are interested.

3. Heirs of Durin have posted a scan of the interview with Richard Armitage in the December 2014 issue of Total Film magazine. Click here to read it.


27th October

1. Elliott Lester tweeted another picture of Richard today, on set, holding a pair of glasses and pictured with actress Jessica Oyelowo. The picture has been added to the Sleepwalker gallery.

2. A picture has appeared on tumblr of Richard Armitage with The Hobbit co-writer and co-producer Philippa Boyens and Benedict Cumberbatch, presumably taken in New Zealand. I was told on twitter that the source isThe Battle of the Five Armies Visual Companion and Movie Guide.


25th October

1. I have added a Sleepwalker gallery to the site, containing all photos of Richard that have been posted on twitter from the set so far. Credit is given in the filename.

The main gallery front page has been updated to include an icon representing Sleepwalker. If you are not seeing the new gallery front page then your computer is showing you a cached picture and not the current one. Press F5 when you are looking at the gallery and it should update.

2. The new poll on the left-hand side is to ask whether there are enough visitors to this site who shop at Amazon to warrant setting up Amazon Associate status with and Each contract has to be setup separately and there is a little administration involved in running the Association agreement and billing, however I am happy to do this if there is enough demand. Please vote if you would use this site to generate commission via or Thank you.

The previous poll result about Richard's effect on twitter uptake is here.


24th October

1. A new photo has emerged from the set of Sleepwalker showing Ahna O'Reilly and Richard Armitage. It was taken by a crew member and posted on Instagram and twitter by Chris Sheffield.

2. Robert Delamere has tweeted another photo of Richard as John Proctor from the Digital Theatre cut of The Crucible. A trailer is expected soon and also more information about the worldwide digital release of the play. See the news below on 6 October, 30 September, 11 September and 8 September for other photos from the production.

3. have posted 27 new photos from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Visual Companion. Update: these pictures have been removed from their website after a request from Warner Bros, but the article and comments are still there to read.


23rd October

1. Lots of behind the scenes clips from The Desolation of SmaugExtended Edition are available on Warner Bros UK's YouTube page. Visit The Hobbit Movie's Facebook page for more exclusive clips and a brilliant new air safety video from Air New Zealand.

The digital download of the Extended Edition has been available from some iTunes stores (UK, US, Australia and more) since 21 October. The DVD/Bluray is out 3 November in the UK, 4 November in the US. Other dates vary in other countries.

2. Here's a funny video showing Richard (Thorin) getting the key stuck in the door to Erebor, also from the Extended Edition extra features.

3. Warner Bros India tweeted a new poster for The Battle of the Five Armies yesterday: The Defining Chapter.

4. Elliott Lester tweeted a picture of Richard back on set in Los Angeles on the film Sleepwalker yesterday.


20th October

MMGN Australia have released three clips from the extra features of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition. The first two include plenty of shots of Richard.

The digital extended edition will be available worldwide tomorrow. The DVD/Bluray will be released in the UK on 3rd November and in the US on 4 November.


17th October

Four pictures of Richard on the set of Sleepwalker have been posted on twitter in the last two days. I will compile all these in a gallery this weekend.


15th October

A new Hobbit poster featuring Thorin has been released today from the Huffington Post and now appears in the Hobbit Stills gallery. This picture was originally seen on the tapestry artwork released on 15 September. Note the release date for the UK which is now 12 December instead of 19 December (which changed a while ago but I've only just noticed!). Good news for UK fans!


14th October

1. The director of Sleepwalker, Elliott Lester, tweeted a picture of Richard from the last scene of filming today (early hours of Tuesday LA time).

2. Following yesterday's announcement of the screening of The Crucible, The Stage published an article with a notable quote from Cinema Live's chief executive Peter Skillman:

“Digital Theatre’s superbly crafted productions ensure that the cinema environment is the best place to see and hear this fantastic play, where Richard Armitage’s performance will surely go down in history as one of London theatre’s best.”


13th October

1. A new website has been launched today jointly presented by The Old Vic, Digital Theatre and CinemaLive. The production will be shown in cinemas in the UK and Ireland on 4th and 7th December. Other worldwide showings will be announced soon. Click the links at the top of the website for more information, including 'Find a Cinema' to search for participating cinemas and 'Behind the Scenes' for pictures.

2. Richard announced the release of the production in cinemas with a brand new trailer as seen on the Telegraph's website.

3. Natalie Gavin (Mary Warren in The Crucible) has posted a photo of herself with Richard backstage at The Old Vic on her Facebook page.


12th October

1. The director of Sleepwalker, Elliott Lester, tweeted a dark photo earlier today and after a quick edit in Photoshop it's clear to see that it is Richard standing in front of a fireplace. Click the edited image below to enlarge.

th ElliottLester-12Oct14

Richard tweeted this morning with a compliment about a co-star that we didn't previously know was also working on the film - Hayley Joel Osment.

2. Here is another Richard Armitage interview by a German movie site BZ-Berlin to promote Into the Storm, known as Storm Hunters in Germany. Thanks to Servetus for this English translation. The photo at the bottom of the online article shows Richard at the NY premiere, Monday 4th August 2014.

3. The Hobbit Movie twitter page (and many other movie twitter sites) posted the character poster for Thorin Oakenshield yesterday. I have added this to the Hobbit Stills gallery.

4. The recording of The Old Vic's production of The Crucible will be shown in cinemas in the UK on 4th and 7th December only - check your local cinema for details. Here is the online information for Cineworld and Showcase cinemas. Hopefully news about broadcasts around the world will appear soon.

Crucible Poster 686x1020

5. Richard has recorded another voiceover for Tourism New Zealand, which he tweeted about on 26 August. Watch it here on YouTube or below:

Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site


9th October

The Drama channel, which is part of the UKTV network (channel 166 on Sky), is showing North and South episode 1 on 19th October at 4pm.


7th October

1. A synopsis of Sleepwalker was published today by The Anglophile Channel - thanks Marlise for this information. Read about Richard's role as Dr Scott White and more here.

2. Today's Digital Theatre mailing list email provided a new picture of Richard and the offer of a free rental from Digital Theatre's catalogue if you sign up to their mailing list here (scroll down, it's towards the bottom of the page). Richard also announced this offer from his twitter page.

3. Thanks to Valentina for the information that Spooks series 7 will air in Italy on 21 October. More details here.


6th October

1. Richard tweeted yesterday to confirm that he is in Los Angeles and has begun filming on Sleepwalker directed by Elliott Lester.

2. An announcement in the Swedish site Metro that Izabella Scorupco has joined the cast of Sleepwalker has provided the first bit of information about the film. Thanks to Seb for translating this so quickly for us:

"I play a psychiatrist. It's about a girl who's been going through a trauma and has started to sleepwalk, she has become a sleepwalker. And you're supposed to try and figure out what's happening. I have one of the supporting roles, it's so much fun, Izabella Scorupco tells TT."

3. More pictures of Richard playing John Proctor in The Crucible from the editing suite, courtesy of Robert Delamere of Digital Theatre... this picture posted on 30 September, this one on 4 October and another on 5 October.




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