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28 Aug 2011 Sunday Express 'Agents in Fighting Form'



22 Aug 2011 Dan's Media Digest episode 1 review

22 Aug 2011 Unpopcult episode 1 review

19 Aug 2011 Cultbox episode 1 review



Sunday Mirror magazine 21 August 2011

th_SundayMirror1-21Aug2011   th_SundayMirror2-21Aug2011


Saturday Mirror magazine 20 August 2011



Cover of TV & Satellite Week 20 - 26 August 2011



TV Guide 20 - 26 August 2011



12 Aug 2011 TV OverMind preview of the series (US site)

11 Aug 2011 NY Times preview of the series

11 Aug 2011 Variety preview of the series

19 Jul 2011 On the Box. Strike Back: Jumped the Shark?


10 Feb 2011 Sky have confirmed that Richard will appear in the second series of Strike Back: Second series for Sky1's Strike Back


Here is the Sky Press Release announcing that a second series of Strike Back has been jointly commissioned by Sky and HBO/Cinemax. They also state that "Richard Armitage returns as John Porter".


This was also reported in The Telegraph, on the site (which has details of the other 2 lead cast members) and on Digital Spy.



19 Jan 2011 The new lead in Sky's Strike Back has been announced as Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton on the Herald Sun's site.




24 Oct 2010 Letters page of TV Guide magazine




02 Aug 2010 Second series has been commissioned, to air late 2011. Articles in The Guardian and Digital Spy

th_Guardian-SB2_020810   th_DigitalSpy-SB2_020810



28 July 2010 Global Strike Action on the Mirror Site - rumours of locations for series 2



Series 1 Articles in the Press

28 May 2012  French TV page promoting Strike Back series 1 and Spooks series 9.

th CanalTVpage-250512

Translation: MI-5. Arms dealing, terrorist threats, organized crime… the British spies are back to business. The famous section D, already seriously shaken by Ros’s death, faces new troubles when Lucas North reveals a secret past. A British series always at the top. Every Monday from 11/06/2012 at 20:55 Canal+

STRIKE BACK. A series had never immersed its audience as much in the heart of the action since “24”. How does “Strike Back” (“fight back” in French) work? One mission per episode. In season 1, John Porter, a special forces unit soldier on the sidelines since a disastrous operation in Iraq, gets the opportunity to make amends…and also to discover what really happened during the mission that damaged his reputation.

In season 2, also as enthralling, the agents Stonebridge and Marshall hunt/track down a Pakistani terrorist. A world where nobody can trust anyone, where the enemy is invisible, and where war is secretly at stake: welcome to “Strike Back”. Every Sunday from 10/06/2012, 20:55 Canal +


04 March 2012 Sunday Times: the fortunes and prospects of British actors in the film industry are discussed with two mentions of Richard at the end of page 2.

th SundayTimes-p1-4Mar12  th SundayTimes-p2-4Mar12


15 Jul 2011 New Zealand Dominion Post, Hobbit actor in an SAS role.

th Dominionpost-15Jul11



15 Mar 2011 Sydney Morning Herald review of episode 2 by Louise Schwartzkoff




14 Mar 2011 Newcastle Herald 11-18 March




11 Mar 2011 Australian TV Guide




09 Mar 2011 Sydney Morning Herald 7 -12 March review by Nick Galvin



30 Jan 2011 Sat Guida TV preview of Strike Back to be shown on the FX channel in Italy


Translation: At the heart of the action

In troubled areas of the world, risking their lives every episode: Strike Back, the spy from the UK bringing 'heat' to evenings on FX. Full of adrenaline and effects without holding back: the British like it that way.

He is John Porter, and is a former member of the SAS (ultra elitist body of British special forces), dishonorably discharged seven years ago after a mission with tragic results: he will redeem himself with great cost to himself during Strike Back, from the miniseries with an exorbitant budget (we are talking several million pounds) produced by Sky1, that Fox has scheduled this month. Richard Armitage, the actor who plays him, has played a spy on the screen before of course, in the role of Lucas North, director of MI5's Section D in Spooks. Whcih is why he wanted to perform all the stunts himself (except when his character jumps from 30 metres high, the production forbid him to do that), and it is a world where he can play with sophisticated weapons (and most are realistic) in the series: training was provided on set by two genuine ex-SAS operatives. Six episodes, which are actually three films, with different stories, set respectively in Iraq (to save a journalist kidnapped by a group of Islamic extremists), Zimbabwe (to defeat a mole inside British intelligence) and Afghanistan (to capture a British hacker, responsible for the deaths of US Marines, who previously worked for the CIA). Clear, no? But with Porter in the middle, nothing is as it seems ...



27 Jan 2011 Osnabrucker Zeitung have given Strike Back episode 1 five stars.


Wendsday, 26th of January, Time 22:05, RTL2

Have you seen "Strike Back - The Ambush"?

The pictures are familiar: reporters or aid workers, who were kidnapped by terrorists after Gulf War II and killed later in front of a running camera. This fate also faces British reporter Katie Dartmouth (Orla Brady).

But she can hope: John Porter, a former British elite soldier knows exactly how the Iraqi terrorists tick. However first he has to persuade the chief of the counter-terrorist unit of the intelligence service MI6. And this is not easy, after Porter's former unsuccessful mission he is found to be unacceptable.

So he fights on all fronts - and this is not what you would call squeamish. The series "Strike Back", whose first part "The Ambush" will be shown today, is tough. Meanwhile the hero is fighting and shooting through hostile lines, the blood sprays on both sides. And because he stands up again after several scenes of torture, he is  reminiscent of Jack Bauer, the hero of the US-series "24". The faint-hearted should switch channels.

But those who enjoy suspenseful entertainment will love the lone warrior played by Richard Armitage. In any case the Brits do, and the second series of "Strike Back" is already being planned.

Rating: 5 Stars


21 Jan 2011 TV Today magazine from Germany. Third episdode review.


Tranlsation: Strike Back - Day of Revenge. TV Action Drama. Final of the three part series based on Chris Ryan's books.

In Afghanistan MI6 agent John Porter must find computer hacker Gerald Baxter (Ewen Bremner 'Trainspotting'). Baxter hacked British torpedoes which fired on US troops. Porter passed himself off as an arms dealer to cross his path. But both of them fell into the American's hands who want to see Baxter dead.

Fast and crisply staged, nice jokes and two calculated surprises - even the last part of this British army-agent trilogy affords solid, amusing action. Bremner convinces as a 'crackpot' just as well as Armitage does as a hero. Incidentally, Armitage will play  dwarf Thorin in Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit'.

Picture captions

Larger picture: Hacker Baxter and Agent Porter come under...
Second pic: fire

With no frills, exciting military film.




18 Jan 2011 TV Today magazine from Germany. Second episdode review.


Tranlsation: TV action drama. After his mission in Iraq John Porter goes to Harare, Africa. Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, has been shot! When the gunman, Felix Masuku, gets caught he receives word that he shot the president's doppelganger. Zimbabwe's government blames Britain for the attack. The theory doesn't seem strange, beause Masuku is a british ex-soldier. Special agent John Porter, disguised as a diamond-smuggler, infiltrates the prison to free Masuku ...

The way from MI5 agent in "Spooks" to MI6 man Porter was hard for Richard Armitage: before starting to film the 39-year old actor did special training for ten weeks.

Picture captions

First pic: In prison Porter must put up with a lot.
Second pic: On the run with Masuku

Blue box:

Mission successful: crisp action series



07 Jan 2011 TV Today magazine from Germany. First episdode review.


Tranlsation: TV action drama in three parts. A British elite soldier must go to the trouble spots in the world.

After a failed elite mission in Iraq 2003, SAS man John Porter quit the service. But later he comes back undercover to Iraq, to rescue the British journalist Katie Dartmouth (Orla Brady).

Author Chris Ryan was an elite soldier in Iraq and Zaire before he established himself as an successful author of war memoirs and military thrillers. "The Ambush" (German title of the episode) leans on his own experiences from the first "Gulf War". A second season is already being planned. (Repeated 3:35am, second part on 28th January)

Picture captions

First pic: Porter (on knees) meets enemies from the past

Top right pic: elite soldier on mission

Below right: Katie's life is in danger

Blue box: "Believable TV action about real hard blokes"!



05 June 2010 Chris Ryan's Strike Back: Season 1 (Complete) Review on the IndieLondon site


24 May 2010 Strike Back ep5&6 review, by Dan's Media Digest

24 May 2010 Review: Strike Back by Ian Cullen on the Monsters and Critics site

22 May 2010 Richard Armitage Offers Hero Appeal in Strike Back by Marion McMullen in the Coventry Telegraph



20 May 2010 Strike Back ep5&6 review, on the IndieLondon site

20 May 2010 Strike Back ep5&6 review, by Unpopcult


16 May 2010 Mail on Sunday Live Magazine


16 May 2010 Strike Back ep3&4 review, on the indielondon site


15 May 2010 Daily Express Saturday Magazine



15 May 2010 Sun TV Magazine


15 May 2010 Strike Back ep3&4 review, on the website

14 May 2010 Strike Back ep3&4 review, in Dan's Media Digest

13 May 2010 Strike Back ep3&4 review, in The Metro online

13 May 2010 Strike Back ep3&4 review, by Unpopcult


12 May 2010 Daily Mail


12 May 2010 Interview with Chris Ryan in the Daily Record

12 May 2010 Strike Back episodes 3 & 4 preview, in The Mirror (spoilers)


11 May 2010 Radio Times

th_RT1_110510  RT2_110510


10 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by Dan Owen of


09 May 2010 Mail on Sunday 'Live' magazine


09 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by AA Gill of The Sunday Times

09 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by Rhiannon Harries of The Independent

09 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by Andrew Anthony of The Guardian


08 May 2010 Daily Mirror 'We Love Telly' magazine



08 May 2010 Daily Mail 'Weekend' magazine



08 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by John Lloyd of the Financial Times

07 May 2010 Interview with Dhafer L'Abidine on the IndieLondon site, in which he is very complimentary about Richard



07 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review by The Medium is Not Enough blog

07 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review by

07 May 2010 TV Ratings for Strike Back eps1&2 in the Guardian

07 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, on IndieLondon


06 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by John Preston of The Telegraph

06 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by Gerard Gilbert of The Arts Desk

06 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by Pauseliveaction's blog

06 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by Unpopcult

06 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, on the SundaySun's blog

06 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review by Andrew Billen of The Times

06 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by Keith Watson of The Metro

06 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by Tom Sutcliffe of The Independent

06 May 2010 Strike Back ep1&2 review, by Sam Wollaston of The Guardian


05 May 2010 Just the man for the job, by Steve Pratt of The Northern Echo

“In the book, but not in the script, Porter has a problem with alcohol, so I’ve used that much earlier in his life. I wanted Porter’s father to be military, and this period of delinquency comes from Porter being absent when his father died. So, his route into the military was to do with atonement for his father’s death and honouring his memory.”



05 May 2010 Strike Back review from


05 May 2010 Richard Armitage: from Spy to SAS, by Vicky Frost of The Guardian

So imagine running smack-bang into a massive poster of yourself. Wearing army fatigues. Doing a bit of a glower. "It sort of makes your stomach churn," admits Richard Armitage – currently plastered across posters for Sky 1's Strike Back. "I saw one and I had to look away quite quickly."



05 May 2010 Interview with Richard on DigitalSpy's website about Spooks and Strike Back.

On Robin Hood: "I loved doing it, it was brilliant. I'd definitely do a spinoff, a Guy of Gisborne spinoff!"



05 May 2010 Daily Mail's Satellite Choice of the day



05 May 2010 Daily Mirror

th_Mirror1_050510   th_Mirror2_050510


05 May 2010 Preview of Strike Back in The Daily Express online

05 May 2010 Interview with Andrew Lincoln in The Sun online


04 May 2010 Radio Times

th_RT5_040510   th_RT6_040510


04 May 2010 Chris Ryan's Strike Back on TV Guide blog

04 May 2010 Strike Back preview on Unpopcult's blog

04 May 2010 Interview with Andrew Lincoln in Metro online

02 May 2010 Richard Armitage plays a hero soldier, by Roz Laws of the Sunday Mercury



02 May 2010 Sunday Express


You can read David Stephenson's blog which introduces the above article here. 

David Stephenson provided audio that formed the basis of the above interview. Two links to the audio interview:

  • An introduction on David's blog with a link to the audio file of the interview underneath.
  • David has given me permission to convert the file into an mp3 format. Right-mouse click here and choose ‘Save Link as’ to download it (Ctrl-click on a Mac).

02 May 2010 The Mail on Sunday Live magazine

th_Livemag_020510  th_Livemagarticle_020510


02 May 2010 Interview with Orla Brady in the California Chronicle

01 May 2010 Daily Express S Magazine



01 May 2010 The Sun TV magazine

th_SunTVmag1_010510   th_SunTVmag2_010510


01 May 2010 TV Preview: Strike Back, by Blake Connolly of Frost magazine

30 Apr 2010 Chris Ryan's Strike Back is Even More Stunning on Screen, by Heather Hughes of

30 Apr 2010 Richard Armitage Strikes Back, by Andy Welch for the AOL TV site

"you have to give a character a family tree, think about where they grew up, how many brothers they have. I put things into the character I felt were important, reasons for joining the army and so on. It's to do with his responsibility, and I related that back to his father, something significant with his dad, which then manifests itself in Porter's relationship with his daughter in our story"

or read the AOL article here:

 th_AOL1_300410  th_AOL2_300410


29 Apr 2010 FHM Magazine


29 Apr 2010 Tough Act (abridged online version), by E Jane Dickson of Reader's Digest, full printed interview here:


Reader's Digest May 2010

th_ReadersDigestcover_May2010  th_ReadersDigest1_May2010

th_ReadersDigest2_May2010   th_ReadersDigest3_May2010



29 Apr 2010 Richard Armitage Talks Strike Back, Emily Phillips of

"I couldn't be further away from that! I'm the guy that's off painting and playing the cello. That's probably why it is kind of satisfying to do. It's a life I never would have chosen and will never choose, so that's why it's interesting to play the character, because it's quite far from my own aspirations."




29 Apr 2010 Shortlist newspaper


29 Apr 2010 Time Out magazine




28 Apr 2010 10 minutes with Strike Back's Richard Armitage, by Heather Hughes of which is linked to this article: Richard Armitage plans Prequel to The Tudors

28 Apr 2010 Interview with Chris Ryan with reference to Strike Back, The Telegraph online


27 Apr 2010 TV & Satellite Week

th_TVSatcover_270410  th_TVSatpp4-5_270410

this image is also available online at the WOTV site

and it looks like this: th_WOTVwebsite_270410


27 Apr 2010 TV Choice



27 Apr 2010 Total TV Guide

th_TVGuidecover_270410  th_TVGuidepp4-5_270410  th_TVGuidepick_270410


27 Apr 2010 TV Quick



27 Apr 2010 Radio Times

th_RTChrisRyan_270410  th_RTpick270410


27 Apr 2010 What's On TV magazine

th_WOTVRAandOrla_270410  th_WOTVRA_270410  th_WOTVarticle_270410


27 Apr 2010 TV Times




24 Apr 2010 Daily Express


21 Apr 2010 Front cover, article and TV planner snippet in the Sky May 2010 Magazine

th_SkycoverMay2010  th_SkyMay2010pg1  th_SkyMay2010pg2-3  TVslot_SkyMay2010


20 Apr 2010 Strike Back pressure for Richard: Interview at The Press Association site (also repeated in the


20 Apr 2010 Radio Times A4 advertisement



18 Apr 2010 On Strike Action,

16 Apr 2010 Editor's pick: Chris Ryan's Strike Back,


10 Apr 2010 The Sun TV Magazine



09 Feb 2010 What's on TV Magazine



07 Jan 2010 FHM Magazine


29 Dec 2009 Sky Magazine



11 Nov 2009 Strike Back shoots in Jozi, Gauteng Film Commission website


01 Sep 2009 TV Times





25 Aug 2009 Sky release more information about Strike Back online.
25 Aug 2009 Richard Armitage Strikes Back,
24 Aug 2009 Sky1 issues Strike Back order, C21 Media
24 Aug 2009 BSkyB to 'Strike Back' with drama, Variety Online. Project details with information about other cast members.
24 Aug 09 Guardian article about Strike Back and Sky drama

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  • Uniquenamehere  - Cheese

    Folks, after watching the first season of Stike Back I have to laugh. The beards alone in ep. 6 look like very bad halloween make-up.

    The acting overall is garbage. I won't give the 2nd season a look. Why bother.

  • amandajane

    Thank you ladies for making all these articles and reviews so easily accessible.

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    It's a real treat to have all these scans of articles to read through. Thank you for your hard work ladies. I feel really spoilt for choice. There are some really interesting ones - particularly the Screenrush article and the one in Readers Digest.

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    Thank you for all the great stuff on your site. I have only briefly visited it before, but didn't realize how much wonderful stuff you have on it until now. thanks so much for sharing!

    I was wondering, with all the press SB seems to be getting in the UK, has RA been doing any tv interviews to promote the show?

    Reply from Ali: Not yet, but he will be doing TV and possibly radio interviews next Tuesday - see news 28 April. We know for definite that he will be interviewed by GMTV, and there will be other interviews as well.

  • Twinkling Moon

    Thanks a bunch for letting me know! I will try to keep a look out for it. It is so overwhelming staying on top of so many RA sites, but man, you are really on top of things, I feel like this can be my one-stop shopping site for all RA info, lol! Thanks again!

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    Thanks so much for all these wonderful scans from magazines. That front cover from TV and Satelite Week in particular is totally utterly gorgeous. Those eyes ... 8 days to go. :woohoo: :D

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    I really found the Chris Ryan one very interesting.

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    OH I got such a lovely surprise this morning when I found Richard staring up at me from my doormat! And what a gorgeous picture on Page 4!

  • dee  - re: Radio Times Picy
    MissJJ wrote:
    I love Richard but I really dont like this picture :( it doesnt actually look like him, think the person with the airbrush got carried away! Looks more like an advert for Gladiator. Your piccy of the day makes up for it today though. :woohoo:

    Picture is in Independent today and there is less shadow on face then appears here. However, Richard is frowning so dislike may be subconsious in that anyone frowning at you tends to incite feeling of "something is wrong, is it me?" However, it is more dramatic and I guess smiling dressed in combats whilst leaking blood would not be authentic image :)

  • Gunk  - Daily Express

    I thought the Daily Express article was very interesting and well written. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. :)

  • Lilywhite

    I agree, not the best pic, but I still can't throw it away. It is in the Daily Express magazine today too

  • Judith

    I can't say I think much of the picture in the Radio Times. :( He certainly looks quite different. I don't know what it is - probably the yellow background and the fact that his face is half in shadow. It's difficult to see whether someone got airbrush happy because the overall effect is so dark. :unsure:

  • KiplingKat

    Someone got a little airbrush happy on that new ad (the one in yellow).

  • MissJJ  - Radio Times Picy

    I love Richard but I really dont like this picture :( it doesnt actually look like him, think the person with the airbrush got carried away! Looks more like an advert for Gladiator. Your piccy of the day makes up for it today though. :woohoo:

  • rover510  - Can't Wait!

    This makes me want to move to Britain so I can get Sky HD. Sadly, I must wait here in America until the program comes out on DVD. That's not too far away now though.

  • MillyMe  - Strike Back suspense

    The suspense is building up nicely to Strike Back. Before we know it, Richard will once more be upon us in all his angsty, action-filled, bicep-bulging, door-kicking, sandwich-guzzling gorgeousness! Ooh, can hardly wait!

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