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Press News following the end of the series


26 Oct 2011 Stylist magazine and online version


23 Oct 2011 Telegraph, 'Spooks - the spies who are the good guys'


Press News and Reviews for Spooks series 9


18 May 2011 Herald Sun review of episode 8



17 May 2011 Sydney Morning Herald review of episode 8




12 May 2011 Herald Sun review of episode 7



06 May 2011, review of episode 6: TV Highlights for Saturday 7 May


05 May 2011 The Age Green Guide review of episode 6




02 May 2011 Australian TV Week Guide review of episode 6




02 May 2011 Sydney Morning Herald TV Supplement review of episode 6




18 Apr 2011 Australian TV Week Guide review of episode 4




13 Apr 2011 Herald Sun review of episode 3




30 Mar 2011 Herald Sun review of episode 1




29 Mar 2011 Australian TV Week Guide review of episode 1



28 Mar 2011 Sydney Morning Herald review of episode 1




07 Mar 2011 Will Martin from Cultbox has interviewed the lead writers of Spooks series 9, Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, to ask them about writing for Spooks and specifically about the exit storyline for Lucas. "Giving Lucas a heroic exit would have been the safer thing to do, and Kudos are admirably rigorous about not taking the easy option."




07 Nov 2010 Sunday Express S magazine SPOILERS




06 Nov 2010 Daily Mail Weekend magazine SPOILERS




05 Nov 2010 Daily Mail Interview with Richard - SPOILER ABOUT END OF SERIES 9


Online version: Interview with' Richard Armitage


02 Nov 2010 What's on TV magazine Spoilers for the series finale





26 Oct 2010 What's On TV magazine - WARNING: Massive spoiler about Lucas and episode 7




25 Oct 2010 The Mirror Spooks episode 6 preview

25 Oct 2010 The Guardian Spooks episode 6 preview


23 Oct 2010 Daily Mail Weekend magazine (spoilers for episode 6)




21 Oct 2010 What's on TV magazine (spoilers for episode 6)



16 Oct 2010 Leicester Mercury




19 Oct 2010 Radio Times magazine (spoilers for episode 6)

th_RT_19Oct10  RT2_19Oct10


19 Oct 2010 Reviews of Episode 5

  • Den of Geek - 'For all its tense situation, race against time and fast-paced action, this episode was essentially a filler'
  • Vicky Frost in the Guardian - 'it's a Spooks twist I totally didn't see coming, and one that makes next week's episode look pretty exciting'
  • Metro - 'it retains all the gloss and thrill that makes it so watchable'
  • Independent - 'it is done with terrific verve, and...there is at least a kernel of realism in the storylines'
  • Pauseliveaction - 'The episode benefited hugely from not having too much of the Lucas/John stuff in it'
  • Daemon's TV - 'Overall, a good episode, if a little confusing yet predictable. The highlight of the entire thing had to be the end'


12 Oct 2010 What's on TV magazine episode 5 synopsis (spoilers) and Letters page

WOTV_12Oct10  WOTVLetterspage_12Oct10


12 Oct 2010 Reviews of Episode 4 

  • Pauseliveaction - 'This was just the kind of Spooks epsiode I like'
  • Vicky Frost in the Guardian - 'I suspect this instalment will get a rather better reception'
  • Daily Express - 'it’s impossible to watch Spooks without hoping that at least one of them is going to cop it'
  • Daemon's TV - 'Lucas North, how little we know thee.'
  • Unpopcult - 'this eventually turned into a thrilling and, at times, unexpectedly hilarious episode of Spooks'


08 Oct 2010 Best magazine MASSIVE SPOILER!



07 Oct 2010 Woman's Own Interviews with Richard, Laila and Max



05 Oct 2010 Radio Times - preview for episode 4



05 Oct 2010 What's On TV magazine - viewing figures for episode 1 and a preview for episode 4

WOTV1_05Oct10  th_WOTV2_05Oct10


05 Oct 2010 Reviews of Episode 3

  • Pauseliveaction - 'It’s time Lucas changed his route home, as Vaughn seems to be able to pop up with alarming regularity'
  • Daemon's TV - 'a decent enough episode but nowhere near the greatness of episodes 1 and 2'
  • Den of Geek - 'once again, gripping stuff'
  • Vicky Frost in the Guardian - 'This week's Spooks hits the perfect balance of action, suspense and Harry pursing his lips - no wonder David Cameron's a fan'
  • - 'Spooks insulted our intelligence'


28 Sep 2010 Preview of Spooks 9 episode 3 on Ian Wylie's Life of Wylie blog. Mild spoilers.


28 Sep 2010 Reviews of Episode 2

  • Daemon's TV - 'this episode was fast, tight and a thrill to watch'
  • Den of Geek - 'Once again this was a tense, cracking episode that continues with the plots within plots we have come to expect'
  • Vicky Frost in the Guardian - 'Life on the Grid gets complicated'
  • - Spooks remains as over-the-top, dramatic and exciting as ever'
  • Unpopcult - 'punchy, entertaining, and largely compelling stuff'
  • - preview of episode 2 before the show was broadcast



26 Sep 2010 Guardian online reviews of Lost Land of the Tiger (no mention of the narration!) and a good review of Spooks



26 Sep 2010 Mirror online an interview with Laila Rouass. At the end of the interview she talks about working with Richard in Spooks.


Here is a scan of the Spooks bit of the article (click to enlarge):




25 Sep 2010 Daily Mail Weekend magazine



24 Sep 2010 Daily Mail



22 Sep 2010 Ian Wylie's Life of Wylie blog - preview of Episode 2



22 Sep 2010 What's On TV - preview of Episode 2

th_WOTV_21Sep10   th_WOTV2_21Sep10



21 Sep 2010 Reviews of Episode 1


  • Guardian - John Crace - still as compellingly watchable and implausible as ever. I say implausible, but then you never really know...


  • Guardian - 'By the end of last season, Spooks was looking a bit lacklustre. Now it seems to have raised its game.'


  • Telegraph - 'Spooks remains as tight, gripping and exceptionally watchable as it was in series one'


  • theartsdesk - 'Section D's Heathcliffean operative, Lucas North'


  • Metro - 'Spooks has got its hooks in again.'
  • - 'series 9 will mix plenty of intrigue with the standard compelling drama aspects that Spooks is known for'
  • Unpopcult - 'Lucas rocked it all the way through'
  • Independent - 'the entire episode...required a sustained suspension of disbelief, but it was very slickly done, with a few smart nods to reality'



20 Sep 2010 Tellyspotting Hey, UK - Are you ready for some Spooks (MI5)?

With news that PBS may show Spooks 9 in April 2011




20 Sep 2010


Online version: Spooks' Richard Armitage: Fans send me underpants to wear



20 Sep 2010 Digital Spy 'Armitage not worried about typecasting'




20 Sep 2010 Previews of Spooks 9 episode 1:

Den of Geek




19 Sep 2010 Sunday Express                                     or online version (with free audio extract)

th_SundayExpress_19Sep10    th_Expressonline_19Sep10



19 Sep 2010 Mail on Sunday - from the 'You' magazine and 'Live' magazine supplements

th_MailYoumag_19Sep10   th_MailLiveMag_19Sep10



18 Sep 2010 Daily Mail Online (online version of the article above)




18 Sep 2010 Daily Mail Weekend Magazine (spoilers)

th_DMWeekend_180910    th_DMWeekend2_180910



18 Sep 2010 Daily Express Saturday Magazine (spoilers)



18 Sep 2010 Guardian Online preview of episode 1 by Stuart Heritage (spoilers)



16 Sep 2010 AOL TV Interview with Richard - Spooks spoilers




14 Sep 2010 Digital Spy Interview with Richard - Spooks spoilers.




TV Magazines 14 September 2010 (Spoilers aplenty!)

Inside Soap th_InsideSoap_14Sep10
Soaplife th_Soaplife_14Sep10
Woman th_Woman_14Sep10
Closer th_Closer_14Sep10  th_Closer2_14Sep10
TV Times

th_TVTimesp3_14Sep10   th_TVTimesp17_14Sep10 


Total TV Guide

th_TotalTVGuide_14Sep10  th_TotalTVGuidep4-5_14Sep10


TV & Satellite Week

th_TVSatweek_14Sep10  th_TVSatweekp4-5_14Sep10 

Image modified in photoshop by Bccmee (click to enlarge):


Radio Times

th_RadioTimesp3_14Sep10  th_RadioTimesp14-15_14Sep10 

th_RadioTimesp72_14Sep10  th_RadioTimesp51_14Sep10

TV Choice th_TVChoice_14Sep10
TV Easy th_TVEasy_14Sep10
What's on TV

th_WOTV1_14Sep10  th_WOTV2_14Sep10

Online article Interview with Richard




02 Sep 2010 The BBC Press Office Interview with Richard (some spoilers)




11 Aug 2010 Interview with Laila Rouass & mention of Lucas North

Laila Rouass has been speaking on BBC Asian Network radio about her character's relationship with Lucas North in Spooks. She doesn't give much away but it's still food for thought. You can listen her via this mp3 recording. (Right-click the link - Ctrl-click on a Mac - to download it).


28 June 2010 Digital Spy (contains spoilers for series 9) Spooks star confirms...

Richard: "Basically, Lucas isn’t who you think he is. It’s always been hovering there, whether or not he’s a double agent".




28 May 2010 Woman's Own


17 May 2010 Have I mentioned MI-5 is better than 24 recently? on the Tellyspotting website for the KERA/Dallas PBS channel



05 May 2010 Interview with Richard on DigitalSpy's website about Spooks and Strike Back.

  • He hopes Spooks will go on to a 10th and 11th series: "It's good to know that the show will go on despite a single character and I'm sure when it's Lucas's turn, he'll go out in style."
  • Working with Laila Rouass: "She's playing a character called Maya who is an old flame of Lucas's, possibly his first love, so that's been really interesting...Lucas isn't quite who you think he is and she's part of that story, so there's a whole other character that's contained within Maya."
  • A new plot thread known as 'Albany': "I'm chasing this file called 'Albany' and I still don't know what's in it yet. I think it's something to do with genetics, but they won't tell me. It's sort of top secret."
  • On Lucas's behaviour in series 9: "He does have to go off the radar quite a lot this series, but I think he's made a habit of doing that so it doesn't raise too many eyebrows. It's just the way he operates. But it's quite a good way of concealing your tracks. If you're used to being a maverick, then people don't get surprised when you start acting strangely. And he does behave quite strangely this year."




28 Apr 2010 Speaking to Spooks, by Helen Childs of TV Choice




20 Apr 2010 Armitage: Less action for Lucas, Digital Spy and

th_DigitalSpy_20Apr2010  th_TVcom_20Apr2010


31 Mar 2010 Spooks star Rich on the run, The Sun


which included this picture (click to enlarge):



19 Mar 10 Sophia's ready to be Spooked, Daily Mail (scroll down the page)




19 Mar 10 Spooks: Drama Ahead On The Grid, on Ian Wylie's blog Life of Wylie




Press Reviews for Spooks series 8


18 Nov 2010 Spooks series 8 episode 4 review from Melbourne's Age newspaper 'Green Guide'



27 Oct 2010 Spooks series 8 episode 1 review from Australia's Herald Sun




24 Dec 09 Spooks episode 8 review, Pauseliveaction



23 Dec 09 Spooks episode 8 review, Sam Wollaston of The Guardian



23 Dec 09 Spooks episode 8 review, Vicky Frost of The Guardian



23 Dec 09 Spooks episode 8 review, Unpopcult



23 Dec 09 Spooks episode 8 review, AOL TV



23 Dec 09 Spooks episode 8 preview, Times Online



23 Dec 09 Spooks episode 8 preview, The Telegraph



20 Dec 09 Daily Mail Weekend Magazine (spoilers)

th_Weekendmag191209one th_Weekendmag191209two


20 Dec 09 Sunday Mirror magazine (spoilers)



17 Dec 09 Spooks: Tears In The Wind, by Ian Wylie on his blog 'Life of Wylie'. Including a very funny audio clip of Hermione Norris talking about what it's like on set sometimes.

17 Dec 09 Spooks episode seven review, Vicky Frost of The Guardian (being slightly unfair if you ask us, we think the episode was one of the best this series)

17 Dec 09 Spooks episode seven review, Den of Geek

17 Dec 09 Spooks episode seven review, Unpopcult


12 Dec 09 What's on TV 19 Dec - 1 Jan

th_wotv231209no2  th_wotv231209 

11 Dec 09 Is ice-cold Ros facing the Spookiest death of all? Mail Online, featuring quotes from Hermione Norris and Richard Armitage

10 Dec 09 Spooks episode six review, Den of Geek

10 Dec 09 Spooks episode six review, Alice Jones of The Independent

10 Dec 09 Spooks episode six review, Vicky Frost of The Guardian

10 Dec 09 Spooks episode six review, Unpopcult

10 Dec 09 Spooks: Pawns in the Game, Ian Wylie previews episode seven in his blog 'Life of Wylie'


07 Dec 09 Evening Standard


03 Dec 09 Spooks: The One Where Ros Screams, Ian Wylie previews episode six in his blog 'Life of Wylie'

03 Dec 09 Spooks episode five review, Den of Geek

03 Dec 09 Spooks episode five review, Vicky Frost of The Guardian

01 Dec 09 Spooks looking a bit spooked, by Mark Wright of The Stage

27 Nov 09 Ian Wylie - Spooks: Farewell Ros? Interview with Hermione Norris with some brief quotes from Richard


26 Nov 09 What's On TV 28 Nov - 4 Dec



26 Nov 09 TV Choice 28 Nov - 4 Dec



26 Nov 09 Ian Wylie's amusing blog about episode 5 and some cakes.

26 Nov 09 Den of Geek review of Episode 4.

26 Nov 09 Spooks ep 4 review: The Guardian, another amusing article from Vicky Frost


24 Nov 09 Radio Times 'Today's Choice' for Weds 2 Dec



22 Nov 09 Spooks ep 3 review, Roz Laws, Sunday Mercury


21 Nov 09 Daily Express 'S' magazine



21 Nov 09 Daily Mail Weekend magazine



21 Nov 09 Sun magazine


20 Nov 09 TV Preview: Spooks ep 4 BBC3, (spoilers)

19 Nov 09 Spooks: The Picture of Lucas North, ep4 review by Ian Wylie (mild spoilers)

19 Nov 09 Spying on Spooks, Smashing Skulls - interesting blog commenting on Spooks' fans ability to route out information while they are filming the series

19 Nov 09 Spooks ep 3 review: The Guardian, an entertaining article but with spoilers from Vicky Frost


17 Nov 09 What's On TV magazine 21 - 27 Nov 09 (spoiler warning)

th_WOTV25Nov th_WOTV25Nov_2


17 Nov 09 Film review have a short article and small gallery from Episode 4 (spoiler warning)


17 Nov 09 Radio Times 'Today's Choice' for Weds 25 Nov



12 Nov 09 Spooks: Ask the Audience, Ian Wylie on his 'Life of Wylie' blog

12 Nov 09 Spooks ep2 review: The Guardian, Lucy Mangan

11 Nov 09 Spooks ep 2 review: The Guardian, another amusing article from Vicky Frost

09 Nov 09 Watch Out 007... Spooks Is The Top Spy Game Around,

08 Nov 09 Spooks ep 1 review: The Independent on Sunday, Tim Walker

07 Nov 09 Spooks ep 1 review: Liverpool Echo, Paddy Shennan

06 Nov 09 Must Watch Friday - Spooks, Pink Heart Society

06 Nov 09 Richard Armitage: Spooks 8 is darker and intense,

05 Nov 09 Spooks ep 1 review: On the Box, Sean Marland

05 Nov 09 Spooks ep 1 review: The Guardian TV Blog, Vicky Frost (with tongue firmly in cheek)

05 Nov 09 Spooks ep 1 review: The Independent, Tom Sutcliffe

05 Nov 09 Spooks ep 1 review: Den of Geek, Robert McLaughlin

05 Nov 09 Spooks ep 1 review: The Scotsman, Andrea Mullaney

05 Nov 09 Spooks ep 1 review: The Telegraph, Gerard O'Donovan

05 Nov 09 Spooks ep 1 review: The Arts Desk, Adam Sweeting

04 Nov 09 Spooks: Send in the Clowns, Ian Wylie's blog (spoilers for episode 1 & 2)


04 Nov 09 What's on TV 7 - 13 Nov 09 (Episode 2 information below - spoiler warning)



04 Nov 09 Spooks: overblown nonsense or top TV? The Guardian

04 Nov 09 Spooks, BBC1, 9pm, Daily Mirror online

04 Nov 09 Spooks: Behind the scenes on the new series, Daily Record (the interview with Richard is below, see 24 Oct 09)

04 Nov 09 Spooks Series 8: Review, Sky TV


03 Nov 09 Radio Times, Wednesday's Choice



03 Nov 09 Spooks: A drama that sees the future, James Rampton of The Independent


02 Nov 09 More lives than 007: Spooks returns for an eighth series,


02 Nov 09 Leicestershire and Rutland Life (with thanks to agenoria from C19)

th_lrl02b th_lrl03b th_lrl04b


01 Nov 09 Spooks Reunited,

01 Nov 09 Daily Mail Weekend Magazine



31 Oct 09 CoventryTelegraph (with thanks to Millhand)

th_CoventryTelegraph1 th_CoventryTelegraph2 th_CoventryTelegraph3 th_CoventryTelegraph4


31 Oct 09 Daily Star (with thanks to Millhand)

th_daily-star1 th_daily-star2


31 Oct 09 Eastern Daily Press (thanks to Koolkat)



30 Oct 09 Time Out magazine

th_TimeOut-28oct2009 th_TimeOut-28oct2009-2


29 Oct 09 Two interviews from Ian Wylie of the Manchester Evening News: first interview and Spooks: Richard Armitage Extras

Print version of first interview below.



27 Oct 09 Interview with Richard Armitage, Hermione Norris and also Peter Firth on TV


The following articles are from the TV magazines dated 31 Oct 09 - 6 Nov 09
TV Times th_TVTimes311009

TV & Satellite Week

this interview is also

online on the What's

On TV website

TV Quick th_TVQuick311009
TV Easy th_TVEasy311009
Total TV Guide th_TotalTVGuidecover th_TotalTVGuide311009
Radio Times th_RadioTimes311009 th_RT2_311009 th_RT3_311009
Heat th_Heat311009
Inside Soap th_InsideSoap271009 (thanks to Annette for this scan)
What's on TV th_WOTV1_311009 th_WOTV2_311009 (thanks to Jen)
TV Choice th_TVChoice311009 (thanks to Jen)
Best th_Best271009 (thanks to Lady J)
Closer th_Closer271009 (thanks to Lady J)



26 Oct 09 What's on TV, Spooks' Richard Armitage: I almost gave up acting using quotes from the Daily Record article on 24 Oct (see below).


26 Oct 09 Candis magazine


24 Oct 09 Daily Record online article or print version below.

th_DailyRecord1 th_DailyRecord2 th_DailyRecord3


23 Oct 09 Woman magazine

th_woman26oct09 corrected image: th_woman26oct09flip


21 Oct 09 Star magazine

th_starmag26oct09corrected image: th_starmag26Oct09flipped

17 Oct 09 Daily Express magazine



17 Oct 09 The Appeal of 'Spooks by John Lloyd of



15 Oct 09 Shortlist newspaper


14 Oct 09 Closer magazine


10 Oct 09 Me, a sex god? Spooks star Richard Armitage on his army of female fans, by Allison Pearson of Mail Online
here's the same text in the print version:
th_mailp1 th_mailp2



25 Sep 09 Film Star magazine



18 Aug 09 Leicester Mercury or online article Leicestershire actor is in demand.



15 Jul 09 Woman's Own



27 Apr 09 Scott Matthewman from The Stage interviewed Peter Firth and Miranda Raison about the forthcoming series when he met them at the BAFTA TV Awards ceremony on 26 April. Read it here.
27 Apr 09 BBC Press Office,Top BBC spy drama, Spooks, is back in action... But who will make it back to The Grid?




Press Reviews for Spooks series 7


08 Oct 09 Spooks 7 DVD Press Release

th_pressrelease_p1 th_pressrelease_p2
31 May 09 previews Spooks series 7 wihich premieres in New Zealand on Mon 1 June on TV One.
19 Dec 08 TV Scoop votes Spooks number one in it's Top 50 of 2008
09 Dec 08  The Stage, Spooks can still spook by Mark Wright
09 Dec 08, TV Ratings: Season finale wins 6m viewers for Spooks by Ben Dowell
09 Dec 08 Times Online, Last Night's TV by Andrew Billen
09 Dec 08 TV Scoop, TV Review by John Beresford
09 Dec 08 Orange TV Blog by Tom Murphy
09 Dec 08 The Telegraph, Critic's Choice by Gerard O'Donovan
06 Dec 08 Daily Record, Explosive Finale for Agents (note: contains spoilers)
05 Dec 08 Radio Times, Alison Graham's TV Watch
04 Dec 08 BBC Press Office, BBC One announces return of hit drama Spooks as current series continues to garner critical acclaim
04 Dec 08 The Telegraph, Spooks the show that is James Bond on a BBC Budget
04 Dec 08 The Guardian online, TV Matters by Mark Lawson
02 Dec 08 The Guardian online, Spooks: is this the best series yet? by Leigh Holmwood
29 Nov 08, The Story So Far
21 Nov 08 Manchester Evening News, Spooks: Armchairs and Cliffhangers by Ian Wylie
03 Nov 08

The Telegraph, Spooks to air waterboarding episode by Chris Irvine


02 Nov 08 Manchester Evening News, Spooks: Harry and Ros by Ian Wylie
01 Nov 08, North's cool as new Spook by Greg O'Keeffe
29 Oct 08 TV Scoop, TV Review by John Beresford
28 Oct 08 Manchester Evening News, Spooks: Back On The Grid by Ian Wylie
27 Oct 08

Sky TV, Interview: Richard Armitage


27 Oct 08

Timesonline, BBC to show 'real life' torture of Spooks Actor by Patrick Foster


27 Oct 08

BBC Newsbeat, Spooks new boy plays jailed agent


27 Oct 08

Daily Mail Online, Spooks prepares to screen waterboarding


25 Oct 08

Bromsgrove Advertiser, Richard Armitage: Joining the secret world of Spooks


25 Oct 08 Sky TV, Interview Richard Armitage
23 Oct 08, Richard Armitage joins 'Spooks' cast


23 Oct 08, Spooks: Richard Armitage by Serena Davies


21 Oct 08

Radio Times 25-31 October

th_RT1-25Oct2008  th_RT2-25Oct2008  th_RT3-25Oct2008


21 Oct 08 Manchester Evening News, Spooks: Six Days To Go by Ian Wylie
21 Oct 08, A new kid on the Grid by Emma Jean Sturgess


21 Oct 08

What's on TV, Spooks 2008 and Richard Armitage: 'I was Spooked by lead role'


20 Oct 08

What's on TV, Meet Lucas North, the Spook with a haunted past and Can Harry trust Lucas?


20 Oct 08

Chester Chronicle, Richard Armitage joins the secret world of Spooks by Andy Welch


19 Oct 08

Daily Record, Spooks new leading man Richard Armitage on his online army by Steve Hendry


18 Oct 08

Times Online, Richard Armitage joins the cast of Spooks by Kevin Maher


18 Oct 08

The Northern Echo, Scary Guy


17 Oct 08

Digital Spy,Richard Armitage 'Spooks' by Simon Reynolds


16 Oct 08

BBC Press Office, The Spy Returns

th BBCPress-16Oct2008


15 Oct 08 Manchester Evening News, Spooks: From Russia With Love by Ian Wylie
14 Oct 08

Manchester Evening News, Time to get spooked, again by Ian Wylie


24 Sep 08

Sky magazine: Richard Armitage, Guest Blog


24 Apr 08 Manchester Evening News, Spooks: They're Back by Ian Wylie
17 Mar 08

BBC Press Office, From Sherwood Forest to Thames House ... Richard Armitage joins the cast of hit BBC One drama Spooks






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Spooks Screencap Gallery

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