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  • Azita b.  - North& South

    One of my friend recommend me to watch North and South and I watched it.
    Word its not enough to say how beautiful and nice and lovely ( i can't find the right word)this film is .enjoyed every second of it .i have hard time seeing any other movie,want to go back and watch it again . I order the DVD too.thank you
    Richard Armitage to giving so much pleasure to see your act .thank you and all the actors and actress in this film.
    With love

  • Raychel Coe  - My feelings!

    I loooked at the signitures of John Thornton, and I smiled, I looked at Lucas North, and I grinned, I looked at all the Richard Armitage ones, and I still can't stop butterflies in my stomach! The hotness, and the niceness that is him is so awesome!

  • melody

    please... would somebody tell me why he's sooooo good in all of his work. sigh!!! can't get enough of him, i want to see him in person but i don't think there's a possibility but still hoping that someday.. someday it could happen. it's nice to know that a lot of people loves him as well as i do. keep on posting guys, i'll be with you all the way.. :-)

  • Ute

    I would like to use Daisy´s signature no. 1 on the AA board.

    Crediting will be done of course...

    Thanks for crediting Daisy.

  • Noemí

    @Heathra I love your number 3, did he really say that? Oh Richard, have you met you? Anything that you do is sexy!

  • Martina

    Thanks to all of you who created those great signatures and icons. They are quite extraordinary (and downright eye candy).

    I would like to use one of the signatures (but have yet to chose which one), the creator will of course be credited (credit where credit is due!)

    Thanks for crediting the designer Martina, we appreciate that.

  • Angel

    I really like your signatures and i wanna ask you if i could use one of them as my signature in the german Richard Armitag Board. I could naturally name the source of the picture...
    I would be happy to hear from you.
    love greetings

    Yes no problem. If you give credit to the person who created it that would be very nice.

  • lelston  - I am hooked

    I am now the proud owner of DVD North and South. Trying to locate this in my town in the US was a challege but worth it.
    Hopefully someday the US film and stage may discover this man's talents and he will accept.
    Time for America to see what the British offers in true talent - I'm tired of Russell Crowe always getting mad. Its Richard's turn to show what class can do for a man.
    Loving UK in the Northwest US

  • Kimberly  - I am in awe

    I could not agree more with your post lelston. The US does not see actors of this calibre often if at all. I am exhausted by the pompousness of our American actors and their 'better than you' attitudes. Bring on the truly talented British venue, starting with Richard. I have watched Nand S repeatedly on Netflix and cannot get enough. Every subtle mannerism he displays leaves me in awe. I read somewhere he believes in the details of performance...a twitch of the eye, a glance, a shift in posture. I just cannot get enough of this man's talent!

    Loving Brit talent and RA, in the Midwestern US

  • Michele

    Ditto - this man is the consummate actor and his talents should come this side of the pond; of course then most of the females in the country would be breathing heavy LOL. I am always amazed at his performances. FYI - has lots of RA DVD's - ie N&S Inspector Linley (Divine Proportion) Malice Aforethought, and some others.

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