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John Proctor (The Crucible)

Signature by Jessie



Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)

Signature by Abigail

1. Thorin-Abigail-1

2. Thorin-Abigail-2

3. Thorin-Abigail-3

4. Thorin-Abigail-4

5. Thorin-Abigail-5

6. Thorin-Abigail-6

Signature by Ali

Thorin -Ali-1

Signatures by Alma

1. ThorinBilbo-Alma

2. Thorin1-Alma

3. Thorin2-Alma

4. Thorin3-Alma

5. Thorin4-Alma

Signatures by Angelfish69

1. Thorin-Angelfish-1

2. Thorin-Angelifish-2

Signature by Gratiana


Signatures by Jessie

1. SigThorin-Jessie

2. ThorinSig1-Jessie

Harry Kennedy (The Vicar of Dibley)

Signatures by Ali

1. harryali1

2. harryali2

3. harryali3

4. harryali4



Signature and Icon Sets by Angelfish69

1. everafter-AF1 everafter-AFavi

2. VOD-AF 


Signatures by Bccmee

1. bccmee_vod_sig01

2. bccmee_vod_sig02

3. Bccmee-Harry1

4. Bccmee-Harry2



Signatures by Dreamcatcher

1. harrydc1

2. harrydc2



Signatures by Grendel

1. harrygrendel1


Signatures by Mag

1. VOD1Mag

2. VOD2Mag

3. VOD3Mag

4. VOD4Mag



John Standring (Sparkhouse)

Signatures by AmandaJane

1. johnsig_aj1

2. johnsig_aj2


Signature by Bccmee

1. Bccmee-JS



Signatures by IslaJane

1. JS1_islajane

2. JS2_islajane

3. JS3_islajane

4. JS4_islajane

5. JS5_islajane

6. JS6_islajane

7. JS7_islajane

8. JS8_islajane

9. JS9_islajane



John Mulligan (Moving On)

Signatures by Grendel

1. johnmgrendel1

2. johnmgrendel2


Signature by Bccmee




Claude Monet (The Impressionists)

Signature by Ali




Signature by Bccmee



Signatures by Grendel

1. Monet1sig-Grendel

2. Monet2sig-Grendel


Signatures by Mag

1. Monet1Mag

2. Monet1Mag

3. Monet1Mag

4. Monet1Mag



Ricky Deeming (George Gently)

Signatures by Alicat

1. Ricky1_ali

2. Ricky2_ali



Signatures by IslaJane

1. Ricky1_islajane

2. Ricky2_islajane

3. Ricky3_islajane

4. Ricky4_islajane




Alec Track (The Golden Hour)

Signature by Bccmee

1. Bccmee-DrTrack



Signature and Icon Sets by Rossella

1. Alec1sig_rossella  Alec1_rossella

2. Alec2sig_rossella  Alec2_rossella



Comments (2)
  • cmg  - Quite a Trip

    :X Richards has such articulate fans. Reading some comments, I have thought I wrote them only to find it was someone else. It says alot for the TRUTH.
    Anyway I have yet to see all his work, Being in the US I feel like the poor relation who can't go to the party(Not Invited) :huh:

  • MillyMe  - Richard's characters

    So much amazing talent inspired by Richard's own genius for creating characters that remain with us long after they've faded from our screens, from Standring's sensitivity, to Harry's abundant good-nature to Mulligan's sexy deviousness! Not to forget Ricky Deeming and Alec Track. I'm glad that Richard's Monet has been given such fresh colours to showcase his azure eyes and a quote that fits Richard's talent itself!

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