Richard Armitage Signatures Print

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Signature by Abigail


Signature and Icon Sets by Alicat

1.richardali1 richardaliavi1



4.richardali4 richardaliavi4

5. richardali5

Signature and Icon Sets by Angelfish69

1. richardangela1 richardangelaavi1

2. richardangela2 richardangelaavi2

3. richardangela3 richardangelaavi3

4. RAsig-AF

Signature and Icon Sets by Bccmee

1. trouble_at_the_dinosaur_cafe trouble_at_the_dinosaur_cafe_avi

2. flat_richard flat_richard_avatar

3.winnie winnie_avatar

4.not not2


6. bccmee_ra_sig02 bccmee_ra_avi02

7. hotbrit avi_beard_glow

8. Bccmee-RA1

9. Bccmee-CBeebies

Signature and Icon Sets by Carole

1. richardcarole1 richardcaroleavi1

2. richardcarole2 richardcaroleavi2

3. richardcarole3 richardcaroleavi3

4. richardcarole4 richardcaroleavi4

Signatures by Dreamcatcher

1. rasigdc1 raavidc1

2. rasigdc2 raavidc2

3. rasigdc3 raavidc3

4. rasigdc4 raavidc4

5. rasigdc5

6. rasigdc6

7. rasigdc8

8. rasigdc9

Signature by Grendel

1. ragrendel2

2. RAsig1grendel

3. RAsig2grendel

Signatures by Heathra

1. RAoneofakind-Heathra

2. RAinterviewsmile-Heathra

3. RAorange-Heathra

4. RAquote-Heathra

5. RAredcardi-Heathra

6. RANoEscape-Heathra

7. RASexySig-Heathra

8. RAGlow-Heathra

9. RAstar-Heathra

10. RABeardHeathra

Sigantures by JaimeR

1. RAsig1-JaimeR

2. RAsig2-JaimeR

Signature by Jessie

1. Richard-cap

Signature and Icon Sets by Kiteflier

1.richardkf1 richardkfavi1

2.richardkf2 richardkfavi2

3. richardkf3



4.richardkf4 richardkfavi4

5.richardkf5 richardkfavi5

6. richardkf6 richardkfavi6

7.richardkf7 richardkfavi7

8.richardkf8 richardkfavi8

9.richardkf9 richardkfavi9

10.richardkf10 richardkf10avi

11.richardkf11 richardkf11avi

12.richardkf12 richardkf12avi

Signature by RA's Rose


Signature and Icon Set by Yelloweeee

RAsig-yelloweee  RAavi-yelloweeee 

Signatures by Zora

1. RAzora1

Comments (14)
  • Maraclea  - #3 by Carole

    I would LOVE to be able to use Carole's #3 icon and signature, please! Credit will be given,of course! :)

    Certainly! Go ahead.

  • Ruby  - Signature and icon use

    Kiteflier, could I please use your signature and icon #3? These are all beautiful! Thankyou :) Ruby

    Hi Ruby, yes you may use those signatures. Please credit Kiteflier when you use them.
    Thank you

  • Mimi  - signature use

    I'd really like to use 4th Heathra signature on The Armitage Army Forum ( Of course I'll credit Heathra :)
    please let me know if I can.

    Sure it's fine with credit. Thanks for asking.

  • Noemí

    @bccmee your number 7 is brilliant, it really made me laugh. I completely agree, Richard really is one HotBrit!

  • Kay.b.

    :woohoo: Im just shooked at how good theese are they well put together and well they are all ready great beacause of how the pictures are of so it can't get better its just to good to be true.

  • Julie

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful signatures! It´s hard to pick one, but now I have chosen Kiteflier´s no. 12, thanks a lot!

  • Phylly3

    These are all so lovely! I wish I had the talent and patience to do this type of artwork!
    Thanks for sharing! :cheer:

  • Lucia  - Richard Since 1971 Sig

    Bccmee, can I use your sig on Just Period Drama Forum, please?

  • bccmee  - Absolutely!

    Hi Lucia,

    I'd be honored if you used the Richard Armitage - since 1971 siggie!

  • Lindy  - Brilliant work

    Ladies these are all gorgeous, very clever.
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to many more. :cheer: :cheer:

  • amandajane

    Ladies I'm swooning. Those are beautiful.

  • Meryl  - ty

    I would just like to thank everyone for all these little works of art,they are all special in their own way. I have Alicat's no.4 as my lap top screensaver,so a special thanks for that makes me smile every day!This was the first "Richard" site I found and it's so well done and leads to lots of other web sites, and I check in every day~so I don't miss anything!!!! thanks once again Meryl

  • Gerri  - signature and icons

    Just love Carole no3. Those are eyes you could drowned in them. :side:

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