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Thorin: Will you follow me
Thorin: I will have war
The Crucible: I'll not have your suspicion
The Crucible: Naught to do with witchcraft
The Crucible: Judge me not
That's a real spoiler
What happened in the calendar...
Hottie of the Week
RA sings Misty Mountains solo
Misty Mountains Dwarf Song
Every Day - clip from Japanese interview
Richard - walking in through the gates of Stone Street
North and South extract
North and South Main Theme
NS1: Get that woman out of here
NS1: I'm in no danger
NS1: Arkwright's invention
NS1: Let's part friends
NS2: Try to like Miss Hale
NS2: She would never have me
NS2: I promised you
NS2: I must ask her
NS2: Not a gentleman
NS2: I had no thought for your reputation
NS2: I don't want to possess you
NS3: No one loves me
NS3: I love her more than ever
NS3: She does not care for me
NS3: Dabble
NS3: No thanks
NS3: Foolish passion
NS4: A good deal from me
NS4: Was Miss Hale the woman
NS4: So you are going
NS4: Look back
NS4: Guess where I've been
NS4: End Theme
Frozen theme
Excuse Me All Over The Place - John Porter
I'm a very good boy - John Porter
Chat Up Line - Interview 17 Sept 2010
From Clarissa - Have you watched a wild bird
Lovelace sings
Clarissa excerpt 1
Clarissa excerpt 2
Clarissa excerpt 3
Lucas North - Close Your Eyes
Lucas North - What are you best at
Lucas North - I've Missed You
Lucas North-Dogs
Lucas North-Wait
Guy of Gisborne - I no longer feel quite whole
Guy of Gisborne - Beg
Guy of Gisborne - Allan
Guy of Gisborne - People of Locksley
Guy of Gisborne - s2e3-MarianandGuy
Guy of Gisborne - Come Home to Me
Guy of Gisborne - See you on the Darkside
Guy of Gisborne - Edward and Marian
Guy of Gisborne - You're Coming Home With me
Guy of Gisborne - Humiliate a man at the Altar
Guy of Gisborne - Please. Let me in
Guy of Gisborne - King of the Paupers
Guy of Gisborne - Punish You
Guy of Gisborne - Let me look after you
Guy of Gisborne - Rub my feet
Harry Kennedy - Gabriel Oak
Harry - Consider Marrying Me
Harry - Debt
Harry - I'm asking you to marry me Geraldine Granger
Harry - I'm asking you to marry me
Harry - Kiss -with tongues
Harry - Meant to be Together
Harry - Something about the Uniform
Harry - Well There you Go
Richard - Bad Guys have all the fun
Monet - don't punish me
Monet - where does that leave us
BBC Winter Olympics Clip
Santander advert
Alfa Romeo advert
Jewellery advert 17 April 2010
Jewellery advert 8 June 2010


Comments (46)
  • Anonymous

    I love his deep voice, sounds amazingly. If there can be some voice from that could be very nice. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

  • kahlissi  - can u maby help?

    im looking for the sound clip from robin hood season one episode 11 i think....Dead man walking episode where guy says he no longer feels whole without marion..i love that part and as i have all my cell phone notifications as guy clips i so would love to add that ... if could do that i would be SOOOO grateful.... thanks

    I can do that for you when I return from my holiday, no problem.

    Edit: all done. It is now the first Guy of Gisborne clip.

  • Lori  - Wow

    That new dark pic from Sleepwalker is awesome,but I didn't realize he was looking out from it till I scrolled up.It actually scared me.Little shock there! :woohoo: Still awesome,just scary. :) Lori

  • Lori  - Big Hearty Thank You!

    I have to seriously thank you all who created this site.It is refreshing to see that an actor the likes of Richard Armitage is so well represented by you,and your wonderful site.He is a very good actor,and I am so happy there are still a few decent souls like him around.I am blown away by his ability to be so immersed in a role,and to make you fully believe he is that charecter.I am glad I am not alone in this thinking.Anyway,much thanks for making this wonderful,and fun site! :cheer: :silly: ;)

    Thanks for visiting Lori, that's kind of you to say that about my site. Cheers!

  • Jean B.  - Clarissa

    Dear Ali. Thank you so much for making all 4 episodes of 'Clarissa' available to download. I have managed to download it onto my iPad after installing a zip file reader. I am delighted and enjoying it so very much. You bring such joy and pleasure to all Richard's admirers. I cannot thank you enough for all you do.
    God bless you! Lots of love. xxx

    I'm pleased you are enjoying it Jean, thank you for your kind message.
    Best wishes

  • H Jones  - Did you make these buns?! & Gandalf

    Please would there be any chance of getting an audio file of Richard from the outtakes of Anglophile interview where he asks, "Did you make these buns?!" It's brilliant!
    Also, please could we have one of his arrival in the Hobbit where he utters the immortal word, "Gandalf"?
    Thank you

    Sure, I'll try to do that soon.

  • sarah  - BOTFA Trailer MP3?

    Dear Ali,
    Would it be possible to add 'Will you follow me, one last time?' and "I will have war' from the BOTFA teaser trailer, to the sound files?

    Waiting until December will be, er, 'ard.

    Many thanks,


    All done :)

  • Sarah  - BOTFA trailer mp3

    Huge thanks, Ali, for creating those, and so promptly.


  • Gwyn  - Clarissa play in full.

    Anyone have a copy of clarissa?
    It will not download, and The BBC do not have it any longer on their files.
    Im happy to loan out my audiobooks to repay.


    A free download is available on my site here on the Clarissa page.

  • Lana Bailey  - "Thud"

    Well that certainly made my day and my knees go weak!! I didn't stand up for about half an hour for fear of my knees failing lol
    Thank you for this x

  • T.C.  - Strike Back audio line

    Hi, Ali. when you do have the time could you upload the line from Strike Back (S 1.04, I believe) "Oh, excuse me all over the place"? Thank you!!! :D

    All done for you. Slotted it in after the N&S and Frozen theme clips.

  • T.C.  - Strike Back audio line

    Thank you so much!:)

  • Laura  - hilarious

    Only now found these clips. Hate the jewelry ads (cheesy) but then that clip from the Winter Olympics cracked me up! I was thinking the exact smae thing when he said "you might like to watch someone else do it". He's got such a dry voice there :D

  • Amy  - Misty Mountain song

    Hi Ali, I tried to download the Misty Mountain song but somehow it is linked to the Everyday clip. I couldn't download it. Could you please fix it, please? Thank you very much. Amy

    Thanks for letting me know, it's fixed now.

  • Laura  - Hottie of the week

    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for adding this one. I just love hearing him say "Hottie" in Thorin's voice. He's not so shy when he's in character, is he? ;)


  • April73

    Thanks a lot for these great MP3 clips. :)

    I especially like the "bonjour" one, because French is my language. :cheer:

    I just inform you that some link are not working for "North and South" and for the "Satander advert". The follwing message appear :

    Oops! Looks like the page you're looking for was moved or never existed.
    Make sure you typed the correct URL or followed a valid link."

    Ah yes I edited the filenames and forgot to update. They should all work now but please could anyone let me know if any links are broken.

  • April73

    Thanks for the update Ali.

    I also saw that when you download the following sounds, it's the same one :

    - NS1: Get that woman out of here
    - NS1: I'm in no danger

    Name file for both = NS1-2-nodanger.mp3

    Oh dear sorry about that, I will fix now.

  • April73

    Wonderful, thanks. :cheer:

  • April73

    Another thing : On the sounds list on the right, there is 3 more files than on the sounds list on the right :

    - Alfa Romeo ad

    - Jewellery ad 08 June 2010

    - Jewellery ad 17 April 2010

    Thanks. :)

    What would I do without you? Thanks! Will fix now.

  • April73

    Thanks. :cheer:

  • NancyMae  - North and South Extract

    Where did that come from? I really like that book, thanks to Richard and I would love to hear him reading the whole book to me. Can we maybe get with Naxos to have him find time to do it? Just asking.

    The N&S extract was originally posted on Richard's former agent's page. He has never recorded the whole novel and since Naxos already has an audio version of N&S I doubt they'll ask Richard to record one, although of course we know it would be a BIG seller! If only eh?

  • AelKurai

    Oh god, thank you so mush, you're awesome, this is my new lullaby.

  • Laura  - N&S Voice Clips

    Hi Ali,

    I love your new N&S voice clips. Can I make a request for one more. My favourite line - "I don't want to possess you. I wish to marry you because I love you!"


    Done and I've also added the line 'I had no thought for your reputation' which should also be included.

  • Lilli Sanchez  - N&S extracts

    Ali, what we will do without you? You are positively the best or the best, thank you!

  • Laura  - Misty Mountains

    Thanks for putting the "Misty Mountains" song on. I have just downloaded it to my phone.

    I love these voice clips. I'm curious though why there is no N&S ones, such as "look back at me" or "I don't want to possess you."

    An oversight Laura, I'll add those soon.

  • liliana  - Misty mountains

    I'm so glad they apreciate Richard Armitage's voice. Love this song, it sounds epic,think everyone will like Thorin and his voice. I admire and love RA.

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