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The Hobbit - Thorin Oakenshield


by Angelfish69


by Bccmee


by Teena


by Teena

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th_fierce-family 1280x1024

by Teena


by Teena


by Teena


by ItsJSforme


by Angelfish69


by Jessie


by Grendel

th bccmee thorin wallpaper2

by Bccmee

th thorin wallpaper2 angelfish69

by Angelfish69

th bccmee thorin wallpaper3 

by Bccmee

th thorin oakenshield 1024x768 by darkjackal32

by DarkJackal32
DarkJackal32 on DeviantArt

th Thorin1280-Jessie

by Jessie

th KingBeneaththeMountain-JasRangoon

by JasRangoon

th DragonEye-JasRangoon

by JasRangoon

th Forest Thorin-tannni

by Tanni

th RAthorin-YA

by YA

th ThorinOakenshield1-Gratiana

by Gratiana

th ThorinOakenshield2-Gratiana

by Gratiana

th Thorin-Wallp1-Jessie

by Jessie

th Thorin1-Rossella

by Rossella

th Thorin1280

by Ali

th ThorinWallpaper1-Alma

by Alma

th ThorinWallpaper2-Alma

by Alma

th HobbitPoster-Alma

by Alma

th HobbitPoster2-Alma

by Alma

th Thorin-Fernanda

by Fernanda

th ThorinOakenshield3-Gratiana

by Gratiana

th thorin3 angelfish69

by Angelfish69

Comments (33)
  • Gaia

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!Thanks for this fantastic work!! :evil:

    Thanks Gaia, Happy New Year!

  • Gaia

    I saw the Hobbit 2 yesterday.The magic is still working! :silly:

  • Anne  - Great wallpapers and the New banner

    Many, many thanks to those who have made these excellent wallpapers to RA's Thorin. And the comments are not bad, too.
    Dear Ali, thank you so much for the Christmas banner. Please, let stay these fine Portraits of RA in the next year's banner for a long time further !!
    Greetings, Anne R.

  • Mal  - Great Wallpapers!

    These are gorgeous! Thanks to all the talented creators!

  • Kay

    I dont know whats hotter his voice or face

  • shazza cheers from Sydney

    Totally agree with u Deia, wow does thorin take me to another place

  • Michelle K.  - Hot Hot Hot!!!

    Never heard of Richard Armitage before Hobbit, but OMG! He is beyond hot as Thorin! Knowing the story from reading the book, I know what is going to happen, BUT, I DON'T WANT IT TO! In the book, it is an understandable fate, but in the movie, you just don't want it to happen!

  • Anonymous  - ;D

    I first saw Richard in the hobbit and now im just looking for everything he has made, and i believe that im having my first full on famous guy crush, dont get why hes single

  • karen

    My husband wanted to know why our sex life has been getting better?

    One word, Thorin ! :evil:

  • Silverwhistle  - Magnificent...

    Having first seen Richard in 'North & South' some years ago, I thought, "Hm, good actor, quite nice-looking", and that was about it. But Thorin Eikinskjaldi...!!!! It's one of the combinations of actor and role that is utterly electrifying: he's compelling and believable and looks better than ever. And these pictures are beautiful! As a Tolkien fan for over 40 years, I know he is going to break my heart. I recognise and love Thorin's honour-code, what he is in his faults and virtues alike: the "ruinous pride" and the courage and stubbornness and loyalty. It's the whole Norse/Gallgael thing, right down to the last with his nephews, with its echoes of the MacLeans at Inverkeithing. On the other hand, what an excellent excuse for hurt/comfort fic...

  • Gaia

    I saw The Hobbit many times and i was always thinking about Thorin -why did he make a deep impression on me?I've never been a fan until this time.You guessed my thoughts .I agree with you.I cannot wait the next film. :woohoo:

  • ana

    I agree with u.Thorin is a great man and Richard played so perfect.I cant wait a year to see the second part and Thorin again.

  • Fernanda  - YA Wallpaper

    Will not open in a new window to enlarge. Just letting you know.

    Fixed, thanks.

  • Anonymous  - :-)

    Je krááásneeej !!!! He is perfect :confused:

  • Jesse

    Richard armitage is sooooo great :D

  • Woman from Poland

    You are right. Thorin is so cool and sexie.

  • mustang

    He's amazing

  • Anonymous


    I liked Richard's performance in "The Hobbit" a lot! Courage, strength, gaze, mysterious sadness. I've been watching video-blogs about shooting the film and understood that participating in that film was a very hard work for everyone. Make-up artists, actors, director and all who took part in filming are true heroes. Great thanks to them and respect!

  • KAERELL14  - re:
    Ann Mcnow wrote:
    I'm under great impression of Thorin, of his powerful strength, magnetic look of his steel-blu eyes, courage and pride... :woohoo: Admire him!!! Richard has played masterly!
    Noodles wrote:
    This man is beautiful. Never saw him before The Hobbit, but holy smokes, he's sexy!

    :woohoo: he's too much !

  • Deia  - Hello from Italy!

    Hello girls!

    Well, I thought I was the only one attracted by Thorin! Happy to find out many fans!

    "The Hobbit" made me dream, far away from the busy and stressing ordinary life.

  • Lifestranger

    Feel the same, like you, about this movie as the way of escape "from the busy and stressing ordinary life". :)

  • Lilli - greetngs from Netherla

    ...few people understand that... [escape "from the busy and stressing ordinary life"] :confused: and the thing with this character, that he portraits to perfection, is that under all that makeup and prostetics he can still transport you right there in the story, doesnt matter what kind of rol, or script, you dont even have to see him, even reading a poem or a letter on the radio recordings, it is amazingly good...

  • ktree

    ah! I thought I was the only one too!

  • Kat  - wow

    Never thought I'd actually ever want to be a bearded woman... but they do say dwarf women have beards >.>... Lucky with the King in this movie

  • Ann Mcnow

    I'm under great impression of Thorin, of his powerful strength, magnetic look of his steel-blu eyes, courage and pride... :woohoo: Admire him!!! Richard has played masterly!

  • Noodles  - Hot! Hot! Hotty!

    This man is beautiful. Never saw him before The Hobbit, but holy smokes, he's sexy!

  • martyna

    he definitely is!
    when I was reading a book, I imagined this character quite defferent and when I watched "The Hobbit" I was like: WOW!!

  • gaia

    I thought i'm alone with this feeling love with Thorin. :P

  • Nur

    i have watch the hobbit unexpected journey, and thor..... you're the best, sexiest, coolest leader ever. none could compare you, for me you're the best. keep fighting!! cannot wait to the next part of the hobbit...

  • Amanda  - Mmm

    Sexiest man ever!

  • ruthie

    Its my first time I got attracted to a dwarf :D - mighty hottie like King Thorin Oakenshield! Mwuah

  • Kay.b.

    :) i cant wait to be able see him act out thorin to

  • DarkJackal  - Yay, he has his own page!

    Bout time!! Now fill it up!

    Absolutely, more wallpaper donations please :)

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